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Elias Hutchinson Camp No. 16 - Woodburn, Oregon
Meets First Monday - I.O.O.F. Hall

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Ainsworth, Clyde
Allen, E.J.

Barrett, Wm. H.
Bliss, Henry
Blosser, John H.

Callister, Asa
Calvin, V.G.
Chenowith, Wm.
Clark, Geo.

Emery, Cleon

Harrington, John H.
Hart, Jas. A.

Lortz, Alvern E.

McClure, O.O.
Moore, H.L.

Nelson, W.T.

Poorman, T.C.

Stevens, Willard
Stubbs, S.Y.

Uppendahl, Wm.
Wallace, James
Whitney, Chas.

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