1884 D.I. Asbury purchased The Grant County News at Canyon City. Asbury did his own type setting and printed his paper on an old Washington hand press until land office patronage enabled him to buy a cylindrical press and employ help.
1884 Hotel and saloon signs began to appear on the streets of John Day. The stages between Canyon City and Baker are now making good time. The stages leave Canyon City at 6:00 A.M. and arrives in Baker next morning at 10:00 A.M. The roads are in splendid condition and when the weather is mild it is a very pleasant ride.
1884 July 19, Ora Belle Sweek is born.
1884 September 06, John Austin married August Hardy.
1885 August 30, James H. Cassaday married Addie White.
1886 Spring, William Cochran died at the Cochran homestead.
1886 July 04, J.H. Anderson married Edora Violett.
1887 May 26, Charles Casey married Annie E. Keeney.
1887 Thomas Hayward Sr. arrived at the North Fork from England at the suggestion of Henry Cupper for six months and sent for Clementine in England to come and be married. She telegraphed she would be in Arlington on a certain day. He arranged for someone to herd Cupper's sheep and borrowed a wagon to meet her. She brought all her housekeeping outfit with her. Thomas and she were married that evening. Two daughters Lily and Daisy, and a son Herbert were born to them. Thomas Jr. was born in 1899.
1887 August 15, Louisa ________, later married Morton Cupper is born.
1887 November 18, George L. Rudio married Mattie A. Stubblefield [sister to Murd and Otis Stubblefield].
1888 Georgia Rudio born.
1888 April 22, Henry A. Murphy married Malvina A. Balance
1888 Lyman Dewey Swick born to L.D. Swick.
1888 The state built a $10,000 bridge across the North Fork of John Day River to Monument. This was to ease wool shipping and crossing the river with stock to pastures and market. Prior to this time the original town was across the river from the present site. Crossing the river was accomplished by ferry, after the bridge the main business section was moved to the new site. Arley G. Boyce operated the first store in the new location.
1888 December 23, J.A. [W] Woolery married Helen Vilott.
1889 John Day was once known as "Tiger Town".
1889 Jim [James] Cochran came to Monument. Boyce built a flume across Cupper Creek.
1889 Emmett Cochran bought a ranch of 1000 acres, 10 miles west of Monument at the mouth of the north fork of the John Day river.
1889 December 06, Emmett Cochran marries Emma C. Allen, a native of Oregon and daughter of William G. and Catherine Allen, who lived near Monument.
1889-90 Became known as the "Hard Winter" cattle and horses on the range died because deep snow prevented them from feeding on grass. Jewett and McBean put forth every effort to keep the state line from being blockaded by snow. Getting the mail through was very difficult. Snow on the Baker Road on Dixie Mountain was six feet deep in the timber where the snow doesn't drift. Loss of stock in Grant County was less than in any other county east of the Cascades.
1890 Population of Oregon 317,704
1890 September 24, birth of Morton Cupper to H.A. and Cordelia Cupper at Heppner.
1890 Norah Alice Cupper age 9 dies of diphtheria and buried at Cupper ranch.
1890 July 26, Mary Millicent Capon [later Mrs. Raymond Wright] born to John & Georgianna Capon in England.
1890 Wave Crabtree later Flower then Jackson born at Long Creek to teachers Wm. Crabtree and Eva C. Rush Crabtree.
1890 Archie Crisman is born.
1890 Clearnace W. Amis is born.
1890 Oct. 10, Frank Rice married Stella Allen
1890 Dec. 18, Albert Ballance married Julia Dustin.
1891 Feb. 16, James W. Cochran marries M.C. Howard.
1891-94 Nettie Cochran lived on the Emmett Cochran place.
1891 November 21, James Cochran married Nettie Cochran, sister of Emmett Cochran, they live on the Cochran homestead.
1892 Emmett Cochran disposed of his cattle to take up sheep ranching at which he became very successful.
1892 Hartley's Saloon in Prairie City has raised a tent behind it, Lew Day's photo gallery will use it for two to three weeks.
1892 Idol City Post Office was established at the new Trout Creek mines; postmaster is Joe Morris. The location was changed to Wintermeir's in Silvies Valley.
1893 John Urban Capon family arrived from England in Feb. The family settled on the Casey Officer place near Dayville, about a mile south of Johnny Kirk Spring, later it was sold to Burnim Morris.
1893 Feb. 14, John L. Cochran marries Iva E. Conner.
1893 April 05, Ruth G. Burnside is born.
1893 Henry Charles Adams Cupper, age 19 yrs. dies. Buried on home ranch on Cupper Creek.
1893 Indians came every spring and camped at Cupper Creek to pick wool from the fences and dig camus roots. The ranchers would give them old sheep peltsin [sic] exchange for gloves.
