Revolutionary War Soldiers Of Missouri

The following information has been taken from my personal original copy,
"Year Book of the Sons of the Revolution in the State of Missouri 1896."
Compiled by the Secretary - Press of Woodward &
Tiernan Printing Company, St. Louis.

*The Last Soldier Of The Revolutionary War.

The last survivor of the Revolutionary War residing in the State of Missouri was James Barham, born May 18, 1764, died in Greene County, Missouri, in 1864, aged one hundred years. Some of his descendants are living at Springfield, the county seat.

The last survivor of the Revolutionary War was Daniel Frederick Bochman, who lived in the town of Freedom in the Mohawk Valley, New York, and died there April 5, 1869, aged one hundred and nine years, six months and eight days.

List Of Pensioners Of The Revolutionary War Between The Years
1820 & 1840 Residing In The State Of Missouri

Arman, Thomas St. Francois
Applegate, Daniel St. Louis
Armstrong, William Callaway
Allee, David Cooper
Ashcroft, Amos Howard
Allen, John Pike
Arthur, Levi Crawford
Athell [or Ethell], Benjamin Boone
Burks, Isham Boone
Brack, Uriah Cape Girardeau
Barco, John Lincoln
Blackwell, Robert St. Louis
Bryant, William Boone
Boyd, Thomas, Sr. Callaway
Baker, Sylvester, Sr. Callaway
Bull, Thomas Cape Girardeau
Burton, William Chariton
Brown, Joseph Lincoln
Butler, William Lincoln
Boren, William Madison
Burchfield, Michael Marion
Bybee, Neilly Monroe
Baker, Robert Montgomery
Burch, Zachariah Pike
Bradley, Leonard Randolph
Bartlett, Edmund Randolph
Berry, William St. Louis
Brown, Isham Saline
Baker, Elijah Washington
Brock, Uriah Cape Girardeau
Burks, Elizabeth Boone
Bowles, Samuel Callaway
Brevard, Robert Cape Girardeau
Burks, Samuel Madison
Beazly, Cornelius Pike
Baylis, William Rives
Brown, William R. St. Genevieve
Bailey, John Washington
Bricky, Jarret Crawford
Colley, Charles Callaway
Chase, Robert Cape Girardeau
Cronster [or McCronister], James Cape Girardeau
Campbell, William Cooper
Chambers, John Lincoln
Connelly, John Boone
Colvin, Benjamin Boone
Clatterbuck, Reuben Callaway
Cockran, John Cape Girardeau
Carr, George Cooper
Cathey, George Cooper
Chilcoat, John Cooper
Chappell, Abner Howard
Callaway, James Howard
Canon, James Lincoln
Cobb, Samuel Montgomery
Craig, William Pike
Chapman, Edmund Randolph
Cunningham, James St. Francois
Caldwell, James St. Francois
Cunningham, John St. Louis
Cross, Zachariah St. Louis
Chambers, Benjamin Saline
Cooper, Benjamin A. Saline
Crowley, James Clay
Casey, Christopher Cole
Demaster, James Lafayette
Davis, James Randolph
Dildy, Charles Barry
Drinning, William, Sr. Jefferson
Evans, Jesse Gasconade
Elgin, Samuel Boone
Elston, Jonathan Chariton
Epperson, John Franklin
Feller, Peter R. Montgomery
Ferguson, Moses Callaway
Fleming, Mitchel Cape Girardeau
Farrar, Leonard Franklin
Ferguson, Joshua Lafayette
Fletcher, James Randolph
Finnell, Charles Randolph
Farmer, Matthew St. Charles
Green, Robert Cape Girardeau
Graves, Thomas Lincoln
Glass, Michael Lincoln
Gill, Moses Marion
Greenwell, Ignatius Ralls
Goodson, William Carroll
Gough, John B. Perry
Harrison, Johan Madison
Hampton, Thomas Lincoln
Huges, Joseph Howard
Hempstead, Stephen St. Louis
Hendrick, Elijah Pike
Hatton, Reuben Boone
Henderson, David Callaway
Hubbell, Ithamar Cape Girardeau
Hill, Thomas Cape Girardeau
Holland, Thomas Clarke
Hunt, Littlebury Franklin
Hall, William Montgomery
Hinkle, Casper Perry
Hickman, Francis St. Louis
Hawkins, John Washington
Harding, George Callaway
Hutchison, James Cape Girardeau
Hamilton, John Daviess
Hill, Abram Ray
Job, Enoch Cole
Jones, II., William Boone
Jones, David Cooper
Johnson, Clabourn Howard
Johnson, William, Sr. Marion
Jameson, Robert Ralls
Johnson, James Washington
Jeffries, William Marion

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