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Wednesday, June 23, 1875.

Loss of the Saranac.

Goes Down in Seymour Narrows - All Hands Save, but Exposed on Shore Without Shelter. On Friday morning the United States war steamer Saranac struck the tamous Mid-Chanel rock in the Seymour Narrows and went down in an hour afterwards. This is the rock so much talked of in connection with the projected bridge which is some day to cross the Narrows for the purpose of the Canadian overland railroad. The vessel struck very hard, as she was going at the rate of fourteen knots, with a seven knot current, swung around and hung on a little while. She was then headed for the Vancouver shore. Water was gaining rapidly, enabling the officers and crew to save but little of their stores, effects, clothing, etc; She remained over water before sinking just one hour. A good deal more would have been saved only it was not known at what moment the ship would vanish. The officers and crew are camped on the beach, without a bit of canvas, sail or anything with which to shelter them, and but little provisions were got out. Not a vestige of the vessel, which was a large one, not even a topmast is to be seen. It is said that the sight of the vessel as she was going down was a grand one.

The Saranac was an old vessel, about 1,300 tons measurement, carried ten guns and a crew of 300 men. Lieutenant Commander Sanders, the pilot and thirteen men arrived at Nanaimo to seek assistance. No vessel being in port to render aid, the commander and pilot came down to Saanich in a canoe and arrived in town overland last night in the drenching rain. The steamer Otter left at 7 o'clock this morning for the scene of the catastrophe.

Affairs at Washington.

There is no ground for charging that Naval Paymaster Stevenson has defaulted. His conduct in Japan, was, however, of a suspicious character, and resulted in the recent order for his return to explain and settle accounts ..... Rev. S.A. Hinman, Hon. Comingo, W.H. Ashby, with J.S. Collins, of the Sioux commission, have been designated by the Secretary of the Interior to proceed to the Indian country in advance of the remainder of the commission, to ascertain all matters of interest pertaining to the question of the settlement of difficulties.

From Canada

The Toronto bolt and nut factory, owned by Robb & Co., was burned last night. Loss, $50,000 ... The Canadian Rubber Co., at Montreal, employing 400 females and 200 hundred males, will only run on half time after to-day, owing to dullness of the trade .... Six fishermen in three fishing boats, were drowned in a heavy storm on the salmon fishing grounds near St. Johns, on Friday night.

Immense Cat Story.

The following blood-curdling cat-story is from the Olympia Transcript: A few weeks ago, a gentleman who had just arrived in the country, while in search for agricultural lands in Lewis county, passing along an old road, when a large cougar came out of the woods and walked alongside of him some fifty yards, occasionally rubbing himself against the man's legs, and lying down in the road in front of him and rolling like a cat. Finally he got in the man's way, and he gave him a kick, when the cougar became angry and jumped in the road in front of the man, and began to growl and show his teeth. At this the man became frightened and commenced hallooing, which was heard by Mr. Goff and some other gentlemen who happened to be in the woods near by looking for horses. They had their guns and dogs with them, and went to the man's aid. The dogs chased the cougar up a tree within fifty yards of the road where they shot and killed him. It was an unusual large one.


Emigrants and New Comers Wanting cheap farms or claims on Government or Railroad Lands, on the foot hills, suitable for farming or stock-raising, can gain valuable information by inquiring of T.P. Jack, five miles north of Silverton.

Election of Officers

At a regular meeting of Willamette Encampment No. 2, I.O.O.F., the following were elected officers for the ensuing term: J.A. Baker, C.P.; H.H. Gilfry, H.P.; Ed. Hirsch, S.W.; George Williams, Scribe; G.W. Jordan, Treasurer; Wm. Morgan, J.W.

Notice of Final Settlement.

Notice is hereby given to all whom it may concern, that the undersigned has filed in the County Court of Marion county, Oregon, her final account as administratrix of the estate of Thos. J. Hubbard, deceased, and said court has fixed July 5, 1875, at 1 o'clock P.M. for hearing objections thereto.

Genevieve Hubbard, Administratrix.
Salem, June, 1875.

Adjudged Insane.

John J. Cook, a resident of Champoeg precinct, was brought before Judge J.C. Peebles yesterday and after examination pronounced insane. He will be taken to East Portland to-day by Mr. Frank Cooper and placed in the asylum. Mrs. Cook was appointed guardian to attend to the property of her husband by the court.


Circuit Court - Bonham, J., Tuesday, June 22 - State of Oregon vs. George Russell, alias Duffy, obtaining a signature under false pretences; defendant plead guilty. Further time having been waived, time for passing sentence was fixed for to-morrow at 1 o'clock P.M.

J. Mosher vs. N. Jenkins, recovery of personal property; on trial.

Lots in North Salem.

I will sell blocks or lots in North Salem, lower than have been offered since 1850. Now is the chance to secure a home. For terms apply to: J.B. McClane. March 31, 1875.

Taken Up.

The following described property has been taken up by me, and unless called for and charges paid, will be sold at public auction on the 26th day of June, 1875, at 2 o'clock P.M., at the City Pound, in the city of Salem, Oregon, in accordance with the provisions of the city law relating to animals running at large within the city limits: On Monday. May 31st., one dark brown heifer, labelled Saxe 48, one year old, a hole in the left ear the size of a bullet, a little white along the belly. John Smith, City Marshal. Salem, June 05, 1875.

Administrator's Notice.

