The following information was provided by, Sammie Laurance of the Grant County, Or. Genealogical Society.

The land patents are found in the County Clerk's office at courthouse in Canyon City. They are recorded in the deed records, as this is when the Government gave title to land after the people homestead, lived on the land for period of 5 years and did improvements..then the land patent was give to them...clear title to the land..usually in amounts of 160 acres, some 320 acres...etc..I think each person was granted 140 acres, but that meant husband..160...wife 160 and if they had grown children...each got that amount.

They are really neat documents, as it tells who was president when it was issued..a neat keepsake for genealogist.

Grant County Courthouse
201 South Humbold - Suite 290
Canyon City, Oregon 97820

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