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Bert J. Clark Camp No. 12 - McMinnville, Oregon
Meets First Wednesday - Armory

Baggott, J.P.
Baker, Henry M.
Beardsley, Leslie L.
Bates, Albert E.
Bierly, Titus P.
Bockes, Darwin C.
Boyes, Wesley
Bratcher, Chas.
Brixey, J.T.
Brown, E.L.
Buchanan, Fred H.
Burdon, Edward

Cahoon, Percy L.
Campbell, Roy G.
Chilton, Frank H.

Danford, Zenas

Garrett, Wm. J.
Glover, Thos. H.

Hagan, C.W.
Harris, Nelson O.
Hamblin, Geo.
Harford, F.L.
Hildreth, Claude
Hill, W.F.
Hoffman, W.G.

Isaaks, Chas.

Kirts, Ezra A.

Leedy, Ernest R.
Lewis, C.S.
Lucas, Will S.
Luhman, Carl H.
Lynch, Walter
McCutcheon, Chas. G.
Manning, Geo. W.
Martin, Harry
Meyst, Wm.

Nice, Chas. W.
Northway, J.E.

Oleson, Oscar

Parks, Chas. M.
Pfaff, Chas. V.

Rasmussen, R.W.
Romig, Maj. Edwin R.
Rose, Edwin R.

*At the end of this page is an unusual addition to the book.
It's been pasted at the margin and includes the following:

Schell, Wm. H.
Schoenthal, Daniel W.
Storehow, Oliver
Thomas, Arthur
Trent, Jas. S.
Williams, Linneas A.
Wood, Albert
Wright, Jasper

Honorary Members:

Cooper, Jacob Calvin and
Osborne, Rev. James

The above names were omitted, through error, from Bert J. Clark Camp No. 12, McMinnville, Oregon.
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