Where They Were Located:

When Dayville was first settled, school was held in the homes with mothers and fathers of the children serving as teachers. The first organized school was held three miles west of Dayville, withCaptain John W. Lewis as the teacher. Later school was held in a log house on Casey Officer's ranch.

Ellery Aldrich erected a one room frame building near the James Moore home. This was the first school built in this district and school was held during three months of the year. Following the Indian raids in 1868, there was controversy about the ownership of the school site. The controversy resulted in the school being closed.

The next school was built behind the Shell Service Station in Dayville. This was destroyed by fire in 1905. From then until the next school was built, (which was in the same place as before), the students went to school in the hall above the Knox store. Because there were too many pupils, part of them moved to the church until the new school was built.

The school was finally rebuilt, but burned again in 1922. While the present stone building was under construction on land donated by A.P. Snyder, classes were held again above the Knox store. A separate grade school and gymnasium were erected in 1949.

Graduating Classes & Teachers 1923-1974

1923 - Teacher: Lloyd Gilmore.
Students: Orland Cheldelin, Chester A. Cummings, Florence Donaldson.

1924 - Teachers: Lloyd Gilmore and Nola Cummings.
Students: Elsie Cummings, Lloyd Erikson, Vivian Martin.

1925 - Teachers: Lyla Short and Nola Cumings.
Students: Willia Erikson, Vera Campbell, Walter W. Wyllie.

1926 - Teachers: Paul W. Campbell and Mrs. L.W. James.
Students: Georgia Bales and Robert B. Officer.

1927 - Teachers: Paul W. Campbell and Ethel B. Myers.
Students: Edith Lofton and Edna Valade.

1928 - Teachers: George Fell and Mary H. Fell.
Students: Thelma Derr, Elsie Diehl, Eva Officer.

1929 - Teachers: Aage B. Anderson and Inga Anderson.
Students: Robert Diehl Owens, Freda Erikson, John Liveira, John MacDonald, Anna Martin, Ruth Ringsmeyer.

1930 - Teachers: Aage B. Anderson and Inga Anderson.
Students: Norman MacDonald, Floyd Officer, Thomas Thorburn.

1931 - Teachers: A.M. Zeverly and Winifred Kaiser.
Students: Violet Kuhn, Edna Officer, Richard L. Mascall, Gerald Munjar.

1932 - Teachers: A.M. Zeverly and Winifred Kaiser.
Students: Christina Cant, Frank Diehl Owens, Lloyd Humphreys, John Officer, Stanley Snyder, Lynard Wilkinson.

1933 - Teachers: A.M. Zeverly and Winifred Kaiser.
Students: Martha Stewart.

1934 - Teachers: John Jenkins.
Students: Victor Diehl Owens.

1935 - Teachers: John Jenkins.
Students: Martha Moore, Anna Lee Welsh.

1936 - Teachers: Cotton Gould and Evelyn Root.
Students: Hester Grindstaff, Virgil D. Kennedy, Margaret Liveira, Viola Mascall, Hattie Claire Snyder.

1937 - Teachers: G.A. Metzler and Evelyn Root.
Students: Wilma Amis, Velma Pullen, Allen Jones, Charles Moore, Bernice Noland, Dalton Stewart, Rachael Throop, Raymond Wyllie, Rosalee Wyllie.

1938 - Teachers: G.A. Metzler and Evelyn Root.
Students: Elmer Asher, Jr., Bill Humphreys, James Moore, Elmer Wyllie.

1939 - Teachers: L. Lee Williams and Virginia Shaw.
Students: Marion Owens, Keith Robinson, Don Moore.

1940 - Teachers: L. Lee Williams and Virginia Shaw.
Students: Bill Brock, Lorraine Miller, Wilber Murray, Keith MacArthur, Hollis Owens, Sylvia Robinson, Maxine Schrier, Ernestine Witham, Madge Wyllie.

1941 - Teachers: L. Lee Williams and Freda Jones.
Students: Betty Bales, Bill Foree, Forrest Starrett.

