A Very Special Foreward
Lieut. Stuart Freeman, Portland
Thomas Emerson Duncan, Portland
Lieut. Lambert A. Wood, Portland
Private Henry A. Ladd
Lieut. Marion Kyle
G.A. Kyle
Corporal Hugh P. Kyle
Lieut. Thomas Henry Boyd
Private Thos. Wilson
William Scott
Rouse Simmons
Lt.-Col. George H. Kelly
Lieut. Edgar Piper, Jr.,
W. Robt. McMurray
Sergeant O.C. Hartman
Robert Fithian
Joyce R. Kelly
Neil Malarkey
Eugene K. Oppenheimer
Charles W. Irvine
Family Letters to
Mrs. Frederick E. Greatwood
Theo. C. Bertsch
Daniel B. Curry
Sheridan M. Berthiaume
Fred Lockley
Forest Woods
Clarence R. Hotchkiss
Roy C. Harbin
Bruce McDaniel
Fred Girton
Auxiliary Members
Ten sons of Roseburg Couple Heed Their Country's Call.
Lawrence B. Pagter
Corporal Alexander Faulkner
Private J.W. Sargent
Sergeant Rees B. Williams
Henry O. Stevens
Sgt. W.H. Gerrard
Henry Woodbeck
Harrison F. Anderson
W.A. Thompson, Jr. re; Cousin Clement Summers, Ashland
Leland R. Gilbert
Paul F. Cadman
E.R. Green, West Linn
Pvt. Frederick C. Butler, Rainier
Sgt. Elvin W. Smith, Sellwood
J.A. Lawson
Corp. Chas. Arlie Evans

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