Discover Historic
Umatilla County, Oregon


Voices of the Oregon Territory--
Conversations with Bullwhackers, Muleskinners, Pioneers, Prospectors, '49ers, Indian Fighters, Trappers, Ex-Barkeepers, Authors, Preachers, Poets & Near Poet & All Sorts & Conditions of Men
by Fred Lockley; Compiled and Edited by Mike Helm
Rainy Day Press, Eugene, Oregon
In the Footsteps of the Pioneers
The Story of the Pilot Rock-McKay Basin  1862-1962
by Will M. Kidwell, Ed. D.
History of Adams  Vol. 1-5
Adams, Oregon
by Adams Ladies Club
Oregon Geographic Names
Lewis A. McArthur
Oregon Historical Society Press
Roads of Yesterday in Northeast Oregon
by Lawrence E. Nielsen  Maverick Publications, Inc., Bend, Oregon
A Century of News and People in the
East Oregonian 1875-1975

by Gordon Macnab
East Oregonian Publishing Co., Pendleton, Oregon
Oregon Outlaws--Tales of Old-Time Desperadoes,
By Gary & Gloria Meier, Tamarack Books, Inc.
Undaunted Courage
Meriwether Lewis, Thomas Jefferson, and the Opening of the American West.
Stephen E. Ambrose, Simon & Schuster
More Than Petticoats--
Remarkable Oregon Women

by Gayle C. Shirley, Falcon Publishing, Montana
Meacham: A Wide Spot on
The Oregon Trail

by Betty Booth Stewart,
Crossroads Books, Tigard, Oregon
Roadside Geology of Oregon
by David D. Alt, Donald W. Hyndman
Mountain Press Publishing Co.


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