1942 - Teachers: L. Lee Williams, Mrs. Betty Davis, Mrs. Maude Truesdell.

Students: Zelma Asher, Johnnie Mae Asher, Homer Brock, Robert A. Humphreys, Frank Mascall, Leonard Mascall, Virginia Moulton, John Welsh.

1943 - Teachers: L. Lee Williams.
Students: Ruth George, Mary Lou George, Muriel MacArthur, Roderick Martin, Jessie Lee Moore, Marjory Thomas, Lois Watson, Thomas J. Welch, Wallis Ovey.

1944 - Teachers: L. Lee Williams and Francine Urban.
Students: Jewel Asher, Rob Roy Munro, Donna Streeter, Eldon Moore Williams.

1945 - Teachers: C.C. Robinson and Mrs. Josie Bach.
Students: Anna Marie Brock, Braddie Mae Laughlin, Zella Vee Moore, David McCarthy, Clifford Streeter, Dollina Stewart, Byron Thompson, Peggy Welsh.

1946 - Teachers: C.C. Robinson and Mrs. Josie Bach.
Students: Rodney Steen.

1947 - Teachers: Orman S. Weaver and Edith Weaver.
Students: Gale Valade, Thomas I. Throop, Bill Amis, Arrol Officer, Joy Flower.

1948 - Teachers: Paul S. Gustafson and Mrs. Jessie Duncan.
Students: Jack McCarthy, Janette George, Luella Best, Bud Wilson, Clifton MacKay.

1949 - Teachers: Marion Huff, Rowena Schroyer, Margaret Cresap.
Students: David Mason, Jim Adkins, Ferris Hill, Jackie Wright, Willis Steen, Millie Grindstaff, Peggy Jean Moore, Geraldine Younger.

1950 - Teachers: Marion Huff, Rowena Schroyer, Mildred Cunningham.
Students: Don Mason, Bill Mascall, Coleen Watkins, Marjory Mascall, Wineta Erikson, Joan Harris.

1951 - Teachers: Marion Huff, Rowena Schroyer, Mary Banks.
Students: Marda Montgomery, Doris Landers, Betty Ann Cant, Robert Walker, Dean Sopher, Dale Muscopf, Albert Adams.

1952 - Teachers: Marion Huff, Dave Hawk, Louis Gilham.
Students: Joy Starrett, Shirley Steen, Ruth Lemberger, Maxine Hinton, Thelma Garrison, Robert E. Walker, Dale Humphreys.

1953 - Teachers: Joey Acaiturri, Roy Brothers, Clarabel Swearington.
Students: Marcia Belshaw, Kay Cummings, Bruce Lemberger, Wade Nodine, Alfred Cotham.

1954 - Teachers: Joey Acaiturri, Roy Brothers, Mrs. Cunningham, Mrs. Nettles, Mrs. Ada Lofts.
Students: Bud Smith, Barbara Sopher, Jess Oster, Willis Laughlin, Allen Barry, Kearney George, Gary Wyllie, Boyd Keeton.

1955 - Teachers: Joey Acaiturri, Don Madsen, Mrs. Edna Helbert, Duane Cummings.
Students: Glee Craig, Jody Garrison, Gilbert Gregg, Lillamay Mascall.

1956 - Teachers: Don Madsen, Frank Bittle, Lynn Bittle, George Stovall, Miss Ann Boscher, May Cunningham.
Students: Leonard Oster, Loretta Franke, Robert Steen, JoAnne Belshaw, Lolita Craig, Beverly Stone, Siah Bartlett, Alan Johnson, Irene Pritchard, Donna Jo Wyllie, Shirley Larkin.

1957 - Teachers: Richard Logan, Sanford D. Owens, Ruth Wilde.
Students: Kathleen Cant, Dick Brown, Carol Ann Moulton, Diane Hilsendager, Lyle Nodine, Smokey Overton.

1958 - Teachers: Richard Logan, Sanford D. Owens, May Cunningham, William Muldoon.
Students: Kay Jenison, Deanna Lee Mascall, Leroy Peterson, Joe Bukowiec, Forrest Overton, Lee Goodman, J. Walter Wyllie.

