1805 October 19 Lewis & Clark came down the Columbia river reaching the eastern edge of what is now Morrow County.
1811 Henry H. Fleming born in Ohio
1812 The first dwelling and trading post was built in the Willamette Valley by two clerks of the Hudson Bay Company.
1813 Mahala M. [later married William Neal] is born.
1815 April 3 or 4, William Neal was the second white child born in Indiana.
1819 William Neal born, Knox County, Tenn.
1830 June, John D. Laurence, born in California, arrived with his parents in Canyon City.
1831 November 15, Martin C. Lesley was born.
1834 First Methodist missionaries arrived in the Willamette Valley.
1837 March 18 William Neal married Emily Jane in Missouri.
1840 Methodist missionaries built a mission in Salem, called "Chemeketa".
1842 Willamette University, the oldest university in the West, was founded in Salem.
1843 May 2, "Oregon County" provisional government was formed at Champoeg. On the same day the "Wold Meeting" [sic] was held to decide whether the Oregon Territory should be governed by the United States or England.
1844 Martin Lesley crossed the plains.
1845 Mary C. Allen is born. She is the mother of Dulsie Sweek.
1846 Charles F. and Nathan I. Putnam made overland journey to the Pacific as cited in their letters.
1846 Sarah Jane Jenks is born.
1848 Isaac Vilott and Sarah Jane Minkler settlers on a donation land claim on the Willamette River.
1850 February 26, Newton Robertson was born.
1852 The following people arrived in Oregon by wagon train. Wm. Neal and wife Emily Jane; Henry Merrill, born 1833 at Indiana?; George Lambert at Linn County; Henry and Nancy Fleming.
1853 Martin Lesley married Clara C. Minkler. They have a son Jasper Newton and daughter Ida, [wife of H.R. Duniway], she died Nov. 22, 1882, age 23.
1854 August 20, Henry Fleming married Nancy.
1856 April 21, Napoleon Bonaparte Neal, born.
1858 James Officer and son, Eli rode their horses from Molalla and picked a site at a point near the junction of the South Fork and John Day Rivers. Four years later the family members drove their cattle and sheep from Molalla and built a log cabin.
1859 January 30, Willie B. Jenks is born.
1860 M.C. and Kisa Leslie listed in Yamhill County McMinnville Precinct, House no. 4583 Census records.
1860 Eva C. Rush, later Crabtree was born.
1862 The Homestead Act came in, railroads were given every other section of land along their right-of-way. The railroads sold it to the settlers for $200 a quarter section. This determined where towns and population centers would develop and also helped the railroads to thrive.
1862 June, gold was discovered at Canyon Creek. Military posts had to be established between there and Lakeview, Or. for protection from the Indians for those who came from California in search of gold. The Indians in the southern region were so hostile it was not safe to pass through.
1862 The first death in the county was a man who died on Pine Creek of consumption.
1862 July 16, first homesteads in Grant County were taken by B.C. Trowbridge and William Wilson.
1862 November 23, James K. Knox was killed by W. Bleven?. A graveyard was picked out and dedicated.
1863 County Judge was W. Lair Hill; County Clerk was Tom Bretnz, the second judge was C.H. [Joaquin] Miller with Tom Brentz, Clerk.
1863 George W. Hux is born.
1864 James Adams and Jeannette Hunter were the first persons wedded in the county.
1864 William W. Hinton came to Grant County.
1864 First marriage on record was Matlock M. Koonyz and Henritta Henvietz performed by Judge W. Lair Hill.
1864 George Hazeline of Canyon City and others established a pack train service operating between The Dalles and Canyon City, but the Indians stole their horses and the enterprise was abandoned.
1865 November 7, Finette, later wife of George Morton, is born.
1867 February 4, Susan Isabell ______ later married to Newton Robertson is born.
1868 William Neal and son Napoleon B. [age 9] drove the first wagon to the region. Settled near the Cupper place, took up government land and went to raising stock and farming.
1869 June, Bob Ogle and July 12, 1869 T.P. Jackson, settled Birch Creek [later Cupper Creek]. Neighbors to the Neals. In the early days the land was mostly grass, not sagebrush.
1869 Isaac Vilott arrived June 11, 1869, there were 5 men there before his arrival. In late September, Villot went back to The Dalles to bring his family to the new settlement. It is said he named Monument Mountain after a nearby rock formation resembling a rostrum or pulpit, however, the offical naming was done by Sarah [Vilott] Wilson, wife of the first postmaster Pryor Wilson.
1869 February 6, Emmett Cochran is born in Clackamas County near Oregon City to William and Sarah [Moody] Cochran, natives of Boone County, Missouri. They began their immigration west to Clackamas County, then when Emmett, was an infant on to California, returned to Missouri for a visit then settled at The Dalles, Oregon.
1869 Milas Roach located 7 miles west of Monument.
1870's? The first Dayville Post Office was on Henry Ringsmyer ranch. Jim Brack ... was the first postmaster, the second Capt. Lewis, the third Bert Snow in 1882.
1870's The stage from The Dalles to Canyon City passed through Dayville. It took three days and nights to make the trip. Antelope was the first stop from The Dalles; Mt. Home was the second; Canyon City was the third.
1870 Isaac Villot, age 40, farmer, born in Indiana, mother of foreign birth. Wife, Sarah J., step-daughter of Martin Lesley and 3 children. Wasco County, East of Deschutes River, House No. 36 census.
1870 M.C. and Clarissa Leslie listed in Clackamas Co., Pleasant Hill Precinct, House No. 1033 census.
1870 Pryor Wilson arrived in Monument.
1870 Fall, Emmett Cochran, age 1-2 yrs, came with his parents, William and Sarah, and settled on a homestead five miles west and below Monument. They lived there until 1896, however William Cochran died in 1873. This is the ranch bought by John Capon between 1894 and 1897. [According to the suit Emmett lived there until 1890.]
