This list was published in "A History of Schuyler County", by Swanson and Ford and was published by The W.B. Rogers Printing Company, Trenton, Missouri. The book doesn't contain a publication date, but was apparently published about 1910 or 1911.

Please Note: Barb would like me to make mention, that though the names were put in alphabetical order, many were misplaced in the listing. Every effort was taken to type this text "exactly" the way it appeared.

Abbreviations are as follows:

Coatsville -- Coa.
Downing -- D. or Do.
Lancaster -- Lan.
Glenwood -- Gl.
Greentop -- Gr.
Queen City -- Q.C.
Wilmathsville -- Wil.

Abbott, Rube, Coa.
Abbott, Winnie, Coa.
Adams, Catherine, Gl.
Adams, G.A., Lan RFD 3
Adams, T.D., Do. R 3
Adams, T.B., Q.C.
Adams, Joe P., Q.C., RFD 3
Adams, R.P., Q.C., RFD 3
Adams, Albert, Gr.
Adams, E.P., Gr.
Adams, G.W., Q.C.
Adams, G.V., Q.C., RFD 3
Aeschliman, A.E., Do., R 1
Aeschliman, Frank, Lan., R 1
Aeschliman, Alphy, D., R 1
Aeschliman, Jonathan, Lan., R 1
Aeschliman, E., D., R 1
Aeschliman, Levi, Lan. R 1
Aeschliman, S. J., Lan.
Aeschliman, Joel, Lan.
Aeschliman, Emaline, Lan., R 1
Aldridge, Mrs. A.J., Q. C.
Aldridge, Wm., Wil., R 2
Aldridge, Geo., Wil., R 2
Aldridge, Elias, Wil.
Aldridge, Marian, Wil., R 2
Aldridge, Max., Q.C., R 3
Aldridge, John, Wil., R 2
Aldridge, Chas., Wil.
Alexander, A. M., Gr.
Alexander, J.E., Gl.
Alexander, B. W., Q.C.
Alexander, R.F., Lan.
Alexander, J. B., Gr.
Alexander, Frank, Do.
Alexander, W. W., Lan.
Allen, S., Do., R 3
Allen, J.W., Do., R 3
Allen, W.D., Wil, R 2
Almard, Nancy E., Gr.
Altheide, H.H., Do.
Allnut, T. R., Do.
Anders, J. W., Wil., R 1
Anders, John W., Q. C., R 1
Anders, John W., Gl.
Anders, Nancy, Do.
Anders, Geo., Q.C., R 1
Anders, Catherine, D.
Anderson, Jesse, Do., R 3
Anderson, J. D., Do., R 3
Anders, John, Do.
Andrews, Luther, Lan., R 1
Andrews, W. J., Lan. 1
Andrews, F. C., Lan., R 4
Andrews, W. T., Lan., R 1
Andrews, Sybel, Lan., R 1
Andrews, A. E., Lan., R 1
Andrews, Mrs. Martha, Lan.
Anthony, Miles, Coa., R 1
Applegate, H., Q.C.
Applegate, Arthur, Q.C.
Applegate, Harry, Q.C., R 2
Arni, Geo., Q.C., R 2
Arni, Bertha, Lan.
Arni, U., Lan.
Arni, Paul, Q.C.
Arni, Frank, Lan.
Arnold, T.S., Wil., R 2
Arnold, Chas., Wil., R 1
Arnold, D.N., Do., R 3
Ashford, Marillo, Do.
Ashmead, John W., Lan.
Ashmead, John W. Sr., Lan.
Ashmead, Noble, Coa.
Ashmead, John N. Jr., Coa.
Ashmead, Mrs. R.A., Do., R 3
Atkins, P. L., Coa.
Atkinson, G.D., Q.C., R 1
Atkinson, John W., Q.C.
Atterberry, J.K., Lan. R 1
Atwood, Wm. M., Lan., R 2
Aultman, Walter, Do.
Austin, L. F., Gl.
Ayer, Jas. R. Sr., Lan., R 5
Ayer, J.J., Lan.
