Quartzburg Has Many Excellent Properties

Reprint from The Grant County News
January 29th, 1903 Canyon City, Oregon

Sumpter American Reviews Some of the More Conspicuous Mines That are Being Developed.

A district removed from the center of keenest activity, and yet which has great promise, especially if rail transportation reaches it next year or the year following, is Quartzburg and Susanville, which in a general way, are regarded one and the same. The high grade ore opened in many properties there, and infrequency with which big companies penetrate the district to aid the prospect owners, is causing many people to regard that section as a very choice one for investment. If there were more free propositions open the incentive would be greater. But with the rich Galena ore, characteristic of the district, there is sufficient incentive to draw many capitalists, who are willing to buy, develop and hold till a proper means for marketing the ore is provided.

C.W. Fuller, one of the property owners of the district, who passed through Sumpter recently to winter in a more congenial climate, gave an interesting, though brief sketch of the district, mainly relative to properties in Quartzburg, emphasizing his statements with specimens was very attractive and would interest any mining man.

First of interest was the Standard from which the rich cobalt is being taken. Mr. Fuller had a specimen of cobalt from the rich streak where the orebody tanged from a width of three inches to three feet, carrying good gold values. A vein about 12 ft. wide lies near this one, which has better gold values than anything else. It is 100 ft. from the cobalt vein at the point where the workings are. There is copper in both these veins and especially in the one carrying cobalt the percentage running low. The Standard has been using the 5-stamp mill recently purchased by the Equity Co. for concentrating the cobalt ore shipment intended for Germany.

The Hawkeye property recently sold to A.H. Willett for $18,000, Mr. Fuller says is a good proposition and will become a big mine.

At the Copperolis the new compressor plant is doing splendid work, and it is the purpose of the management to drive the crosscut rapidly. A little cobalt has been found in the vein so far as opened on this property.

The Fitzsimmons property is largely a gold proposition. A two-ft ledge has been opened to some extent. A considerable quantity of ore from this property has been milled that ran, mill test, from $80 to $85 per ton, free. This, of course, was sorted ore. This property is owned by Moses Durkheimer, Isaac Guker, and associates. It is located 5000 ft. from the Standard mine.

The New Year's Gift, owned by Sexton and Anson, has a vein 4 ft. between walls. In this there is a pay chute of very rich ore ranging from 4 to 6 inches in width. This assays as high as $700 and $800 per ton. A small mill run made on ore taken from this property averaged very high. The shaft is not yet down 20 ft. The ore is galena, not adapted to the milling test given, and it is said that a much higher average value would have been recorded if the proper test had been made.

The Castle Gate group of claims is owned by Mr. Fuller and his son. Four claims are in the property. This property lies just north of the Fitzsimmons, and is supposed to be an extension of the same vein. A good showing has been made in the work done, which is still in progress.

The old Isham Laurance property, recently purchased by Rev. Hughes for the Equity Co., has good rock. This is better known as the Keystone. The new management have said that they would make important improvements in the little mill and get in readiness to do considerable work.

The Cougar, which is being developed under the direction of Manager Howell, has high grade ore. A quantity of ore taken from this property and milled in an old arastra, ran from $75 to $80 per ton. This is one of the old properties of the district, with least development for the good showing made. There is an arasta near by which is used by the owners when they mill ore.

The George Washington property owned by Ward Bros and Sexton, is being opened. They have a tunnel in about 250 ft., with several open cuts to determine the strength of their vein. Quite high grade ore has been milled from this property, some running high as $150, and largely free gold.

On the Oakland there is a very good vein about 3 ft. in width, and another 20 ft. wide. These are being opened up by means of two tunnels, which are now about 275 to 300 ft. in length. There are several open cuts and shafts on the veins, also showing it up to good advantage.

The Natchez, owned by O.M. Sanford and associates, is also developing a good showing of ore, with encouragement for important result there the coming season.

Sexton Bros. have another property from which they have taken ore that would yield values ranging from $40 to $96. The streak from which this came is said to be about 18 inches wide.

Mr. Fuller says there are a number of other good properties in that district worthy of development. Many of them have in development near the surface ore that shows good values, usually occurring in connection with lead. While the district has not sufficient assurance to count on rail transportation, yet it is preparing for the most important development ever experienced.

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