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Schuyler County Marriages, Book A

Page 94 ... James W. Edwards and Manda Locker 7 Dec. 1854

Page 108 ...Patrick Neil and Hannah Hicks 9 Dec. 1855

Page 119 ... Hamilton Neil and Nancy Parker 12 June 1856

Page 127 ...Isaac S. Cunningham and July Ann Watkins 7 Sept. 1856

Page 165 ...L.N.E. Pope and Lovely Josephine Neil 3 Feb. 1859

Page 183 ...Abraham J. Stout and Eliza Veach 25 Sept. 1859

Page 180 ...Wm. Kirkpatrick and Nancy Horn 9 Oct. 1859

William J.C. Mendenhall and Sarah Elizabeth Martin 31 Dec. 1884

William Martindale McCullough and Bessie Locker 24 Dec. 1905

John Carlisle McCullough and Mabel Lemmon 14 Sept. 1912

Samuel McCullough and Sarah Catherine Speer 15 June 1873

Oscar McCullough and Plissie Jane Miner 12 Jan. 1893

Earl Laverne Kingsbury and Ruth Wells 5 May 1928

Andrew Jackson Henderson and Ollie May Locker 6 Nov. 1896

Albert Lindsey and Ollie May Locker 11 Nov. 1903

Joseph Cleveland Locker and Ella Childs 4 May, 1907

Francis Marion Walter and Lula Ann Locker 22 Feb. 1908

Ambrose Carpenter and Livenia Custer January 29, 1846

Joseph Carter and Jane Linch January 24,1847

Richard Caywood and Susan N. Fulcher December 21, 1848

Elcaney Cierce and Eliza Taylor August 23,1846

Dillard Collins and Sydney Graves October 23,1849

William Colvin and Nancy Arnett January 23,1847

Jacob Compts and Juranda Tipton September 5,1850

James Conklin and Paralee Carter April 8, 1847

Lewis Conner and mary Jane Bradley April 2, 1850

Abraham Talmage Clark and Adaline A. London February 28, 1848

Daniel B. Cook and Elizabeth Jane Crosan July 20, 1848

James Cowdin and Eliza Jane Sipers November 11,1845

Bishop Cowgill and Ann E. Tharp October 10,1848

George Crump and Amelia Robinson August 26, 1845

Francis M. Dabney and Jarusha Dooley November 5, 1846

Henry M. Davis and Juliann Brower February 7,1847

James Davis and Elizabeth Lindsey August 8, 1847

John J. Davis and Susan Bradley June 7, 1849

Warren L. Davis and Nancy Jane Strickland December 26, 1849

William Davis and Emily Wells December 17,1846

Jesse Dooley and (Mrs.) Mary E. Fenton December 13, 1847

Isaac E. Doty and Nancy F. Doughty November 11, 1846

William H. Dunlap and Maryan E. Fish October 21, 1847

William Fague and Julyett London March 24, 1850

Isaac Farris and Mahala Bryan March 12,1848

James Finley and Lucinda Streeter December 26,1848

Elza B. Fletcher and Elizabeth Arterberry April 3, 1846

Peter Fogelsong and Mary Ann Mitchell November 6, 1845

James Fugate and Cleopatra P. Mills August 25, 1846

Lotson Gafford and Marianna Foster June 11, 1848

James Gates and Elizabeth Lovet March 8, 1847

Edward K. Gibbon and Amanda Jane Custer October 13, 1846

Andrew Glaspy and Mary Ann McIntire September 1, 1845

Horis Goldsberry and Caroline Burks August 27, 1849

Allen Griggs and Jane Newcome March 24, 1850

Jacob Grosclose and Elizabeth Jones July 22, 1847

George Groseclose and Odyssey Lloyd May 7, 1846

Peter Groseclose and Jane Woodson December 7, 1848

Thomas Gunn and Drucilla Biard December 20,1850

Schuyler County, MO. marriages 1845-1850
H through O

David Hall and Elizabeth Rice November 22, 1850

Francis P. Hall and Susey Bradley September 25, 1850

James Hall and Sarah M. Myers October 15, 1846

Squier Hendron and Martha Yates February 22, 1847

William Hendron and Unisa Pane August 8, 1847

