Gervais Weekly Star

January 29, 1915
Gervais, Oregon

$3,000,000 Timber Land Deal Closed in Oregon

The largest sale of timber land made in the Pacific Northwest in several years has just been closed by the Deschutes Lumber company, with headquarters at Bend, Or., with the Shevlin Lumber interests of Minneapolis, Mn., aggregating 60,000 acres and involving a consideration, it is understood, of approximately $3,000,000. T.L. Shevlin is the principal factor in the deal for the Shevlin interest.

With the purchase of this tract, the Shevlin interest now own a body of yellow pine timber in Central Oregon of about 180,000 acres. They have been investing in Oregon timber lands for a number of years, and next to the Weyerhaeuser Timber co. they are the largest holders of yellow pine timber in the state.

The tract just taken over by the Shevlin adjoins their other holdings. The timber is said to be of exceptionally fine quality of yellow pine, and with easy grades and the absence of dense underbrush, the tract is ideal for logging operations. It is announced that the plans are being formulated to begin logging in the near furture.

Oregon Capitol Near Distruction

Salem, Oregon. - Oregon's historic Statehouse was endangered for a time Sunday by fire which started shortly before 5:00 o'clock p.m. following an explosion of oil in the central heating plant, just outside the basement of the Capitol. The entire interior of the heating plant was a mass of flames and the blaze leaped out the skylight and up along the side of the Statehouse. Quick work by state officials, state employees and the Salem fire dept., soon had the blaze under control.

It was feared that two filled oil tanks would explode, but this danger was eliminated by Joe Bernaradi, fireman, who rushed through the flames and shut the pipe which feeds oil to the burner of the heater.

Sportsmen Call to Arms

There is a strong movement by members of the members of the present legislature to abolish Game Protection Fund by taking the license money paid in by hunters and anglers and put it in the General Fund; also of doing away with present commission form of admistration [sic] and throw the whole matter into politics by having the governor appoint the fish and game wardens.

Both these measures were radically opposed by the combined sportsmen's organizations all over the state at the annual convention held last Dec.

If you want more birds in the field more fish in the streams, we ask you to write a personal letter of protest immediately to your representatives and senators in the legislature asking that they vote against these changes. Do it now.

Fishing and hunting in this state are attracting people from every part of the country. Maine values her fish and game resources at $20,000,000 a year. California at $10,000,000 a year. Neither of these states has a better opportunity than Oregon to become a sportsmans paradise. The Deschutes, the Rouge, the McKenzie and other streams are known througout the United States from an anglers standpoint. Hunting in eastern and southern Oregon are also renowned. The outside sportsman are people who have money to spend money to invest. They buy equipment and stores; they spend money at hotels and for transportation and they constitute the states most profitable class of tourist travel. And for our own people, there is no better form of recreation, physically mentally and morally.

H.B. Van Duzer,
Pres. Ore. Sportsmen's League.

Michael Nibler Dies

Michael Nibler, aged 87, a pioneer of the Pacific Northwest, and brother of Frank Nibler of this place, died at his home in Walla Walla, Washington, January 27th, 1915, of pneumonia. Born in Bavaria, Germany, he came to the United States when 28, and eight years later in 1867, crossed the plains with an ox team and settled near St. Paul, Or., moving to Walla Walla five years later.

He is survived by seven children, besides his brother Frank.

Gervais Local Happenings

Joe Mangold was a Portland visitor Sunday.

H.E. Nibler and wife were in Salem Wednesday.

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Looney are visiting old friends in Gervais.

Mrs. J.D. Smith visited her daughter in Portland Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Zeno Schwab of Aurora spent, Sunday with home folk.

McKinley Mitchell of Portland was in Gervais, Tuesday on business.

Mrs. Sam H. Brown was a visitor in Salem and the legislature Wednesday.

We call attention to the large advertisement of A. Nibler and son in this issue.

Lawrence Weiss is in charge of the S.P. section during Jas. Knight's absence.

James Knight, has been quite ill for the past week, but is gaining his health daily.

Mrs. Rose Krause and daughter Thelma of Mt. Angel are visiting her parents.

John W. L. Smith district Supervisor of Schools, visited the Gervais Schools, Wednesday.

Father Fransis of Park Place passed through Gervais and called on friends Wednesday.

Mrs. John Nazy who has been visiting friends here returned to her home in Oregon City, Thursday.

The recent long cold spell has done considerable damage by freezing to the late sown wheat and oats in this section.

A.A. Hannegan has rented a sixty acre hop yard near Albany and expects to leave next Thursday to take up the work. We wish him success.

Mrs. Kay mother of State Treasurer Kay and wife of Thos. Kay, Sr. deceased who founded the Brownsville and Salem Woolen Mills, died at her home in Salem, Monday morning, at 77 years.

Betts and Stephens Vaudeville show appeared in the Gervais Opera House last Sunday night. We don't know where they came from nor where they are going but we predict they will not get far.

Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Cutsforth entertained the Cutsforth family at dinner Sunday. Those present were: John Cutsforth and wife, Tressie and Vera, Frank Cutsforth and wife and little Zoe. Zeno Schwab and wife and the host and hostess.

Villa Tremewan Monday filed suit for divorce against John Tremewan. Alleging cruelty. She asks title to twenty-four acres of land near Champoeg, which she alleges she owned before her marriage, and also asks for the restoration of her maiden name of Hoefer. The couple were married in August, 1914, and have no children.

Members of the Pacific Mutual Telephone co. No. 2 met at the home of A. Lengren Tuesday evening and elected the following officers: Scott Jones Pres., Arthur Schwab, Sec., Eugene Manning, Treas., Mike Keppinger, Lineman. They made a levy of $1.50 per phone for expenses which was promply paid by the members.

F.A. Mangold returned Wednesday from a few weeks vacation trip much improved in health.

Mr. and Mrs. J.H. Ewing have sold their eight acre tract of land west of Gervais to a man from Portland for $3,000.00.

John Kahut and Lucy Wellman were married at Mt. Angel January 26, and will make their home on their farm south of town.

Adolph Boyer and son of Roseburg, who have been visiting in Canada stopped over on his return home with Eugene Malo and family.

Among the nominations for new postmasters announced from Washington, D.C., January 25th, were Marie T. Mangold, Gervais; D. Ebner, Mt. Angel.

Mr. and Mrs. W.C. Crawford, of Portland, are guests of Mrs. Crawford's parents, Mr. and Mrs. L. Armstrong, Mr. Crawford is employed by the Oregon Surety and Casualty Company.

Otto Schwab has closed out his business at Mt. Angel and Jos. V. Keppinger has purchased the large soda fountain and fixtures and will install the same in his confectionery store in Gervais.

A crew of about ten men will put to work Wednesday clearing brush and grating a new road from Hoyt to Commercial, near the south city limits. The work is being done by the county the owners of the adjacent property having given deed to the land to the county. The construction of the road will take about three weeks. Salem Statesman.

We are sorry to note that we again failed to get any news from our county correspondents. If they only realized how much their items were appreciated by other sections they would try a little harder to furnish the Star with some news. We realize that things are quiet everywhere, but we would be much pleased to have any news of interest from those on the routes and will gladly publish it.

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