Oregon Boys In The War

Letters from Oregon Boys in France
Compiled by Mrs. Frank Wilmot 1918

Theo. C. Bertsch

From Theo. C. Bertsch, Co. C, 127th Infantry, 32nd Div., a former student at Hill's Military Academy, comes the following message from "Over There."

Sunday, 10 a.m.,
May 26, 1908.

Mr. Joseph A. Hill,
Principal, H. M. A.,
Portland, Or.

My Dear Mr. Hill:

A few lines to let you know that I am safe and well. I sincerely hope that you are the same.

France is a wonderful and very beautiful country, but it has nothing on Oregon. I have seen many old ruins and many places of interest. The villages are very picturesque now, especially as it is summer and the apple trees and lilac bushes are in bloom. No wasted land over here. the women do most of the farming and believe me they work hard. The houses are of stone and roofs are of tile. Half of the house is occupied by the family and the other half by the cows and chickens.

Last Sunday I was in a very old church, the interior was beautiful. On the alter was a large American flag with the flags of our allies.

The one thing that struck me as funny when I first arrived over here, was the size of the loaves of bread; the comparison between the loaf and the child being two to one in favor of the loaf.

Too bad about Lawrence Witherspoon: I was at the hospital to see him about a week before he died.

Mrs. Johnson told me about you taking the boys to American Lake. How did the boys like the steady grind of drilling? The picture of that English sergeant presenting the cadets with the British flag has some class all right and I was really glad to hear of it. I still have the clippings.

My education at H. M. A. is a wonderful help to me in every line. I am sincerely thankful to you for the personal interest that you took in me.

Being in your position, I know that you will not be able to write me. Any news concerning the school or any old papers will be greatly appreciated.

It is my sincere wish that you will have a large attendance next September. May good luck and the best of health be with you always.

Your sincere friend,
Theo. C. Bertsch