Umatilla County, Oregon 1922

BUTTER CREEK, a raging torrent in the early spring, coming from the Blue Mountains in the south, empties into the Umatilla, south of Hermiston and west of Echo. For twenty miles along its borders is a strip of land of 6,000 acres, without an equal among flood water irrigation projects for high production of alfalfa. "I have cut good crops, seven or eight tons per acre, where it was irrigated only during February and March," and "during fifteen years my average was in excess of six tons per acre" are expressions of old residents on the "Creek."

For many miles either side is raw land which will some day be brought under irrigation, but which for the present increases the desirability of Butter Creek farms for wintering livestock.

Weston Mountain's Certified Gems, grown under
ideal conditions, are in great demand


In the southern part of the Walla Walla valley, which lies in the northern part of Umatilla County is not only the most intensively cultivated and biggest fruit and vegetable producing section in Eastern Oregon, but also an exceptionally fine diversified farming district. Along the Walla Walla River and in the Hudson Bay district around Umapine about 9,000 acres are used for general irrigated farming. In addition to alfalfa, corn, grain and root crops are grown in rotation. The dairy farms near Umapine produce cream for the successful Hudson Bay Co-operative Creamery. The increasing numbers of purebred beef and dairy cattle and bogs and the decreasing acreage of alfalfa and tonnage sold in the bale indicated the general trend in the community toward more livestock and crop rotation, which means a permanent system of farming.

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