Umatilla County, Oregon 1922

A herd of grass-fattened cattle on the Camas Prairie range ready for market.


What is the attraction? partly financial, partly sentimental. Here is comfort as compared with East­ern conditions, exemption from severe cold, from long rainstorms, from great atmospheric disturbances. The soft "chinook" winds breathe over the hills in mid-winter and 1winter is such only in name. Here is opportunity.

Then here is the attraction of room. We are not crowded. The spaces about us are large. Over these rolling hills there is "a thousand times more sky than spreads o'er any town," and we have a sense of fellowship with big things, with great areas; a sense of breadth and bounty in the plan of things about us, caught from this great rolling plain of the Columbia, checkered as far as the eye can see, with great farms, and never missing the ancient promise: "Seed time and harvest shall not fail." All this gives a charm to life that is tangible, yet not easily definable.

Into great abiding natural conditions is coming the irrigating canal, and the prosperity which that means, many will share. Will you? It is not easy to pull a family up by the roots and plant it anew, but it must often be done. It can be done here with little sense of loss, of disturbed relations, and with little privation.

We have put conditions before you honestly, without exaggeration and as we see them, and they remind us, in view of the changes just at hand, in view of the growth of irrigated districts, the advent of the orchard, the dairy and the truck farm-of Shakespeare's saying: "There is a tide in the affairs of men which, taken at its turn, leads on to fortune." Will you be in at the turn of the tide?


The Umatilla County Commercial Club Federation earnestly invites cor­respondence by homeseekers or companies desiring locati7on in Umatilla County and the Secretary of this organization will take pleasure in supply­ing the needed information or will refer tbe inquiry to such other organiza­tion in the county as will be in a position to furnish the same. It may seem unnecessary to state, but information so given will be absolutely reliable and uncolored.

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