Early Settlers

From History of Schuyler Co., Missouri
by Richard Caywood, Esq. 1878

The First 4th of July Celebration, 1845:

Isaac N. Eby delivered the oration, Dr. George W. Johnston read the Declaration of Independence, and William Blansett beat the drum.

In the Central and Southern part of Schuyler County:

Oliver Towels, Henry Davis, Austin Coffee, Price Arnold, Urial Sebree, Henry Weissel, Jacob Snobarge, Nicholas Sloop, Herman Feggee, Frederick Warner, John M. Fish, Edward K. Gibbon, John S. Shelle, Elias Fletcher, Isam B. Fletcher, Dennis M.T. Brassfield, John Lesley, A.D. Farris, Samuel Tipton, Josiah Hathaway, Wm. Az. Rhoden, Alcana Hensly, Wm. T. Loudon, Charles M. Loudon, Jesse Holt, Wm. Barlow, Spotswood Bradford, James M. Bryant, David Rice, Ezekial Rice, Henry Mull, Thomas Threlkeld, Thomas B. Dubois, Henry Davis, John Fugate, John Mikels, Elias Brower, John Brower, Moran Husley, James Wells, Benjamin Brown, John Johnson, Isaac Mitchell, William Baker, Leonard Griggs, John Mikel.

"The first settlement in this County was made in the year A.D., 1836. The first settlers, we believe, were: Samuel Eason, John Davis, a man by the name of Taylor, Martin Parton, Robert Bowler, Jefferson Fulcher, David Floyd."

In the Northern Part of Schuyler County:

James Custer, James H. Ford, A.H. Cowgill, Bright Gilstrap, James Hombs, George Hombs, William Athel, George Tobin, and Moulter Tobin, Thomas Butts, Hiram Reeves, George Bridwell, Morris James, Robert Maise, William Maise, Jesse Grey, Henry Piercy, Stephen G. Casler, James H. Ford, ___ Lamphier, Peter Blansett, Mancil Garrett.

In the Eastern Part of Schuyler County:

James Hall, Henry Buford, Nicholas Shobe, Edward Snider, William Ogg, William Webster, Henry Kuethe, George Kuethe, jr., Henry H. Kuethe, Henry Downing, George Lyle, George F. Palmer, A.T. Hite, A.D. Farris, John Lyle, John Hughlin, Henry Prime, Charles Cook, Thomas Butts, _____ Noman.

"The following is a list of the principal officers of the County since its organization:"
(please remember this was written in 1878)

REPRESENTATIVES: James Lusk, Edwin French, John W. Minor, Don C. Roberts, Thomas Roberts, John McGoldrick, Seth Hathaway, Andrew J. Baker, John Sharp, Jesse Carter.

COUNTY COURT: William L. Robinson, William Hendron, Alexander D. Faris, James Wells, Thomas Partor, John Jones, William Oglesby, Elisha Baldwin, George Naylor, Henry P. Buford, George T. Palmer, David A. Roberts, Samuel Nelson, Josiah A. Hathaway, Benjamin Thompkins.

June, A.D., 1849 and 50, the Justices of the Peace of the County composed the County Court as follows:

Thomas B. Dubois, John Fugate, William Barlow, William Hulen, George Nichols, William Casper, William Roland, Dennis M.T. Brassfield, Fountain T. Foster, Cantley W. Stewart, Joseph W. Buchanan, William Roland.

Changed to three Court System:

William Barlow, Caswell Dennis, Charles Hale, James Kerfoot, sole Judge, William Casper, sole Judge, Hanson Davis, David Baker, Daniel Roberts, Sovereign Tarr, William Newman, William Lindsey, James Dowis, Yelverton W. Payton. *The last three are the present incumbents.


Jonathan Riggs, Burrell Weatherford, Hobbs Conklin, Thomas Roberts, John Baker, A.K. Cowgill, Francis M. Wilcox, Jacob Miller, Armstrong G. Moore.


Isaac N. Eby, Burrell Weatherford, Iverson B. Alverson, Edwin French, William McAfee, John Baker, Ward Munsel.


Isaac N. Eby, Burrell Weatherford, Iverson B. Alverson, Jared O. Jewett, George W. Gatlin, Andrew J. Baker, Alexander M. Felton, Daniel T. Truit, Daniel D. Smith.


Addison Reese, Thomas Richardson, David Wagner, James Ellison, E. Victor Wilson, John W. Henry, Andrew J. Ellison.


A.R. Abernathy, James C. Lindley, J. Proctor Knott, John C. Anderson, John Foster, ______ Hilles, Jerome B. Gamble, Joseph Knott.


Thomas Roberts, William Cusper, Harrison Davis, Isaac R. Shelton, Thomas Walker, Enoch Crim.


George W. Johnson, John S. Sheller, Richard Caywood, Stephen Caywood, Jesse K. Beard, Ira Roberts, Joseph Casper, Thomas D. Brown, George P. Martin.


Robert S. Neely, William S. Thatcher, William Lindsey, John Gildard, Moses Baker, William B. Hays, Samuel A. Dysart.


E. French, James Bryant, William S. Thatcher.

(some may be repeated)

John Jones, James Wells, James Hargraves, William H. Harrison, Ross Asbel, John M. Fish, Edwin French, H. Martin Williams, Samuel Dysart, Capt. H.D.B. Cutler, Stephen T. Thompson, Col. Eby, David Rice, Jaheel Parks, Rev. Wills, George Nichols, John Sleightum, Joseiah Hathaway, Elijah Thatcher, David Buckner, Jesse K. Baird, Manuel Richardson, Alexander Walker.

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