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Central Oregon Camp No. 27 - Bend, Oregon
Meets Second Friday - Court House

Armstrong, G.S.
Baker, Jas. P.
Barnekoff, Albert G.
Coleman, Matthew E.
Coomes, Rudolph S.

Danforth, Wm. H.
Dehne, Wm. L.

Embree, John W.
Erickson, Geo. M.
Euston, Geo. F.
Ewing, Thos. C.

Fairman, Wm. N.
Feeley, Martin
Fox, S.T.

Haines, Chas. H.
Hall, Abe
Henry, Rutledge L.
Hodges, Ben R.

Johnson, Edward

Kasspohl, Otto F.

McFarland, E.L.
McNeal, Albert D.
Maxey, Wm. S.
Metke, Luther

Puett, Robt. A.

Reynolds, S.L.

Silferhieim, Thos.
Staff, Godfrey

Ullrick, Royal E.
Upton, Jay H.

Valley, Peter
Valpey, Chas. E.

Wagoner, Earnest
Worrell, Albert C.

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