Salem Daily Record

Friday Evening, July 26, 1878

Business Directory

ALLEN, WM. H. - General Jobbing, night work, house cleaning, and also boot blacking. Charges reasonable.

ADOLPH, SAM - Salem Brewery - Best beer in the city - by quart, gallon or keg. Commercial street, near covered bridge.

ARMSTRONG WM. - Custom Boot and Shoemaker, State street, between Commercial and Liberty. Good fits guaranteed.

BELT & SON- Druggists. Prescriptions carefully compounded. Commercial street near State.

BOON, H.D. - Books, Stationery and Musical instruments, State street.

BABCOCK F.J. - Manufacturer and wholesale and retail dealer in furniture, coffins and caskets. Liberty street, near North Mill Creek bridge.

BONHAM & RAMSEY - Attorneys at Law - Practice in all the courts of the State. Office, Griswold's Block, corner of State and Commercial streets.

BERNARDI, JOSEPH - Capital Saloon. Best of Liquors and Cigars, Commercial street.

BOWIE, C.W. - Recorder and Justice of the Peace. Patton's Block, entrance on the street.

CUNNINGHAM, T. & CO. - Dealers in Hardware, Agricultural Implements, Iron and Steel. Commercial street, between State and Ferry streets.

CHEMEKETA HOTEL - The finest Hotel in the Northwest. S.F. Mathews, Proprietor.

CRAWFORD, J.W. - Stoves, tin and hollow-ware. Commercial street.

CALIFORNIA EXCHANGE - B. Friedrick, proprieter. U.S. Brewery beer. Five cent cigars, and tobacco. Pure wine and liquors.

DAWNE, E.J. - Accountant and Money Broker. Office in Griswold's Building, Salem, Oregon.

DENNIS, O.F. - Sash, doors and blinds. Shop at Agricultural works.

DRAKE, B.F. - Machine shop and Foundry, corner of State and First streets.

EMERSON, PETE - Crystal Restaurant, meals at all hours. Fresh oysters in every style. Commercial street.

EPLER, GEO. W. - Soda Water Manufactory. State street, opposite Opera House building. Orders promptly filled.

FISHER, GAINES - Sales, Livery and Feed stables. Corner of Commercial and Trade streets.

FRIEDMAN, S. - General Dealer, Auctioneer and Commission Merchant. Corner of State and Commercial streets, in Durbin's Block.

FARRAR BROS - Wholesale and retail dealers in groceries, provisions, etc., corner of Court and Commercial streets.

FORD, TILMON - Attorney at Law in all the courts. Office, Patton's brick, State street.

GRAY, JOHN - Dealer in furniture, carpeting, milling and upholstery, Starkey's Block, Court street.

HIRSCH, L. & E. - Dry goods, clothing, bats, caps, and general merchandise. Commercial between State and Ferry streets.

HOLBERT, J.G. - Proprietor of the Oregon Candy Manufactory and Oyster Saloon. Corner of Court and Commercial streets.

HAMMER, SETH R. - Surveyor and Notary Public. Office Patton's brick, State street.

HAAS, J. HENRY - Watchmaker and Jeweler. Commercial street between State and Ferry.

JOHNSON, W.P. - Photograph gallery. Pictures taken in the highest style of art. State street in rooms formerly occupied by Mrs. Russ.

JONES & PATTERSON - Real Estate and Insurance Agents. Reed's Opera House.

KELSAY, BENJ. - Shaving, hair cutting and shampooing. Commercial street, near the Chemeketa Hotel.

KELLY, ANDREW - Blacksmith. Horseshoeing a specialty. Commercial street between State and Court streets.

G.W. LAWSON - Attorney and Counselor at Law. Office - In the old Court House, State street.

G.P. LITCHFIELD - Groceries and Provisions. Corner of State and Liberty streets.

MOORES, C.B. - Attorney at Law. Office with Jones & Patterson, Real Estate Agents, Opera House Block, Salem, Oregon.

MAUZEY, THOS. A. - Plumber and Gas-fitter. Jobbing a specality. Commercial between State and Ferry streets.

F.C. Paine, M.D. - Homoepathic Physician and Surgeon. Office over Breyman Bro's store.

REED & COX - Real Estate and Insurance agents and Stock Brokers. Office, Reed's Opera House.

STAHLEY, J. - Manufacturer of all kinds, Wood Seat and Raw Hide bottom chairs. At the Penitentiary.

SNYDER, MRS. C.D. - Bookbinder. Work promptly and neatly done. State street near Liberty.

SMITH, F.A. - Photograph Gallery. Commercial street between State and Court.

STRONG & BAIN - Proprietors of Pioneer Bakery, Commercial street, between State and Court.

TAFF, W.H. - Bills posted and programmes distributed. Address Chemeketa Hotel.

SCOTT, L.S. - Proprietor of Salem Dray and Hack Company. Stables on State street near Front.

VAN WAGNER, G.G. - Dealer in fine furniture. State street near Liberty.

WEATHERFORD & CO - Dealers in Drugs, Oils, Paints and Window glass. Commercial street between State and Ferry.

WADE, W.L. - General merchandise and dealer in country produce. North Salem.

VERDIER, J. MRS. - Salem Manufactory of Coffees and all kinds of spices -- Fresh ground. State street opposite Bank.

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