Oregon Boys In The War

Letters from Oregon Boys in France
Compiled by Mrs. Frank Wilmot 1918

Daniel B. Curry

Mrs. O.J. Carr, of 143 East 12th. St., is the recipient of a letter from her nephew, Pvt. Daniel B. Curry, Supply Company, 65th Artillery, C.A.C., American Expeditionary Forces, who has for the past few months been writing under difficulties from the front line in France. Pvt. Curry is the grandson of George L. Curry, who was territorial governor of Oregon from 1853 to 1859, and is a lineal descendant of the famous Daniel Boone.

Sept. 22nd, '18

Dear Aunt Odden:

I have been receiving mail today and thought some of it was rather old, August 12 being the latest date, it was all very welcome. There seems to be a missing link in my letters, as I received No. 18 and 20, but no 19 from Dixie ever reached me. Received the little publication "Due Your Bit", and thought it was fine, also the newspaper clippings with a stick of gum inside. Many thanks. I would rather chew gum than tobacco - how's that? I intended writing you some time ago, but as things turned out, I was unable to even think about writing letters; and could I have taken the time, was for three weeks out of reach of stationary, and even now find it very hard to keep up any kind of correspondence.

Received a letter from Lester saying he reported on the 25th of July so suppose he is doing squads, right, left and east by this time.

You ask about my wrist watch - well it had kept good time until about a month ago when things got pretty thick here. We were in a big rush and when I had a chance to look at my watch found the stem was missing. Can hardly imagine just how it happened, but it probably got caught on something. When I reach some good French city will try to have it mended.

I can not say a word about my surroundings except to say that we are very busy and are never in one place very long now. We are not allowed to put our outfit number on the outside of a letter anymore but I know you are pretty good at guessing, Aunt Odden. There is an Evening Telegram reporter here today, so if you happen to see his article you will find some interesting reading no doubt, and much more than we can tell you. We are surely giving the Kaiser and his followers H - now.

It sure reminds me of Oregon when the drops of rain start falling by the buckets full, but let her rain. I have a pair of hip boots, a slicker and a steel stetson, so am getting along fine and dandy and have plenty to eat, so why should I worry?

I ran across some green apples the other day, and ate some, they were about as big as walnuts and never hurt me a bit. Oh, no! When I get home, think I'll go way out in the woods some where, find a big hill, dig myself a nice big dugout big enough to crawl into and just sleep and sleep; feel right now as if I'd never wake up till spring. Well, dear Aunt, I must close as I have other letters to answer. Please don't worry one bit about the long intervals between my letters for when I have a little time, do not feel much like writing, but will always try to drop a few lines to some of the family to let you know I am still in the ring. With regards to all and