1934 Rho Bleakman begins work on the Hayward Ranch, they later bought this ranch.
1935 Mary C. Allen, mother of Dulsie Sweek dies.
1936 Beth Rhoene Bleakman, born to Rho and Lois Bleakman.
1936 March 09, Holly Leathers dies.
1937 August 08, Newton Robertson dies.
1938 Dempsey Boyer decided to plant trees on all four sides of the "ball diamond". He used his son's little red wagon to haul two cream cans full of water at a time to water the trees.
1938 Nona Boyer, then a high school senior, received a $600 scholarship to Albany College in Portland, later to become Lewis & Clark College. She left Monument to room and board in Portland with George and Alice Capon McDuffee, sister of her mother.
1938 Nov. 14, Cordelia Harriot Capon Cupper dies at 90 yrs. in Salem.
1938 Clementine, wife of Thomas Hayward an early settler dies.
1939 Rosa Hux dies. [sic dates out of order]
1938 Mr. Gabler, owner of the garage was killed when an aceyline tank blew up as he was welding on it.
1940 Rho and Lois Bleakman sell the Hayward Ranch and buy a ranch on Monument Mountain known as the Rue Ranch.
1941 Oct. 19, Leo G. Neal dies.
1943 April 07, Laura Lee Bleakman born to Rho and Lois Bleakman.
1944 April 22, Oscar Schafer husband to Ethel Cupper Schafer dies.
1944 Emmett Cochran, son of early settler dies and buried in Monument Cemetery.
1945 March 11, Lois LaVonne Bleakman is born to Rho and Lois Bleakman.
1945 George W. Hux dies.
1946 Dempsey Boyer brought electricity to Monument. The electric plant cost $5,000. Electrification was a massive amount of work since poles had to be raised and all the houses wired. In the beginning only the houses in town wanted electricity but then the school wanted to be hooked up which took another $5,000 dollar plant.
1947 Annette Cochran White, daughter of early settlers Wm. and Sarah Cochran dies.
1949 W.W. Fleming dies.
1950 May 01, Ethel Cupper Schafter dies.
1950 Dec. 25, Alice Kate Capon McDuffee dies in Portland and buried in Heppner, Oregon.
1952 July 19, Nora Nellie Capon Boyer dies in Portland and buried in Monument.
1952 Clyde Jackson dies.
1953 July 05, J. DempseyBoyer dies and buried in Monument. After Dempsey Boyer's death in 1953 the city council was instrumental in getting a $1,000 grant from the federal government to put in a lawn, build a tennis/basketball court and build fireplaces in two corners. Since then the forestry department in Monument has maintained the park, including the lawn watering. The park is named the J. Demsey Boyer Park.
1953 George Morton dies.
1956 Feb. 20, Susan Isabell Morton dies.
1957 Jan. 21, Harry Capon dies of gunshot at the Capon Ranch.
1957 Feb. 05, Margaret N. Page Elder dies buried in Monument.
1958 Georgianna Capon dies in Bend buried in Monument.
1959 Delman R. Neal dies.
1959 Archie Crisman dies.
1960 Fred Page dies and buried in Monument.
1963 April 23, Debbie M. Leathers dies.
1964 Ida Capon Bleakman Slocum, dies and buried in Heppner.
1965 Rho and Lois Bleakman sell the Rue Ranch on Monument Mountain to Lois's brother Stanley Musgrave and move to John Day and then to Canyon City.
196? Rho Bleakman serves 6 terms as County Commissioner for Grant County.
1967 Ora Belle [Sweek] Neal dies.
1967 May 23, Helen Vilott Knappenberg, dies in Portland, inurned at Highview Cemetery, Ione. She is survived by three daughters, Mrs. Audrey W. Dye, Seattle, Mrs. Velmaleta Dore, Hennepin, Ill., and Mrs. Josephine W. Conway, Portland; sister Mrs. Lottie Farnsworth, The Dalles; granddaughter, Mrs. Margaret Priebe, Seattle, and two great grandchildren.
1969 May 15, Louisa Cupper wife of Morton Cupper dies.
1971 Chloe M. Page, wife of Fred, dies and buried in Monument.
1971 June 07, Minnie [Irvin] M. Gamble dies.
1972 Jan., Rho Bleakman retires as county judge after a six yr. term.
1972 April 14, Morton Cupper dies.
1973 Aug. 08, George Garnham Capon dies, buried in Monument.
1976 Oct. 14, Eva Ellen Capon Wright dies in Heppner.
1978 Mary Capon Wright dies and buried in Heppner.
1980 Wave Flower Jackson dies and buried in Heppner.
1982 Oct. 28, Darlene Moore Boyer, wife of Bub Boyer dies and is buried in Monument.
1991 July 28, John Stanley "Bub" Boyer dies and buried in Monument.

EARLY SETTLERS OF THE MONUMENT AREA: Some of this information comes from Supreme Court files in Salem, Oregon regarding Clara A. Boyce, Plaintiff & Appelllant vs. H.A. Cupper, Defendant & Water Right Supreme Court, May Term, 1900, Pendleton - Appeal from Grant County.

Some information was taken from an outline of the Monument area history by Loiselle Dahill and Wayne Leathers.

Nona Boyer Copeland contributed much of the Capon, Cupper, Page family histories and that of Monument.

Information of Vilott was taken from a Reference of 23, June 1979 by Mrs. Josephine Woolery Conway.

Early Grant Co. Marriages, by Jeanne Secord, Oregon State Library 929.3 c.l.

Other information came from ACROSS WIDE SEAS 7 LANDS to a New Life on the North Fork of the John Day River, by Ray and Nell McDuffee.

Letters and other pieces of information gathered by Ray and Nell McDuffee, Nona Boyer Heiley Copeland.

The History of Morrow County Oregon, Published by the Morrow County Historical Society, 1983.

Monument Presbyterian Church, Memories of 80 Years, 1903-1983.

This information was compiled by Judy Mason, daughter of Alva McDuffee, Mason, Shouten who is the daughter of George and Alice [Capon] McDuffee. Alice Capon was the eldest daughter of John Urban Capon and his first wife Phoebe Page. Judy's current address: 1813 Borrego, West Covina, CA 91791 [626] 919-2611.

I would appreciate any corrections or additions such as birth dates, marriages, subsequent children, death dates or anecdotal information regarding any of the pioneers and their families.

1998 Roxann Gess Smith
All Rights Reserved

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