Ayer, G. W., Lan.
Ayer, W. F., Lan., R 3
Ayer, W.H.H., Lan., R 3
Ayer, D. L., Lan., R 5
Ayer, J. W., Lan., R 5
Ayer, P. M., Lan., R 5
Ayer, A., Lan., R 5
Ayer, Jas. R. Jr., Lan., R 3
Ayer, Ben., Lan.
Ayer, Sam C., Lan., R 5
Ayer, A. J., Lan.
Ayer, C.E., Lan., R 3
Ayer, B. A. F., Lan., R 5

Bailey, C.M., Do.
Bailey, E.V., Lan.
Bailey, C.H., Gr.
Baker, Edmond, Gl.
Baker, J.L., Lan.
Baker, J.R., Q.C.
Baker, C.F., Q.C.
Ballinger, A.N. Jr., Do.
Ballinger, A.M., Q.C., R 2
Ballinger, M.F., Q.C., R 2
Ballinger, A.N., Q.C., R 2
Ballinger, Theodore, Q.C., R 2
Ballinger, Daniel, Q.C., R 2
Ball, Mathew, Do., R 1
Barbee, W.A., Do.
Barger, Philip, Lan.
Barrickman, Mary T., Do.
Barker, Frank, Q.C., R 1
Barker, Stephen E., Q.C., R 1
Barker, John R., Do.
Barker, Sylvester, Q.C., R 1
Barker, R. H. & Rebecca, Do.
Barker, Jim., Q.C., R 1
Barnes, E.F., Q.C.
Barnes, J.W., Lan., R 3
Barnes, Joel W., Q.C., R 2
Barnes, S.N., Q.C., R 2
Barnes, W.A., Q.C., R 2
Barnes, Mrs. M. J., Q.C.
Barnes, J.A., Q.C., R 1
Barnes, Minnie D., Q.C., R 1
Barnes, John, Coa.
Barnes, J.E., Q.C.
Barnes, Asa F., Q.C., R 2
Barnhart, W. S., Gr.
Barnett, J.F., Lan., R 4
Barr, D.C., Q.C., R 1
Barr, R.R., Coa.
Bass, Sophia, Gl.
Baskett, Mrs. R.K., Coa.
Banner, Joseph, Lan.
Baugh, C.M., Lan.
Baxter, W.L., Do.
Baxter, Minerva, Do.
Barb, C. L., Do.
Baldwin, J.D., Do., R 3
Beach, H.P., Gl.
Beach, L.L., D., R 3
Beard, Albert, Coa., R 1
Beard, T.E., Lan.
Beard, H.A., Coa.
Beck, C.R., Q.C., R 3
Beck, Geo.M., Q.C., R 3
Beck, V.J., Q.C.
Beck, L.A., Q.C., R 3
Beck, Mrs. N.S., Q.C.
Beeler, J.H., Lan.
Beeler, W.T., Gl.
Beeler, Plats, Lan., R 5
Beeler, Everett, Lan., R 5
Beeler, A.J., Gl.
Beeler, Martin, Gl.
Beeler, E.L., Do., R 1
Beeler, Geo., Lan.
Bellinger, E.T., Do.
Bellinger, J.F., Q.C.
Beeman, S.M., Gl.
Beerbower, H.G., Q.C., R 2
Beerbower, S.F., Q.C., R 2
Beerbower, W.R., Q.C., R 2
Beerbower, E.F., Q.C., R 2
Bennett, Roy, Do., R 1
Bennett, F.D., Do., R 4
Bennett, E., Do., R 1
Bennett, J.M., Do., R 1
Bennett, J.F., Do., R 1
Bennett, Mrs. Emma, Gr.
Bennett, O.H., Q.C.
Bennett, L.F., Q.C.
Benson, T.H., Do., R 3
Berbman, Robert, Q.C., R 1
Bergman, August, Q.C., R 3
Bergman, Albert, Q.C., R 1
Bergman, Louis, Q.C., R 1
Berry, W.B., Q.C.
Berry, P.C., Gl.
Berry, A.E., Gl.
