1900 Clara Boyce "has 20 acres, dwelling house, barn and orchard of 200 apple trees that have been bearing about 25 years, 150 peach trees, besides pears, plums, cherries, mulberries, grapes, alfalfa field, garden, wheat and a fence, all valued at $1,500." [suit papers]
1900 Cupper's land was valued at $7,000. There was income of $200 a year from fruit.
1900 Mark Anderson was a neighbor of Cuppers in 1900.
1900 Zella Putnam [daughter of Joe Putnam?] was 15 years old, lived with Boyces. [Mrs. Joe Putnam is daughter of Wm. Cochran].
1900 James Sweek is a neighbor of the Cupper's.
1900 George Hayward is a neighbor who lives below the Cupper Place, he is brother of Tom Hayward who lives above the Cupper Place.
1901 First high schools established in Oregon.
1901 January 01, in Heppner Fred W. Cupper marries Laura Gardner, formerly of Tinpot, the teacher at Cupper Creek school, prviously she had taught near Hardman and at Scottsburgh on the Umpqua River.
1901 May, William G. Allen, father of Emma Cochran dies her mother, Catherine Allen still resides in Monument.
1901 June 10, W.E. White married Annette Cochran.
1901 June 18, James C. Cochran dies at age 32.
1901 Dec. 24, son born to J.H. Anderson and Eudora V.
1901 December 29, Anderson baby dies.
1902 Jan. 01, Alice Capon marries George McDuffee, formerly of Ritter, Or, in Snohomish, Washington.
1903 March 04, Harry Harold Capon born at Capon Ranch.
1903 Chance Wilson, grandson of Clara Minkler Lesley and son of Sarah Wilson lived at the mountain place near Monument.
1903 June 14, Heppner flood. Margaret Page Elder was living in Heppner when the flood struck. She and her baby were resued from a porch by her husband James Elder. Moments later the house was swept away. She lost all heirlooms her mother had brought from England. Later the Elders returned to Monument where Jim died.
1903 August 02, Sarah M. Cochran, wife of William Cochran dies and buried in Monument Cemetery.
1903 Ida Agnes Capon, daughter of John Capon, marries George Bleakman Jr. of Hardman.
1904 May 17, Mahala M. Neal, wife of Wm. Neal dies.
1906 March 24, Martin C. Lesley dies.
1908 April 03, William E. White married Lillie E. Browning.
1908 May 04, Elmer A. Shields married Georgia Rudio [b. 1888].
1908 July 17, William Neal early settler of Monument dies.
1908 November 07, Joseph H. Lawrence married Daisy Hayward, daughter of Thomas and Clementine Hayward.
1909 Williams Family moved to Monument [from Fox Valley?].
1909 The postmaster was Peter Caris.
1909 Mrs. Charlie Backier sister of Murd Stubblefield ran the hotel which was across the street from the present Elkhorn Pastime.
1909 Dec. 03, John H. Hamilton first settler of Hamilton dies.
1910 Feb. 02, there was a moving picture show at the school house. It was the first moving piture for many people of the area.
1910 Feb. 05, Mrs. Hunsaker married Wesley Gamble, age 26, who had worked for Emmett Cochran.
1910's Wave Jackson, wife of Clyde Jackson had the first water tower in Monument.
1910 Morton Cupper marries Lizzie Laurence daughter of a Portugese farmer who used to peddle vegetables and fruit to settlers about Long Creek and Hardman.
1911 July 05, Beulah Day Cupper born to Fred W. and Laura M. Cupper.
1912 Feb. 02, Beulah Day Cupper daughter of F.W. and L.M. Cupper dies.
1912 Mary Millicent Capon marries Clyde Wright of Heppner.
1912 June 02, Eva Ella Capon marries Raymond Wright, brother of Clyde Wright, sons of Anson Wright.
1916 March 11, Ruth G. Burnside dies.
1916 May 12, Joseph Putman husband to Wm. Cochran's daughter dies.
1916 Aug. 07, Thomas Hayward, Jr. dies.
1917 William G. Crabtree, born 1858, a teacher in Monument area dies.
1917 The town of Sumpter burned to the ground.
1917 There was a rabies rage in the area then the Spanish Flu epidemic.
1918 Henry and Cordelia Cupper retire from the Monument Ranch and move to Salem.
1918 May 30, Nora Capon Page dies.
1918 Dec. 03, Harrison Flower husband of Wave Flower dies.
1919 There was an outbreak of Scarlet Fever in John Day.
1919 John Day High School Graduates three: Josephine G. Landrum, Virginia Rinehart, and Edith Sliffe.
1919 Population of Ritter, located on the Middle Fork of the John Day River, is twenty.
1920 April 16, Finette Morton dies.
1921 Georgia Rudio Shields dies buried at Monument.
1921 November 18, Nona Mary Boyer is born to Dempsey and Nora Capon Boyer at Mrs. Aikens house.
1921 Dec. 01, Mary Jackson born to Wave Crabtree and Clyde Jackson on the Crabtree place on Cupper Creek.
1922 June, Monument had a major fire which started on a garage roof there was no water system in town and the fire destroyed several buildings.
1922 Oct. 01, Henry and Cordelia Cupper married 50 years.
1923 January, Henry Adams Cupper dies.
1923 Eva C. rush Crabtree, born 1860, wife to Wm. Crabtree dies. She was a teacher in Long Creek.
1923 Sept. 01, Willie B. Jenks dies.
1924 The High School, still in use today, was built. The first high school was held in an old hall near the present [1959] George Stirritt home. Classes were also held in another building until the new school was built.
1924 James L. Elder dies, buried in Monument.
1924 Lyman Dewey Swick son of L.D. Swick dies.
1925 Napoleon Bonaparte Neal, son of Wm. Neal second settlers of Monument dies.
1926 November, Dempsey and Nora Boyer sold the ranch and moved to the "Cupper place."
1927 November, Dempsey and Nora Boyer family move to Monument into the "Jefferson House". The Emrys were neighbors across the street and Gladys Emry became a lifetime friend of Nona Boyer.

