Umatilla County, Oregon 1922


Two hundred miles east of Portland on the O-W. & N. Company's railroad is situated the town of Stanfield and the adjacent irrigated lands known as the Furnish Project. The town of Stanfield was founded in 1909 by Dr. Henry Waldo Coe as the market place for the prod­ucts raised on the 10,000-acre project which bears his name. Stanfield derives its name from the Hon. Robert N. Stanfield, U. S. Senator from Oregon, who was the owner of the land upon which the town is built.

It is the youngest town in Umatilla County, and its spirit is progressive and aggressive, a couple of attributes which have been causes of its rapid growth. These same attributes are factors which are causing Stanfield to take a prominent part in the activities of the vest end of the county.

Civic conditions can nearly always be depended on to gauge correctly the real work of any community, and, measured by this rule, Stanfield has nothing to fear. Good schools for the education of its boys and girls, places of worship for young and old alike of either Protestant or, Catholic beliefs, surroundings that are healthful and pleasing-these and many other factors place the town in the category of those places which are forging to the front.

The growth of its school system has been one of the most interesting facts about Stanfield. Originally it had the usual village school, and before the town was six months old, an eigbt-room building had to be provided. Recently a splendid new high school building has been completed, and this equipment provides the material means of one of the finest school plants in the state.

The water supply for the town is pure and sufficient for the needs of the population. A deep well is the source of the supply, and mains, which total about two and gutters add to the sightliness of Stanfield and to the convenience of its

A strong bank is one of the assets of the community. It is officered by some of the most conservative men of the community. Besides the growing of grain, the production of hay and the feeding of sheep and cattle during the winter months are among the most important activities of the community in which Stanfield is the central point.


Glimpse of residential section
a new home
O.-W. R.&N.; Depot High School
Bank of Stanfield

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