Claimants of the Rogue River Indian War
Bancroft's Works - Pg. 321

In addition to the actual direct expense of the war was the loss by settlers, computed by a commission consisting of L.F. Grover, A.C. Gibbs, and G.H. Ambrose to be little less than $46,000. Of this amount $17,800, including payment for the improvements on the reserved lands, was deducted from the sum paid to the Indians for their lands, which left only $29,000 to be paid by congress, which claims, together with those of the volunteers, were finally settled on that basis.

Portland Oregonian, Dec. 30, 1854; U.S.H. Ex.
Doc., 65, 43d cong. 2d sess.

The names of the claimants on account of property destroyed, on which the Indian department paid a pro rata of 34.77 per cent out of the $15,000 retained from the treaty appropriation for that purpose, were as follows, showing who were doing business, had settled, or were mining in the Rogue River Valley at this period:

Daniel & Ephraim Raymond
Clinton Barney
David Evans
Martin Angell
Michael Brennan
Albert B. Jennison
William J. Newton
Wm. Thompson
Henry Rowland
John W. Patrick
John R. Hardin
Pleasant W. Stone
Jeremiah Yarnel
Wm. S. King
Cram, Rogers & Co.,
Edith M. Neckel
John Benjamin
David N. Birdseye
Lewis Rotherend
James C. Tolman
Henry Ham
William M. Elliott
Silas & Edward Day
James Triplett
Nathan B. Lane
John Agy
James Bruce
James B. Fryer
Wm. G.F. Vank
Hall & Burpee
John Penneger
John E. Ross
John S. Miller
D. Irwin
Burrell B. Griffin
Traveena McComb
Wm. N. Ballard
Freeman Smith
Nicholas Kohenstein
Daniel F. Fisher
Thomas D. Jewett
Sylvester Pease
David Hayhart
McGreer, Drury & Runnels
James Mooney
John Gheen
Theodosia Cameron
James Abrahams
Francis Nasarett
Galley & Oliver
T.B. Sanderson
Frederick Rosenstock
Dunn & Alluding
Asa G. Fordyce
Obadiah D. Harris
James L. London
Samuel Grubb
Wm. Kahler
Samuel Williams
Hiram Niday
John Anderson
Elias Huntington
Shertack Abrahams
Thomas Frazell
Weller & Rose
Robert B. Metcalf
Charles Williams
John Swinden
James R. Davis
Isaac Woolen
Wm. M. Hughs

Of the settlers on the reservation lands who brought claims were these:

David Evans
Matthew G. Kennedy
John G. Cook
William Hutchinson
Charles Grey
Robert B. Metcalf
Jacob Gall
George H.C. Taylor
John M. Silcott
James Lesly

Report of Supt. Palmer, in U.S.H. Ex. Doc; 52, p. 3-5, 38th cong. 2d sess.

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