Gervais Weekly Star
January 01, 1915
Gervais, Oregon

Misc. Articles of Local Interest

Death of Mrs. Nelson.

Died - At the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Elliot M. Savage, 872 North Commercial st. Wednesday, Dec. 30, 1914, at 5:40 in the morning. Mrs. Zella Savage Nelson, the beloved wife of Ernest L. Nelson. She was 27 years old.

Mr. and Mrs. Nelson came at Thanksgiving time from Seattle to make their home in Salem. She had been ill only three days, death having come from the injuries of a fall received a week ago. She was born in Marion Co. was a former Salem girl, having graduated from the Capital Business college. She was the wife of E.L. Nelson of Chicago, having married May 12, 1913. She was a member of Rebeka lodge No. 75 Gervais.

Wants, For Sale, Etc:

Wanted: Car oats, see G.J. Moisan.

For Sale: A good Taber Organ cheap. Inquite of Mrs. Mercer, Gervais, Oregon.

For Sale: Stock hogs from 70 to 125 pounds. W.H. Egan, Gervais Route 2 Phone 3F5.

For Sale: One good grade Jersey cow, freshened Dec. 29th. Louis Aral.

20 hard working men desire positions in the country at reasonable wages. Address Portland Commons, 195 Burnside St., Portland, Oregon.

For Sale: 38.95 acres, one and one-half miles northwest of Brooks. House, barn, good well, young orchard, one acre and a half of loganberries, three forth acres timber. $3200 buys this place if taken soon. Would sell feed in barn. Address, H.D. Mars, Gervais.

Fairfield Notes.

Miss Lulu Congdon is spending the holidays with her parents in Estacada.

John Hugill and wife spent Christmas at S.F. Parker's.

Ed Ditmars was a Salem visitor Saturday.

John Imlah and family spent Christmas day at Harrison Jones.

Mr. and Mrs. G.A. Miller and daughter are spending the week in this vicinity.

Mr. and Mrs. T.A. Ditmars made a business trip to Salem Saturday.

E.B. Smith spent Christmas in Portland and other points.

Miss Esther Berg is spending the week with Mrs. Ditmars since the family have moved to their new home in Washington where she will join them later.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. D.B. DuRette, Dec. 29th a seven and a half pound girl.

Gervais Local Happenings

Jos. Mangold spent Christmas with his parents.

Laurence Weiss spent Christmas with his father.

Lyle Stewart went to Portland to visit relatives.

Jas. Knight spent Christmas with friends in Portland.

Jos. and Frank Shible spent Christmas with their mother.

Mrs. Steve Helbock and Roland spent Tuesday in Portland.

Mrs. Mathias Kohn returned to her home after a months absence.

John Zoller of Portland was home a few days during the week.

H.D. Mars and wife and Leo spent Christmas with relatives in Portland.

Mrs. W.C. Snyder and daughter Agnes visited relatives this week in Portland.

Mrs. Jas. Clark and baby are visiting her parents Mr. and Mrs. Philip Evenden.

Mr. and Mrs. F.X. Moisan of Brooks spent Tuesday with their son G.J. Moisan.

Miss Eloise White visited her grandmother Mrs. E.J. Harding during the week.

Ross Cutsforth and wife returned Tuesday evening from a trip to Portland.

Adolph Schaffer spent Christmas with his parents Mr. and Mrs. Louis Shaffer.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Fred Manning Dec. 25th a girl. A fine Christmas present.

Vera Cutsforth gave a party Wednesday evening to a number of her school mates.

Mrs. Percy Ottoway and baby of Aurora are visiting her mother Mrs. Miller at St. Louis.

Mr. A. Schwab has been quite sick at his home just south of town for the past two weeks.

Mrs. G.J. Moisan, Mrs. Summer Stevens and Miss Kittie Smith were Salem visitors Thursday.

Mrs. A.M. Sauter and children of Portland, visited her sister Mrs. R.S. Marshall the last part of this week.

Mr. D.B. Wright lost his cane between Gervais and Wacondo Hill. Finder return to Star Office and receive reward.

Dr. and Mrs. Hickman ate Christmas turkey with Dr's parents in Oregon City. Mrs. Hickman returning Monday.

Miss Elsie Uterman of San Francisco, Cal. and Floyd Ramp of Brooks were married in Portland Saturday Dec. 26th.

Mrs. H.L. Koester feels proud over being presented with a fine electric reading lamp as a Christmas present from seven of her boarders.

Alois Schindler of Mt. Angel died at his home Dec. 26th and was buried Thursday. He was an old resident of this section and left many friends.

The annual Oregonian will be on sale as usual at the P.O. at Gervais Jan. 1st, I will wrap for mailing for any one who desires it. G.J. Moisan.

Ralph DuRette and Valerie Short of Fairfield secured a marriage license in Salem Tuesday and the wedding probably took place Wednesday night.

Mr. M.W. Mahony returned Christmas eve from an extended trip to Nebraska where he sold some property. Mr. Mahony says that business is quiet there as well as in Oregon, and that the weather was very cold, while he was there the thermometer registered 15 below zero.

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