Portland Academy

Geo. H. Himes, Assistant Secretary:


The following communication from James F. Failing explains itself. It is to be hoped others will take the same interest in relation to this matter that those who compiled the list herein have done. A matter of so much historical value has been too long neglected.

Portland, Oregon, Nov. 1900.

Mr. George H. Himes, Assistant Secretary Oregon Historical Society

Dear Sir:

Complying with your request for a list of the students of the Portland Academy and Female Seminary, I hand you the enclosure.

This list is of the teachers and students, during the terms of the school while Rev. P.G. Buchanan, A.M., and Rev. C.S. Kinglsey, were principals, from the commencement of the school in 1851, until the end of Mr. Kingsley's connection with the school as teacher in 1859.

In arranging this list I have had the assistance of Mr. J.W. ["Jim"] King and his sister, Mrs. Ellen D. Starr, nee King, who, between them, furnished nearly half of the names. As there appears to be no records extant, we were compelled to depend almost entirely upon our memories, and doubtless have omitted many names. I shall be very glad indeed if anyone knowing of omissions would notify you, and thus have the list made a correct one as near as possible.

Very truly,

James F. Failing.

List of Teachers

Following is the list of teachers at the Portland Academy and Female Seminary from its beginning, in 1851, to 1859:

Rev. P.G. Buchanan, A.M., principal from beginning to 1853
Rev. Calvin S. Kingsley, principal from 1853 to 1859
Miss Lizzie Boise
Miss A. Clark [Mrs. B.P. Cardwell]
Miss C.E. Hines [Mrs. A.R. Shipley]
Miss Carrie Hull
Mrs. Orlena M. Johnson [nee Cardwell]
Mrs. E.A. Kingsley
Miss Kate Quivey [Mrs. A.E. Wait]

List of Pupils.

Miss Sarah Abrams [Mrs. Harvey A. Hogue]
William R. Abrams
George Abernethy
Franklin S. Akin
Icelia Anderson [Mrs. C.W. Sears]
Arabella Ankeny
Henry Ankeny
Levi Ankeny
Orinoco Ankeny [Mrs. Vincent Cook]

Edwin D. Backenstos
Mary Backenstos
James Backentos
Roseta Barker
Miss Lorena Barker [Mrs. S. Holcomb]
Charlotte Barnes
Lucy Barnes
Burris Bartholemew
Rose Bartholemew [Mrs. John Wilson]
Samuel L. Bell
Lazarus Bettman
Clarissa Bird
Fannie Black
Charles Erdley Blossom
Mercy M. Blossom [Mrs. J.D. Gordon]
Leonora Blossom [Mrs. J.J. Hoffman
Alice Bonnell
Henry Bonnell
Rufus Bonnell
Walter G. Boyakin
Rebecca Brents
Charles F. Burgess
James Brown
Joseph Brown
Margaret Brown
William S. Buckley
Georgiana Burton [Mrs. H.L. Pittock]
Helen M. Burton
James Burk
William Barrow
Edward D. Bush
Mrs. Martha Burney
James H. Burk
Mary Ann Buckalew [Mrs. C.P. Ferry]
James S. Backenstos

James Campbell
John Campbell
Ann Campbell [Mrs. - Roe]
Charles C. Caffee
Edward T. Caffee
Emma Carroll [Mrs. James Lotan]
Charles Carter
Jane Carter
Jefferson Carter
Nancy E. Carter [Mrs. LaFayette Grover]
Isabella Carson
Miranda Carson [Mrs. W.T.B. Nicholson]
W.W. Carson
Robert Catlin
Seth Catlin
Arthur Chapman
James G. Chapman
Thomas Chapman
Mary E. Chapman [Mrs. H.G. Galbraith]
William Chapman
John Chance
Abbie Cline
John Cline
Abbie Coffin
George Coffin
Hezekiah Coffin
Stephen Coffin, Jr.
George W. Coffman
Levi Daniel Coffman
Lucy Collins
Edward W. Cornell
Caltha Cotton [Mrs. James G. Dierdorff]
Elizabeth Couch [Mrs. R. Glisan]
Alexander Creasy

