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Farthest West Camp No. 20 - Newport, Oregon
Meets Third Friday Night Alternately at Newport and Toledo

Arthur, Chas B.

Biddle, E.F.
Bockman, Chas E.

Cheney, J.A.
Clark, Geo. S.
Coffin, J.E.
Cooper, W.I.

Decker, S.J.
Dennick, L.S.
Dye, Alex. B.
Duckworth, Wm. F.

Graves, E.W.
Grigsby, W.L.
Grochen, Jacob

Hammond, J.C.
Hanlon, Jas.
Harris, Chas.

Jones, C.S.

Krause, E.L.

Lawrence, F.C.
Lewis, Guy E.
Lord, H.C.

Martin, K.D.
Maxfield, Chas. J.
Mumford, H.M.

Newell, Herbert

Olson, Alfred
Olson, Chas. J.

Page, J.F.
Preston, W.N.

Rayburn, Harry
Remington, C.C.

Smith, L.C.
Stark, F.R.

Walrad, W.G.

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