Oregon Boys In The War

Letters from Oregon Boys in France
Compiled by Mrs. Frank Wilmot 1918

Roy C. Harbin

C.L. Harbin employed at the Grant Smith-Porter shipyard, has received a letter from his nephew, Roy C. Harbin, Company F, 21st Engineers, who is in France with the American army. In his letter Roy says:

I'm glad you're in the shipyard, for a man can do his bit building ships and trying to help the boys over here. You shipbuilders will never be forgotten for the good you are doing. All we need are the supplies and I know your yard is filled with true Americans who are eager to help us boys in France. The Americans are wonderful fighters and when they get a chance to go over the top after a Hun, you can imagine what happens. I was sure glad to get your paper, "Going Some", and to read of the fine work your yard is doing for us boys over here.

The Labor Day edition of the Stars and Strips is a "Message From the Front" to labor at home. It says:

We feel the great, heartening, sustaining shove in every acre of timberland cut to make airplanes, in every rivet driven in the plates, in every sheaf of wheat garnered for our rations next winter, in every ton of coal mined for the transport that brings us reinforcements.

We cannot very well parade on Main street this year, friends, but all that is dear and fine in America is honored in this summer's advance on the doughboys, the great parade that is under way now and will not break up this side of the Rhine.