Juanita Bradshaw and her husband, Tom, have worked hard to clean up the area and to replace the missing markers on the gravesites. Juanita knows there are many more graves around Meacham, and she plans to keep searching for them. She would like to know who these people were. Anyone having information about any of these people are asked to contact Juanita Bradshaw.

Directions: From Pendleton, take the first Meachman exit. This takes you through Meacham and back towards the I-84. From Blue Mountain Lodge, turn right and take Meacham Lake Road under the freeway to the forks just South of the overpass. The road forks, take the right hand fork. About 1/4 mile, on the right you will see tire tracks going up the rise. Park there and follow the tracks to the cemetery.

James Fitzgerald--1 July 1809--1852
Mahala (White) Fitzgerald---12 June 1814--1852
Harvey J Meacham--1 May 1829--29 May 1872
Alice Glenn--12 Aug.1875---21 Oct 1895
Octavia Glenn--12 Dec 1876--16 June 1895
W.S. Burghett--7 Sep.1913-- 7 Sep 1917
Connell Baby--1920 (Ward Connells Baby)
Blakley Child #1--1876
Blakley Child #2---1876
Blakley Child #3----1876
Blakley Child #3----1876
G.A. (foot board only )
Petie Roper
Willie Roper
Eve Michael--3 year old child of Frank
Jack Dockweiler--26 July 1885--16
April 1931
Grandma Meacham
Chinese Workers
Railroad Workers
Jesse Beard--b 1879--d 14 Jan 1900
Marie Vogler Dockweiler 1891 buried
on their homestead on Beaver creek.
Sarah Butts--buried on Meacham creek

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