Berry, J.E., Gl.
Bickle, T.W., Gl.
Biehl, J.E., Q.C., R 3
Biehl, J.J., Q.C.
Biggs, W.C., Q.C.
Biggs, Mrs. Ellen, Q.C.
Biles, F.H., Coa.
Billings, Minor, Gl.
Billings, F.M., Coa.
Billhymer, L.G., Lan.
Birney, J.W., Gl.
Birney, Lang A., Gl.
Birney, J.W., Gl.
Birney, Maud, Gl.
Birney, J., Gl.
Birney, C.A., Gl. R 1
Blask, Milo E., Q.C., R 2
Blane, Alfred, Do., R 3
Bland, W.B., Coa.
Bland, Jas., Q.C.
Bland, Mrs. Millie, Q.C.
Blankenship, C.B., Lan.
Blansett, B.F., Coa.
Blansett, W.T., Gl.
Blessing, P.H., Wil., R 2
Blessing, Mrs. Susie, Lan.
Blessing, F.M., Do., R 2
Blessing, J.D., Q.C., R 1
Blines, John W., Q.C.
Blodgett, E.C., Q.C.
Blodgett, Jas., Q.C.
Blodgett, G.N., Do.
Blodgett, Jacob A., Do., R 3
Blodgett, J.O., Do., R 3
Blodgett, N.N., Q.C.
Blodgett, F.J., Q.C.
Blurton, John, Q.C.
Blurton, Robert, Q.C.
Blything, Frank, Do.
Boatman, A.L., Do., R 1
Boatman, M.P., Do., R 1
Boatman, G.E., Q.C., R 3
Bodkins, Wm., Lan.
Bodkins, Reuben, Lan.
Bodkins, Geo., Lan.
Boyle, L.F., Coa.
Boggs, Joseph L., Q.C.
Boggs, G.C., Q.C.
Boggs, John A., Q.C.
Boggs, A.M., Q.C.
Boggs, Clarence, Q.C.
Balton, J.H., Q.C.
Bondurant, J.H., Q.C.
Bonnett, W.C., Lan., R 1
Bonnett, E., Lan., R 1
Bookout, G.A., Q.C., R 3
Bookout, J.W., Q.C., R 3
Boon, Eddie, Lan., R 3
Boon, C.F., Q.C., R 3
Botts, A.F., Do., R 1
Botts, B.N., Lan., R 2
Botts, J.F., Lan., R 2
Bounds, Glen., Lan.
Bourn, B.F., Gl.
Bourn, E.B., Gl.
Bourn, G.W., Gl.
Bowen, L.S., Q.C.
Bowen, Thos., Q.C.
Bowen, E., Q.C.
Bowen, L.D., Q.C.
Bowen, Levi, Q.C.
Bowers, David, Q.C., R 1
Bowling, Frank, Coa.
Bowling, H.J., Lan., R 2
Bradburn, Mark, Coa.
Bradley, C.W., Q.C., R 4
Bradley, Leo. I., Do.
Bradshaw, Mary A., Q.C., R 3
Bragg, G.N., Lan., R 5
Bragg, Thos. Jr., Lan., R 5
Bragg, T.G., Lan.
Bragg, Elbert, Lan.
Bragg, John, Lan.
Brake, D.J., Gl.
Branub, G.W., Gr.
Breniger, U.G., Q.C., R 1
Brenizer, Mrs. T.A., Q.C.
Brenizer, D.C., Q.C., R 3
Bremer, Henry, Do., R 1
Bremer, Emma R., Gr.
Bridges, J.B., Do.
Brightman, Mrs. J.D., Lan.
Bridges, Shadrach, Do.
Broadwell, H.F., Q.C., R 3
Brokaw, C.E., Q.C.
Brokaw, E.F., Q.C.
Brooks, Chas., Do.
Brook, J.H., Lan., R 1
Brower, J.M., Q.C.
Brower, D.S., Q.C.
Brower, N.M., Q.C.
Brower, Harrison, Q.C.
Brown, J. Ross, Gl.
Brown, J.A., Gl.
