School District No. 7 - Multnomah County
Salem, Oregon: W.H. Leeds, State Printer 1900.

J.H. Ackerman,
State Superintendent of Public Instruction ________________________

Containing forms for recording daily attendance, absence, etc.; summaries for weeks, months and school year; classification of each pupil by studies and divisions, and standings in all studies: and work done in each class; together with blanks for reports to County Superintendents and to District Boards; Rolls of Honor, Visitors' Record, and Programs as Provided by Law.

First Teacher: E.H. Patterson ___________________________Second Teacher: Mary L. Perkins
Began: March 5th, 1900___________________________________Began: April 02nd, 1900
Closed: March 30th, 1900____________________________________Closed: June 22nd, 1900
Days Taught: Twenty________________________________________Days Taught: 59
Holidays: None______________________________________________Holidays: 1
Total: 30___________________________________________________Total: 60

Third Teacher: Mary L. Perkins
Began: Sept. 17, 1900
Closed: Mar. 01, 1901
Days Taught: 113
Holidays: 2
Total: 115

Edna Bell 14
Leslie Bell12
Martha Dickenson14
Ellenor Dickenson12
Edward Dickenson12
Henry Dickenson9
Francis Fesler8
Carl Fesler6
Sylvester Hall16
Ross Lovelace15
Mave Lovelace9
Alma Miler8
Anton Multhauf14
Joseph Multhauf11
Birddie Ranes11
Joseph Schantin14
Mamie Schantin11
George Schantin8
Mazie Schantin7
Anna Schantin16
Margaret Schantin12
John Schantin8
Otelia Schieffer14
Anna Reuhle7
Pearl WoodsNo Age Listed
Olive Zimmerman11
Mabel Zimmerman9
Knighten Josie6
Harry Hamilton6
George Crane6
Susan Ledbury11
Arthur Ledbury8
Willie Ledbury6
Tony Schantin6
Earl Tegart10
Willie Dickenson11
Bert Mendenhall15
Nettie MayNo Age Listed
Wiley MayNo Age Listed

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Miss J. Schantin, Miss P. Woods, Miss Woods, Rich Sales, Mrs. W. Dickenson, Miss J. Schantin, Mrs. Anton Schantin, Mrs. Ledbury, Mrs. Schantin, Mrs. Zimmerman, Mrs. Tegart, Mrs. Crane, Mrs. Hamilton, Mrs. Wills, Mr. Hall, Mrs. Hall, Mrs. Scheiffer, Mrs. Lovelace, Mr. T. Powers, Mr. Anton Schantin, Mr. T. Dickenson, Supt. A.P. Armstrong, Miss O. Perkins, Miss Johannesen, Mrs. Wm. Tegart, Miss Pearl Woods, Mrs. L. Lovelace, Mr. J.S. Hall, Mr. S. Vincent, Miss J. Zimmerman, Miss Emma Woods, Mrs. Anton Schantin, Mrs. Oscar Wood, Miss Emma Woods, Mrs. F. Hamilton, Mrs. J. Ranes, Mrs. Schieffer, Mrs. Ledbury, Mrs. Geo. Zimmerman, Jessie Zimmerman, Mrs. Schieffer, Mrs. Ledbury, Mr. Ledbury, Mrs. P. Fisher, Mr. P. Fisher, Mrs. P. Fisher, Jr., Mrs. A. Schantin, Jennie Schantin, Annie Schantin, Mrs. Crane, Mrs. Multhauf, Margaret Multhauf, Mrs. Tegart, Mazie Tegart, Mamie Burns, Mr. Hamilton, Mrs. Hamilton, Laura Stevens, Ed Wikles, Tom Rowens, Mrs. L. Miler, Mr. J.A. Ross, Supt. R.F. Robinson, Miss R. Perkins, Mr. D. Abbot, Mr. J.S. Hall.

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