The undersigned having been duly appointed Administrator of the estate of Harvey M. Newsome, late of Marion county, deceased, therefore all persons having claims against said estate will present the same to the undersigned with the proper vouchers, at his residence eight miles north-east of Salem, in said county, within six months from this date; and all persons knowing themselves indebted to said estate will make immediate payment. David Newsome, Administrator. June 13, 1875.

Administrator's Notice.

Notice is hereby given that the undersigned has nbeen duly appointed nby the County Court of Marion County, Oregon, Administrator of the estate of James Rickey, late of said county, deceased. All persons indebted to the estate are requested to make immediate payment, and all persons having cliams against the same will present them with proper vouchers to me at my office in the city of Salem, in the aforesaid county and State, within six months from this date. Thos. B. Rickey, Administrator. Salem, Oregon, May 21, 1875.

From Jacksonville

Daniel Doty was again arrested last week, on two warrants sworn out against him; one an assault to commit murder on Brooks Johnson and the other with an assault with a dangerous weapon on Mrs. Johnson, and is held to bail in the sum of $4,000.

The Circuit Court is in session; times lively; a large number of the Democratic party out looking for bail.

The discoverers of the Beaver Creek cinnabar have consolidated their claims under the name of the "Emeline Quick-silver Mining Company."

The Man with Fits, who was lately performing in Jacksonville, is now in San Francisco doing a rushing business.

The Galice Creek mines continue to yield profitably, and have established a reputation as being of permanent value. A good hotel near the Yank claim.

Robbery in Albany

Last Friday night some burlars got in to the County Clerks office at Albany, broke into the safe and stole $3,000 in coin and county orders, which had been placed there by the Sheriff. The Albanian says that on Sunday morning a note was found in his office addressed to the Sheriff, stating that the tin box which had contained the stolen money might be found in a certain place in the woods, and on looking at the place indicated the box was recovered, tegether with $300 in coin which the theives had thought proper to leave, to console the Sheriff in some degree for his loss. There is no clue to the mauraders, who are evidently old hands at the business.


There is an engaging fellow of Winnemucca called "Oregon Snake-charmer." He goes about with a reptile four feet long in his pocket, scaring people into fits.

An American inventor has laid before the French Government a self-acting machine as a substitute for the guillotine. It takes the condemned out of the world as slick as grease, and will undoubtedly take precedence in the next revolution.

At Keokuk, on the 19th four railroad workmen were poisoned, one of whom died, by one White, who had a jug of whicky in the vicinity of the work and selling it to men by the drink. The whisky was stollen several times, and he threatened to fix up a dose that would stop them. The four men found a flask which they supposed contained whisky, and drank of it. They were seized with convulsions and one, named Cary, died. The bottle was found to contain corrosive sublimate.

Deliberate Suicide. In San Francisco, a saloon-keeper, who had been on a big drunk, went behind his bar, mixed a glass of whicky and strychnine, and drank it off. He then exhorted a boy who was present to shun strong drink and gaming, and set about to clean up the place and prepare for dinner. Feeling faint he desired, and with difficulty got up stairs to his wife's room, told her what he had done and begged her and another woman present to remove his boots. They thought he was only joking, but before they succeeded in getting his boots off he expired.

Local Notes:

Salem is the dog metropolis of Oregon.

Pete Emerson's coffee is equal to the best.

L.M. Haines has a new and handsome sign.

Wax for sealing fruit cans at Weatherford & Co's.

Chemeketa Lode, I.O.O.F., meets this evening.

Cherries and strawberries 3 bits a gallon at J.G. Wright's.

The Place to purchase kid gloves is at Terrell & Gillingham's.

An elegant lot of choice wines just received by Joe Bernardi.

Don't forget that J.G. Evans sells pure unadulterated milk.

Breyman Bros. had a good run of country custom yesterday.

The place to buy your snuff by the package is at Billy Stanton's.

People who trade with Josephus Holmes once are sure to call again.

Mining is getting lively. Sulphur has been stuck on Gaiety Hill.

As reliable and fair dealers Herrman & Hirsch are in the front ranks.

R.H. Prce & Co. sell on an average 40 gallons of strawberries a day.

Get your plug ugly suit ready and let's make things lively on the Fourth.

Rev. P.S. Knight has been invited to deliver the Fourth of July oration at Jefferson.

Ladies black lace straw and Neapolitan bonnets a speciality at Mrs. E.W. Moxley's.

Piety Hill folks on their way home at night drop into Wagner & Hovey's for their ictas.

Professor J.W. Grant of the Bishop Scott Grammar School is spending vacation in this city.

The Commeresal [sp?] Hotel and the name of Wesley Graves its proprietor are known throughout the land.

Pierce Mays wants his hat. He had it when he went strawberrying at the University Monday night.

Frank McPowell, at Capt. Martin's jewelry store, wants an owner for a gold neck chain he found yesterday.

Miss Jean Forbes, at Mrs. Moxley's establishment, can trim a hat so tastily that even your husband can't find fault with it.

Miss Lizzie Jordan has lost a pair of kid gloves. Anyone finding them will please return them to their proper owner.

Last week a siwash caught 500 salmon in two days at the Dalles. A South Salem boy caught one sucker in Mill creek during same time.

A wicked East Salem youth bet and lost a two cent postage stamp on the result of the literary contest at the Willamette University yesterday.

A young fellow in town says he never knew anything about his private affairs until he began going with the girls, and got the old ladies to talking about him.

If it takes four Piety Hill boys three days to catch two blind eels, how long will it take six Sleepy Hollow boys to catch sixteen sardines and how many timess will they have to bait their nets to do it?

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