John Hendron and Elizabeth Good November 27, 1848

James Henry and Ann Ross September 15, 1845

Urban E. Hicks and Eliza Jane Leedom May 15, 1850

Cyrus Hindman and Sarah Ann Barker January 30, 1848

William Horn and Margretta Cooksey February 3, 1848

Henry Howard and (Mrs.) Rachel Greenman January 24, 1848

William Hughes and Ann Elizabeth Robinson August 16, 1849

William Hulen and Emily Hulet March 29, 1849

William Hulet and Nancy Jane Lasley October 4, 1849

Harvy Jackson and Emily Seamster March 7, 1850

Isaiah Jackson and Malinda Reeves July 16, 1846

John M. Johnson and Lucinda Partin January 13, 1848

John Jones and Sintha Brian June 20, 1848

Henry Keeler and Elizabeth Catren October 15, 1850

Ira Kelly and Elizabeth Oglesby March 10, 1850

Thomas Kelly and Theodosia Wilson September 11, 1845

John Kerby and Elizabeth Henderson December 25,1850

Samuel Perry Kerby and Mary Frances Piercy February 18, 1848

Jackson Kimbrel and Mary Kiff May 6, 1849

William Lackey and Sarah Myers January 10, 1847

Elisha H. Lake and Phebe Ellen Petty October 23, 1845

G.W. Lake and Susan Brown July 4, 1849

Levi Lamphier and Rebecca Eldridge May 3, 1846

George W. Lane and Sarah Emily Melvin August 17, 1848

Daniel G. Leonard Martha Ann Loudon August 3, 1845

Conrad Lichliter and Delana Love June 23, 1849

Daniel Lile and Susan Emmerman September 6, 1846

William B. Loudon and Mary Slighton September 26, 1845

Samuel Love and Cyntha S. Randle March 11, 1850

Ferdinand D. Loyd and Sarah Lusk November 8, 1849

Henry Lyle and Angeline Parks February 6, 1846

William E. Malone and Mary Powell December 26, 1848

Peter Mathews and Amanda Fletcher June 25, 1848

Edward B. Mikel and Lucy Minton June 28, 1846

Christian Miller and Margaret Faris October 11, 1849

William Miller and Manda Noble January 25, 1848

Andrew Montgomery and Margaret M. Bond February 1, 1846

William Thomas Montgomery and Mary Ellen Noe June 15, 1849

James Morton and Eliza Ann Baker February 21, 1848

John J. Mullican and Ann Norman February 5, 1846

Thomas Myers and Silva S. Philips February 7, 1846

William Myers and Catherine Reeves October 2, 1845

William McCollum and Margaret J. Wells August 22, 1846

James Jackson McCoy and Pheba Gwynn January 2, 1850

Samuel H. McDonnel and Jane M. Bowles May 23, 1848

Benjamin P. McNulty and Letty Hendren December 24, 1845

Robert A. Nealy and Judith Jones May 18, 1848

Albert Norman and Verlinda McAtee September 2, 1845

George Olphra and Elizabeth Foster October 7, 1847

Adkinson Padgett and Elizabeth Tipton August 8,1850

James Madison Parton and Susan Trible July 1, 1849

Charles Powell and Elizabeth Lane May 1,1845

Henry Powel and Nancy Melvin December14, 1847

John Powel and Sarah Kiff August 23, 1848

John Reesman and Sousan Yoste April 16,1848

Manuel Richardson and Martha Ann Lovet February 4,1850

David Right and Hulda Bagby December 6, 1845

Gipson c. Rippey and Elizabeth Lake May 14,1846

Elijah P. Robertsand Emeline Doke February12, 1846

Robert W. Robinson and Mary Susannah Jameson March 16, 1848

Thomas Rolin and Missouri Blanset July 26,1846

Stephen D. Ruddle and (Mrs.) Winneyford Grogan April 26, 1846

George W. Saling and Mary E. Pearson September 26, 1850

Peter Saling and Martha Mayse August28, 1850

Samuel Sawyer and Sarah Ann Pearcy February 3,1847

