Oregon Boys In The War

Letters from Oregon Boys in France
Compiled by Mrs. Frank Wilmot 1918

Joyce R. Kelly

Lieutenant Joyce R. Kelly, son of Dr. and Mrs. Richmond Kelly, who is with the Twenty-ninth Engineers in France, in writing of the good work the Red Cross is doing, said:

"Always save some of the money you intend to contribute to war activities for the Red Cross."

He writes that the French shopkeepers imagine that all American soldiers are wealthy; amid charge exorbitant prices. This, however, is being corrected by the French government wherever it is possible. In contrast to this spirit he says the Red Cross shops supply nearly all the wants of the soldiers at about the same prices as in America, and the smile of an American Red Cross girl that goes with a purchase, is worth the money to the American boys. Lieutenant Kelly’s praise extends to the other organizations, also, for all are doing splendid work in their respective fields.

Wilbur C. Kelly, another son of Dr. and Mrs. Kelly, is coxswain on the South Dakota, and has made a number of trips convoying troop ships across the Atlantic. He hardly considers the submarine a menace any more, for there is no chance for a submarine to get at a troop ship unless it falls behind on account of some engine troubles.