Mrs. Emry was already confined to a wheelchair with arthritis by this time and Mr. Emry walked with crutches due to a broken neck when a tree fell on him, he was unable to bend his knees.

Minnie Gable worked at the Boyers home.

Mr. And Mrs. William Gollyhorn owned the store, which was in the living room of their home on Main Street, directly across the street from the home of Mrs. Sarah Vilott Wilson Jenks. The post office was in the same block as Mrs. Jenks' house. The post office was run by Vilott and Cliff Merrill.


Mr. Gabler had the garage and their house was next to the Gollyhorn's store. George Burk had a blacksmith shop in the back of Gabler's garage, he was the brother of Mrs. Gollyhorn.

Rex Sweek worked as bartender in the pasttime. He was Doris, Mrs. George Capon's father.
1927 The Eastern Oregon Trading Company had started grocery stores in Mt. Vernon and Dayville and wanted to start one in Monument. Dempsey Boyer was asked to run it. He refused at first because he was friends of the Gollyhorns, but upon being told the store would go in with someone else running it, Dempsey took the propsition and opened the store in the living room of the "Jefferson" house. Soon after the Gollyhorn store burned to the ground.
1927 John U. Capon dies from effects of stroke is buried at Monument.
1928 November, about a year later the Eastern Oregon Trading Company went broke. Walter Boyer, a younger half brother of Dempsey's loaned him $100 to buy the stock in the store.
1929 January 09, Lyman D. Swick dies.
1929 Rho Bleakman, son of George and Ida [Capon} Bleakman married Lois Musgrave. Rho worked for Clyde Wright for a short time before they moved to Monument. Rho has a mail route from Kimberly to Long Creek until 1934.
1930 March 30, Sarah Jane Minkler-Villot-Wilson-Jenks, the grand lady of Monument dies.
1930 Urba Denfeld, granddaughter of Sarah Villot Wilson Jenks deeded the block of land which her grandmother had donated for town square in 1899. The school, the church and the parsonage set on this land.
1930's Dempsey Boyer turned the empty city block that was in front of his store into a ball field. Demsey rigged up a drag from poles and would drag the lot in the spring after the mud began to dry up which would level it and remove weeds.
1930 Sept. 14, Betty Jean Bleakman is born to Rho and Lois Bleakman. They subsequently have three more girls: Beth Rhoene, Laura Lee and Lois LaVonne.

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