Brown, Ora, Gl.
Brown, Geo. W., Lan.
Brown, Jas., Lan., R 4
Brown, J.G., Q.C., R 1
Brown, W.C., Do., R 3
Brown, Lawson, Lan.
Brown, W.H., Gl.
Brown, R.E., Lan.
Bruner, A.L., Do.
Bruner, H.S., Do.
Bruner, Jared, Do.
Bruner, J.D., Lan., R 5
Bruner, Frank, Lan., R 5
Bryan, Buel, Gl.
Bryan, J.W., Lan., R 2
Bryan, J.T., Gl.
Buchanan, Good, Gr., R 4
Buchanan, J.S., Do., R 4
Buchanan, H.A., Gr., R 4
Buchanan, Bert E., Kirks.
Buford, H.C., Do., R 1
Buford, A., Do., R 1
Buford, Clarence C., Do., R 1
Buford, T.C., Lan.
Buford, Wm., Lan.
Bunnell, Clara E., Lan.
Bunnell, A.G., Lan., R 1
Burch, C.W., Lan.
Burch. W.R., Gr., R 4
Burch, O.E., Gr., R 4
Burdick, H.H., Gr.
Burgess, Mrs. M.J., Gr.
Burgess, G.I., Q.C.
Burgher, L.E., Coa.
Burgher, John, Coa.
Burgher, L.A., Coa.
Burgher, Lee, Coa.
Burgin, Isaac, Q.C.
Burgin, W.T., Q.C.
Burgin, J.C., Gl.
Burgin, Malena B., Gr.
Burkhart, A.A., Gr., R 1
Burkhart, Fred Sr., Gr., R 1
Burkhart, Chas. Jr., Q.C., R 3
Burkhart, Chas. Jr., Q.C., R 3
Burkland, H.C., Lan.
Burkland, R.L., Lan.
Burkland, Chas., Lan.
Burnett, Martha F., Do.
Burnett, C.W., Lan.
Burns, H.W., Lan., R 4
Burns, Henry, Lan., R 4
Burns, John, Lan., R 4
Burns, Mathew, Gl.
Burns, M.S., Lan., R 1
Burns, Harden, Lan., R 2
Burns, J.T., Lan.
Burris, G.W., Lan.
Burris, J.R., Lan.
Burris, J.P., Q.C.
Burris, J.P., Q.C.
Burton, J.P., Q.C.
Burton, Sylvester, Lan.
Byrd, Albert, Lan.
Bulton, J.A., Gl.
Butts, Noah., Lan.
Butts, Leonard, Lan., R 1
Byrn, Martha F., Wil., R 2
Byrn, J.R., Wil., R 2
Byrn, Chapin W., Wil., R 2
Byrn, D.A., Wil, R 2
Byrn, Geo. L., Wil., R 2
Byrn, Jo. R., Wil.

Caldwell, J.A., Do., R 3
Calhoun, W.S., Q.C., R 2
Calhoun, H.C., Q.C.
Camden, Benj., Gl.
Camden, Mary, Gl.
Camden, Geo., Gl.
Camden, Joseph, Gl.
Camden, Chas., Gl.
Camden, Thos., Gl.
Campbell, F.H., Q.C., R 3
Campbell, Matilda, Q.C., R 3
Campbell, O.E., Gr.
Carder, W.S., Gr., R 1
Carnahan, S.R., Gl., R 2
Carrall, P.L., Do.
Carrall, P.L., Do.
Carrall, Perry, Do., R 1
Carrall, Roxie, Do., R 1
Carpenter, V.M., Gl.
Carter, Mary A., Q.C.
Carter, Mrs. Elzira, Q.C., R 1
Carter, Green, Do., R 3
Case, Lee H., Gl.
Case, H.A., Coa.
Cass, A.L., Q.C.
Casper, W.L., Lan.
Casper, J.F., Q.C.
Cassady, Joseph, Q.C.
Cassady, Mrs. Adams, K.C.
Cassady, Levi, Q.C.
Cassady, Wm., Q.C.