1871 Helen V. Vilott [Knappenberg], born to Isaac Vilott and Sarah Jane Minkler in a log cabin in Monument.
1871 April 22, Barney Minkler married Esther McHaley.
1872 John [b. 4/5/1826] and Mary Hamilton [b. 4/7/1828] first settlers in Indian Valley at Deer Creek. The town of Hamilton is named for them.
1872 Isaac Vilott died July 1872. "On the 4th of July, Mr. Violett, [Vilott] formerly of The Dalles, but latterly residing in the John Day country, was taken ill while going home from market and died in a couple of hours." Daily Oregonian. July 12, 1872. Microfilm #6198, 1872 July 1 to 31. Bancroft Library.
1872 December 12, Phoebe I. Hux is born.
1873 Daughter, Annette born to Wm. and Sarah Cochran.
1873 William Cochran dies.
1873 March 25, Andrew Kahler married Angeline Rudio.
1873 May 26, Holly Leathers is born.
1873 August 6, Pryor S. Wilson married the widow Sarah Vilott.
1873 September 01, Phoebe I. Hux dies.
1874 Monument Post Office established Oct. 27, 1874. Pryor Wilson was first post master, his wife Sarah [Vilott] Wilson, former wife of first settler, officially named it Monument.
1874 About 800 Chinese were in the John Day - Canyon City area doing placer mining.
1876 Martin C. Lesley married to Clara C. Minkler [b. 11/15/1831] came to Monument Mountain and settled on Heppner road taking up farming and stock raising.
1877 March 09, Debbie M. _________, later married to Holly Leathers is born.
1877 May 30, R.N. Gilliam married Izza J. Rudio.
1878 Jan., Henry Adams Cupper [b. 4/1/1845] and his wife, Cordelia Harriet Capon [b. 1846], with sons Harry Charles Adams [b. 7/13/1873]; Fredrick William [b. 9/26/1874]; Cordelia "Ethel" [b. 12/17/1875] left England for the United States.
1878 Feb. 02, a baby girl born to Henry A. and Cordelia Capon in Ashland, she dies at 3 weeks 3 days.
1878 Henry A. Cupper bought William Welch's rights June 26, [According to the suit papers: "Cupper bought only the improvements, there was no title. Cupper gave Welch $1,000 to get off the land and let Cupper file on it when surveyed."] The date William Welch arrived in the area is not known. He was an Englishman but whether he and Cupper knew each other in England is unknown. The Cuppers did deliver a load of freight to him on their journey from Ashland north.
1878 Supreme Court files: "June 28, 1878, H.A. Cupper bought of William Welch, all said Welch's right, title, and interest in and to said north half of the northeast quarter, and the northeast quarter of the northwest quarter of section 33, and the southwest quarter of the southwest quarter of section 28, township 8 south, range 27 east, together with the building and improvements situation there-on, said lands between then unsurveyed lands of the United States of America and part of the public domain." Later in the suit papers there is a statement which reads, "Cupper bought only the improvements, there was no title. Cupper gave Welch $1,000 to get off the land and let Cupper file on it when surveyed."
1878 H.A. Cupper "Soon after buying, lands were surveyed, declared his intention to become a citizen of the United States, filed a preemption declaratory statement therefore, and received a U.S. patent for said lands, and has at all times since June 26, 1878, been entitled to the possession of said lands." [suit papers]
1878 Mark Anderson was a neighbor of the Cuppers.
1878 June, Joe Combs, having escaped from the battle of Bannock Indians who had "broken out" and attacked near Dayville on Long Creek rode into Canyon City spreading the alarm. Phil Metschan, Sr. was in a barber's chair, face covered with lather and half-shaved. The barber grabbed his rifle and started for the door. Metschan cried out, "Finish shaving me!", but the barber kept going. So Metschan had to parade around for a week or two half-shaved. This is how he started the luxurious brown beard for which he was famous. A painting of a bearded hotel man hangs in the lobby of the Imperial Hotel in Portland. Many settlers left their homes for the summer months staying in Heppner, the Cuppers among them. They stayed in Heppner for six weeks then returned to the ranch. This was the last Indian scare in Morrow and Grant Counties.
1878 Henry Cupper assisted in building a fort in defense of Monument against the Indians, he was also captain of the night guards of Heppner.
1879 June 10, Felix Claude married Ida Sweek.
1879 George Morton is born
1880 Population of Oregon 174,768
1880 Joe Putman came to Monument area.
1880 M.C. Leslie and Clarissa Leslie listed in Wasco Co., Dalles City Precinct, House No. 129 census.
1880 Clyde Jackson born.
1881 July 31, Leo G. Neal born.
1882 Martin C. Lesley located his home 1 1/2 miles north of Monument.
1882 Anderson came in 1882, after Emmett Cochran left. He lived just below the Cuppers. The lease was in Shields name, who was father-in-law of Boyce.
1882 Wm. G. Crabtree and Jim Sweek were neighbors of Cuppers.
1882 Henry A. Murphy arrived at Fox Valley with $2.50 and an Indian pony. He worked on road construction from Fox Valley to John Day. [Ray McDuffee has him arriving in Monument in 1888, where he put up a building for a store, the first business in Monument.]
1882 June 07, Delman R. Neal born.
1882 August 02, Harrison Flower is born
1882 December 18, Percy Alfred born to Henry A. and Cordelia [Capon] Cupper at the ranch.
1883 H.A. Cupper became a naturalized citizen of the United States.
1883 Emil M. Scharff, born in province of Lorraine, France came to Monument via Illinois, Colorado, Winnemucca and John Day, with his flocks of sheep.

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