1894-97 Sometime between these years J.U. Capon purchased the family homestead from Emmett Cochran. Georgianna Capon began raising turkeys for spending money. Twelve to fifteen were raised, "New York" dressed [plucked only], newspapers wrapped around their heads and shipped to Portland. In the butcher shop they were hung by their necks until sold when the buther would draw them.
1894 May 09, Jasper W. Cocran marries N.F. Howard.
1894 Boyce moved to Monument in Spring 1894
1894 March 17, Eva Ellen Capon born to John Urban Capon and Georgianna Garnham Capon at the "Franklin House" 3 1/2 miles west of Monument and about a half mile east of what was later the family ranch. this house is also referred to as the "Jenk's House" after Sarah Minkler Vilott Wilson Jenks, "the grand lady of Monument" who was wife of Vilott the first settler. She gave land for the town, school, the church, parsonage and cemetery.
1894-95 Jim Cochran married Nettie Cochran, the sister of Emmett Cochran. She was born on the Cochran place.
1894 December 01, L.D. Swick [b. 11/12/1863] married Anna M. Cochran.
1895 Feb. 22, James G. Sweek married Pearl Jackson.
1895 April 01, W.G. Keeney married Millie Sloan.
1895 Aug. 14, Wm. H. Paul [an Englishman] married K.I. Cochran.
1896 June, George Hayward died at age 52 on his homestead adjoining the Cupper ranch. George's wife never left England as their daughter was finishing her education in England, which was unavailable at the ranch. Buried in the Cottonwood Cemetery.
1896 Clara Boyce leased land from The Cochran daughter, Nettie, for one year on Jan. 14, 1896.
1896 June 23, Sylvester Hinton married Adda Bayless.
1896 Rosa Hux is born [wife to Clearance Amis?]
1897 Jan. 06, Edgar Hanna married Lena White.
1897 March 02, Nora [Capon]Page [Leonora] widowed sister of Cordelia [Capon] Cupper and John Capon and 4 children arrived from England in Portland, in Heppner at 5 A.M. March 4, stayed at halfway house at Parker's Mill on March 05. Arrived at Cupper's abt. 5 P.M., March 06.
1897 April 06, Joseph "Dempsey" Boyer is born.
1897 Nora Page buys the William "Billy" Paul relinquishment. The Pages had been well to do in England and had done little work prior to coming to Monument. Son Fred age 16, did most of the farm work with help from the Cuppers and Emmet Cochran. The girls were: Margaret age 14, May 12, and Ivy 6 years old.
1897 June 01, Nora Nellie Capon born to John U. and Georgiana Capon at the Capon ranch.
1897 July 22, Emil M. Scharff marries Celina Cohoe daughter of Daniel C. and Anna Cohoe residents near Monument. Three children were born to the Scharff's: Bertha D., Cedric C. and John.
1897 Minnie Irvin [b. 3/15/1880] [later Gamble] then 17 yrs. old, began teaching school at the Capon ranch. She had completed two years of high school at Heppner. Minnie was very shy and bashful and the big boys of the school used to grab her and try to kiss her which was most embarrassing.
1897 April 17, Clara Boyce purchased Cochran place from Mrs. Sarah Cochran. The land is 300 yards from the north fork of the John Day river at the mouth of Cupper Creek. "Has dwelling house, barn, smoke house, apple cellar, vegetable cellar, milk house, garden, orchard [200 apple trees, total 440 trees], 3 acres of grain.
1897 June 15, H.D. Akin married Dollie Spray.
1898 The first telephone in Grant Co. was installed in the office of the Grant County News. People used to come in and look at the mysterious box hanging on the wall. Before this the nearest phone was in Heppner.
1899 When the Cuppers, Capons and Pages took wool to Arlington, the trip took six weeks. There were no roads so they had to go up and down over the hills. The men brought back coffee, shoes [only one pair a year], sugar, a bolt of material and other staples.
1899 July 20, Pryor Wilson dies of diphtheria, the last burial in Cottonwood Cemetery.
1899 Oct., Homer V. Wilson [b. Nov. 1873] dies and buried at Cottonwood Cemetery.
1899 Oct. 17, Henry Overholt born 1861, was accidentally shot by someone coming to meet him. The fellow on horseback, raised his gun and said, "Well, here I am," the gun went off and killed Overholt. His was the first burial in the homesite of Pryor and Sarah Wilson, which they had donated for a new cemetery. The house had been moved along side the river.
1899 Thomas Hayward Jr. was born to Thomas and Clementine Hayward.
1900 Population of Oregon 413,536.
1900 Birch Creek became known as Cupper Creek.
1900 January 10, Frank L. Bradburn married Virginia M. White.
1900 March 29, James C. Lofton married Lulu M. Sweek.
1900 May 04, Mary Hamilton first settler of Hamilton dies.
1900 Sept. 10, W.W. Fleming [b. 1871] married Fay Sweek.
1900 Dec. 22, Frederick William Cupper married Laura M. Gardner daughter of T.K. Gardner of Tinpot, Oregon.

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