1959 - Teachers: Richard Logan, Emil Perkins, John Bergan, Ruth Nash, Peg Logan, William Muldoon.
Students: Joe Barry, Don Franke, Gordon Franke.

1960 - Teachers: Warren Brenner, Robert Gaitens, Ruth Nash, Harriet Smith, Donald Fenn.
Students: Ilona Martin, Cherrill Wham, Sharon Wyllie, Caroline Larkin, Rosalyn Stevens, Merle White, Douglas Ferguson, James Schroeder.

1961 - Teachers: Edward J. Lesser, Helen Lesser, Robert Gaitens, Ruth Nash, Paul Kindsvater.
Students: Jeff Black, Darrell Davis, Mick Jenison, Sally Larkin, Larry Nodine, Patsy Overton, Jean Peterson, Mike Snyder.

1962 - Teachers: Edward Lesser, Helen Lesser, Bob Bement, Kenneth Hall, Paul Kindsvater.
Students: Charlotte Franke, Linda Summerfield, Alva Mascall, Dave Rond, Edward Jacoby, Kent Hettinga, David Berry.

1963 - Teachers: Gordon Ruff, Dwight Burtis, Dennis Lacy, Patricia Lacy, Paul Kindsvater.
Students: Roneta Martin, Erin Wilson, Pat Snyder, Mike Brown, Mike Oliver, Lemuel Jacoby, Dan Franke, David Franke.

1964 - Teachers: Gordon Ruff, Dwight Burtis, Dennis Lacy, Patricia Lacy, Paul Kindsvater.
Students: Cheryl MacArthur, Connie Hyder, Wilma Jacoby, John Larkin, John Martin, Carey Weatherford, Larry Wyllie.

1965 - Teachers: Gordon Ruff, Robert Bumford, William Durlan, Dennis Lacy, Patricia Lacy, Paul Kindsvater.
Students: Kerma Cant, LeVonn Decker, JoAnn Overton, Joseph Berry, Dennis Round.

1966 - Teachers: Edwin Ellis, Marie Ellis, Earl Loree, Patrick Romero, Paul Kindsvater.
Students: Stella Hills, Sallee Brown, Diane Martin, Peggy Melton, Dean Rogers, Robert Mascall, Dan Berry, John Michael, Robert Nash, Steve Berry, Kenneth Wall, Kelvin Decker.

1967 - Teachers: Wesley Jahn, Marilyn Jahn, Earl Loree, Patrick Romero, Paul Kindsvater.
Students: Charles Ballard, Chester Hettinga, Willy Martin, David Mott, Elizabeth Stevens, Karen Wyllie.

1968 - Teachers: James Wiley, Richard Schneider, Linda Frederick, Genevieve Hagaman, Maurice Thorne, Bensell Breon.
Students: Diana Crismon, James Crismon, Renae Decker, Peter Hettinga, Terry Jacoby, Ronald Larkin, Colin MacArthur, Linda Rogers, Norma Jean Stewart, Mary Streeter, Fred Youngren.

1969 - Teachers: Maurice Thorne, Richard Schneider, James Wiley, Bensell Breon, Genevieve Hagaman.
Students: Dee Asher, Nona Quilling.

1970 - Teachers: Alvin Giesbrecht, Irene Giesbrecht, Bensell Breon, Robert Larson, James Torry.
Students: Joseph Ballard, Dennis Berry, Fred Bond, James Cant, Dollina Franke, Vonda Hettinga, Douglas Johnson, Pat Taylor.

1971 - Teachers: Lawrence Wolfgram, Mary L. Wolfgram, Bensell Breon, Maxine Edwards.
Students: LaVonna Lee Snyder, Jack Allen Boren, James Stephen ---, Thomas Charl ---- ard, William Joh --- ry, Wesley L. M.----, Thomas Andrew Pierre, Terry Randall Rothell, Paul Evertt Youngren.

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