Caswell, Ransom, Q.C.
Caswell, Baptist, Q.C.
Caswell, Phoebe, Q.C.
Casteel, J.N., Lan., R 1
Casteel, P.H., Lan., R 1
Casteel, W.J., Lan.
Candle, A.J., Q.C.
Cawood, John C., Lan.
Caywood, Mattie, Lan.
Chambers, D.P., Gl.
Chambers, Wm., Gl.
Chambers, F.M., Gl., R 2
Chastain, M., Do.
Chattin, Chas. V., Gl., R 2
Chattin, Wm., Gl.
Chattin, Henry, Gl.
Chattin, J.S., Gl.
Chattin, John, Gl.
Childs, L.W., Gl.
Chaulett, H., Do.
Chonister, L.C., Do.
Clapper, Mrs. W.G., Gl.
Clapper, G.E., Gr.
Clapper, J.S., Gr.
Clark, D. L., Q.C., R 2
Clark, A.S., Q.C., R 2
Clark, A.J., Q.C.
Clarkson, W.P., D., R 3
Clarkson, A.O., D., R 3
Clarkson, J.E., D., R 3
Clayton, Laura B., Gl.
Clayton, Addie, Gl.
Clayton, T.B., Gl.
Cleeton, Mary J., Lan.
Cleeton, T., Lan.
Cleeton, Moses, Lan., R 5
Cleeton, Carl E., Q.C., R 1
Coffey, W.E., Do.
Coffey, J.O., Q.C.
Coffey, Mathew, Do.
Coffey, Mary J., Q.C.
Coffey, W.A., Wil., R 2
Coffman, Ben., Coa.
Cole, Milo, Q.C.
Cole, Ray, Q.C., R 3
Colgrove, J.H., Gr.
Collier, W.E., Coa.
Collier, John, Coa.
Collier, E., Coa.
Collins, B.S., Q.C.
Collins, Pearl, Gr.
Collins, S.J., Do.
Collins, W.C., Do.
Collins, A.L., Do.
Comstock, C.C., Lan., R 5
Cook, W.B., Q.C.
Cook, Wm., Do., R 3
Cook, Ed, Do., R 3
Cook, Henry, Do., R 3
Coons, J.W., Gr.
Coons, W.A., Q.C.
Coons, E.S., Q.C.
Cooper, R.L., Lan., R 4
Cooper, Geo., Q.C., R 3
Cooper, J.W., Gr.
Coopers, Clint, Do.
Cashaw, John W., Lan., R 2
Couch, W.E., Do., R 3
Couch, J.H., Do.
Couch, T.G., Do., R 2
Counts, Isabelle, Q.C., R 2
Cowell, J.O., Q.C., R 3
Cowell, W.S., Do.
Cowell, W.H., Q.C.
Cowell, W.T., Do.
Cozad, J.M., Do., R 1
Cozad, C.F., Lan.
Crabtree, A., Do.
Craig, Jas. S., Lan., R 4
Craig, C.O., Lan., R 3
Craig, J.F., Lan., R 3
Craig, D.T., Lan., R 3
Craig, M.C., Lan., R 3
Craig, Mrs. Anne, Lan.
Craig, O.C., Lan., R 3
Craig, Jas. Jr., Lan., R 3
Crapson, O.M., Q.C.
Crapson, Tilia A., Q.C.
Crapson, J.H., Gl.
Crim, T.P., Lan.
Crim, J.C., Lan.
Crim, G.L., Gl.
Crim, W.E., Lan., R 2
Croskey, J.H., Gl.
Croson, C.F., Do., R 3
Crow, E.M., Gr.
Crowder, R.H., Q.C., R 1
Crump, Press, Gl, R 2
Crump, Geo. T., Lan.
Crump, T.C., Gl., R 2
Crump, W.L., Lan.
Crump, R.F., Gl., R 3
Current, E.J., Q.C.
Current, E.M., Gl.
Current, Wm. Sr., Gl.
Current, W.W., Q.C.
Current, Lewis G., Gl.
Curtis, J.W., Do., R 2

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