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"Facts About Portland", from a 1927 publication of,
"Tourist and Shopping Guide of Portland," by the Greeters of Oregon.

Population - 350,000
Location - 771 miles north of San Francisco [30 hours]; 183 miles south of Seattle [6 1/4]; 110 miles from the Pacific Ocean.

Climate - Equable climate, no extremes of temperature. Average annual rainfall, 45 inches - same as New York City. No tornadoes, electric storms and scarcely any snow.

Size - Covers an area of 70 square miles.

Commerce - Greatest lumber manufacturing city in the world. Oregon has 395,000,000,000 feet of big timber - one-fifth of the timber in the United States. Ships more hops than any city in the world. Portland is rated first in exportation of United States grown wheat.

Local Facilities - 216 miles of electric street railways; 660 miles of paved streets within city limits.

Shipping - Three thousand two hundred and twenty-five [3225] vessels entered and cleared this port during the calendar year 1926 with an aggregate tonnage of 8,990,354 short tons. Conservative estimates show these vessels paid out for handling, approximately $15,000,000 during 1926 at Portland alone. In the case of steamships on regular trans- Pacific lines of which Portland is the home port, payments on each visit exceeded fifty thousand dollars. Portland is the first apple shipping port on the Pacific Coast and second in the United States, being exceeded only by New York.

Special Advantages - No better drinking water in the world - absolutely pure mountain water, 52 degrees cold in warmest weather; 74 grade schools, 7 high schools, 1 high school of commerce, 1 boys' and girls' polytechnic school, 5 special schools, 86 private schools, academies and colleges, and the $3,000,000 endowed Reed College; 288 churches of all denominations; largest Y.M.C.A. west of New York.
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