Frances Hull
Eliza A. Humphrey [Mrs. H. Denlinger]
Orpha T. Humphrey [Mrs. I.H. Gove]
Wolcott J. Humphrey

Henry Ingram
Louisa Ingram [Mrs. Charles Wiberg]

Jacob Johnson
Jasper W. Johnson
John Q.A. Johnson

Cornelia Kern [Mrs. Stransbery]
Isabella Jane Kern [Mrs. Williams]
William J. Kern
Mary Jane Kelly [Mrs. James Aiken]
Carrie J. King
Ellen D. King [Mrs. L. V. Starr]
James W. King
Marion W. King [Mrs. Dr. S.M. Harris]
Frances Kittredge [Mrs. George F. Boynton]

Moses Lee
Joe Ben Lane
Martha J. Lee
Winnie Lane
D.W. Litchenthaler
Hannah Llewellen
Frederick Love Green C. Love
Lewis Love

Lafayette Masters
Wilbur Masters
John Mathers
Alexander B. McCready
William H. McDonald
George Maxwell [Kanaka George]
Eliza Jane McGuire
Anna McKee
Helen McKee
Miss Annette McLaughlin [Mrs. John Cotter]
Wallace McLaughlin
Frances McNamee [Mrs. E.J. Northrup]
William McNamee
Harriet Millard [Mrs. H.B. Morse]
Henry W. Millard
Levi C. Millard
Miss Mary Millard [Mrs. H.L. Hoyt]
Effie C. Morgan
Erastus M. Morgan
Frank Morgan
A.J. McNamee
Samuel A. Moreland
William Moreland
John Mountain
Joseph Mann
Edward E. Morgan

W.D. Nichols
Henry C. Northrop
Nemiah Northrop

Charles W. Parrish
Unity Patton
Anna Pentland [Mrs. S.L. Brooks]
Frances Louisa Peters [Mrs. S.B. Morse]
James W. Poe
Annie Pope [Mrs. W.B. Laswell]
Eva Pope [Mrs. George A. Steel]
John Wesley Powell
Leonard J. Powell
Sarah A. Powell [Mrs. H.C. Hill]
Susan F. Powell
John Poynter
Theodore Poynter
Edward Pugh
Mary Purple
William S. Powell
Winfield Peters

Boyd P. Quivey

Martha Ranson [Mrs. L.J. Powell]
Stephen Ross
C.F. Royal
Mary C. Royal
Edwin Rusell
Mary Russell
Nancy Russell
John B. Roberts

Virginia Shattuck
Olive Simonds
Mary Skidmore [Mrs. C.E. Sitton]
Stephen G. Skidmore
Elizabeth Stephens [Mrs. A.M. Loryea]
James B. Stephens, Jr.
Nancy Stephens
Thomas Stephens, Jr.
Charles Starr
Hugh B. Starr
Abiah Starr
Andrew Stewart
Charles Stewart
Albert Sunderland
Mary Cecilia Spencer [Mrs. Stephen A. Young]

George Talbot [of Talbot Heights]
George Talbot [of Powell's Valley]
Miss Mary E. Talbot [Mrs. George E. Halver, of The Dalles]
Charles B. Talbot
Alice Talbot [Mrs. N.H. Bird]
Douglas W. Taylor
Sophia Taylor [Mrs. I.W. Pratt]
Anna B. Tichenor [Mrs. George Dart]
Jacob Tichenor
Charlotte Terwilleger [Mrs. C.H. Cartwright]
Hiram Terwilleger
R. Henry Thompson
Lewis Thompson
Almira Watts
John M. Watts
Lewis W. Watts
James W. Weatherford
Lewis C. Weatherford
Mary Weatherford
William Weatherford
Thomas A. Wood
William Thomas Wright
Joseph R. Wiley
Miss Sarah Jane Watkins [Mrs. L.M. Parrish]
George E. Watkins
Henry Young
Samantha A. Cornell [Mrs. McAllister]

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