Oregon Boys In The War

Letters from Oregon Boys in France
Compiled by Mrs. Frank Wilmot 1918

Corporal Hugh P. Kyle

To Mrs. G.A. Kyle, from her second son:

Dear Mother:

As you will see, I am still o.k. and anxious to get at the Kaiser, but have not had much chance yet; I am working in the camouflage department of the army and enjoy it very much.

I was in Paris a week or so ago and had a grand time; I took some troops up to the front and on the way back I stopped in [the city beautiful] for four days. It certainly is all they say of it; in fact, it is the only modern city in France. It certainly is a good place to spend money. I spent all I had so quickly that I am trying yet to find what became of it. The long range guns were still bombarding the city while I was there; but whenever the people hear a shell go off with a great explosion, they laugh and say, "Oh! la la," which is about the same as "I should worry".

You want to say to all those who do not believe that the German atrocities committed against the Belgians, were as bad as was given out, that it is all true, and then some; I saw a little girl who had her hand cut off by a German soldier. I met a Belgian soldier who told me that his wife and children had been mutilated unspeakably and then killed by the brutes; things have happened that are too terrible to tell; more than enough to make any soldier long to go after the Boche and put them out of business forever.

Well, good-bye, mother, don't worry about me, I am as right as I can be.

Corporal Hugh P. Kyle