Ross, George; Color W , Month NR, Year 1861, age 39, Birthplace Michigan, Vol. 5, E.D.14, Sheet 6, Line48, Grant County, Middle Pct., Enumerated With Glascock, Ray, Relationship to above; Boarder

Actual Census sheet for 1900 Ross,George: Boarder [of Ray Glascock], White Male born April 1861, Single, birthplace Michigan, Farm laborer

George Washington Ross: Place of Death: Grant County, Mt. Vernon Oregon, Name of hospital or institution; Mt. Vernon Hot Springs Length of stay in this County 10, in state 20, Veteran of what war; none, Social Security; none, Male, White, Divorced, Date of Birth April 22, 1861, Age at death 81 years, 4 months, 20 days. Birthplace; Lexington,[Sanilac Co] Michigan, Usual Occupation; Miner Industry or business; Gold mine, Parents; no data, Informants own signature: ________Officer-Canyon City, Address Canyon City OR, Burial: 1/31/43, Place of burial; Canyon City OR., Signature of Funeral Director: ______ _______ , Address John Day, OR. Date Feb. 1- 43, Register: Bessie St. Marie, Usual residence of Deceased: Mt. Vernon, Grant Co. OR. Date of Death: Jan. 28 1943, I hereby certify that I attended the deceased from Jan. 17 1943 to Jan 28 1943, that I last saw him alive on Jan. 28 1943 and that death occurred on the date stated above. Immediate cause of death; acute nephritis and arterial sclerosis. Signature R.H.__________ M.D. Address: Mt. Vernon OR. Date signed Feb. 18 1943. Listed in the Census With:

Glascock, Ray Head of household White Male born June 1871 age 28 Married 3 years born in Mo, Birthplace of father MO, Birthplace of Mother MO, Occupation; Stock Raiser Glascock, Ella M. Wife White Female born Dec 1867 in Kansas age 32 married 3 years Mother of how many children 1 Children Living 1 Birthplace of father, Massachusetts Birthplace of mother Illinois Glascock, Edward M. Son white male born Jan 1899 age 1

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