James M. Schurlock and Matilda Cooksey August 24,1845

George C. Shell and Ruthy Ann Yates April 6,1847

John Scott Sheller and Sarah Margaret Custer April 8, 1846

John A. Slaven and Hannah Prime March 20,1850

William Slaven and Rebecca Rouls July 28,1847

Marshal Smiley and Sally Ann Pell June 25,1850

John A. Smith and Mary Woodson March 17,1848

Elexander W. Soward and Ellen Johnson December 31,1848

Thomas B. Speak and Sophia Newcum March 16, 1848

Rev. Alexander Spencer and Mary Elizabeth Sawyers August 16, 1849

Sylvester Streeter and Catherine Willliams June 3,1849

Robert Stull and Mary Ann Hulin January 21, 1847

Peter Sweezer and Mary Lee April 14, 1850

Joel E. Taylor and Indiana Edwards April 18, 1847

George W. Thompson and Sarah Blakesly February 15,1850

Alfred J. Toles and Mary Hite October 2, 1845

George Tompkins and Ruth Lackey March 11,1847

Robert W. Towles and Nancy Jane Petty January 15,1846

Edward Trabue and Sarah Francis McQuitty March 14, 1850

Fields Tramel and Rebecca Partin September 30, 1847

Robert Trimble and Clementine Packard July 19,1846

Richard Upchurch and Martha A. Maxey May 1, 1845

John Marien Vance and Hannah Jane Rhoads November 7, 1850

Daniel Varner and Mary Keasling March 10, 1846

Isaac Veach and Dinesa Gibbs May 1,1847

John Warner and Deborah Hickman August 23,1845

Joseph Webster and Margarett Waddle March 18, 1847

Newton Whitaker and Louisa Norman December 9,1845

John J. White and Catherine S. Dubois August 3,1847

John R. White and Malinda P. Jones July 5, 1845

Richard H. White and Malinda Fletcher June 12, 1849

Jeremiah Whitestin and Martha Hellen Nichols October 6, 1850

Benton Whorton and ? Powell July 28,1850

Anderson Willis, Jr. and (Mrs.) Elizabeth Batten September 20,1846

Henry Willis and Amanda Batton October 2, 1850

James Yates and Nancy Wade July 23, 1849

Submissions by Paul Grose

David Groseclose and Martha Protsman on February 25, 1858.
Book 1, page 149 (1845-1860).

David Jefferson Groseclose and Frances Spretsman on February 2, 1865.
Book 2A, page 40.

Submissions by Beverly Keller

John Lasley married Hyla Neal, no date

Stephen J. Neal married Amanda Carnahan on April 3, 1884

Submissions by Nancy Bartlett

Robert N. Bartlett married Malinda White on October 21, 1867 in Lancaster

Robert N. Bartlett married Margaret F. Leitch on January 21, 1883

I have the copy of the marriage entry for Robert and Malinda, but, at thistime, the information about
his second marriage to Margaret is based oninformation in the family bible.

Submission by Richard Ross

Thomas Ward Milton Comstock married Martha Frances Collins 25 Aug 1877
in Lancaster, Schuyler Co, Missouri.

Submission by Mary Ellen Lanigan Reisenauer

My late mother and father were married in Schuyler co. Missouri on May 05,1939. They were both from Ottumwa, Iowa which is not too far to go. Theyeloped at the dismay of my Grandmother Anna M. Phillips Lanigan. My mom wasonly 16 and my father was 20. When they returned to Ottumwa and told mygrandmother that they were married, she didn't believe them and wouldn't letthem sleep in the same bed!!

Submission by Nancy

Theopholus Ryals and Cornelia Small married June 10, 1870.

Submission by Linda Smith

Simon Peter Foglesong and Jane Connie Foster, January 9, 1851
marriage performed by her father, Isaac Foster.

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