Umatilla County Cemeteries

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"And the man brought me to the gate facing east, and I saw the glory of the God
of Israel coming from the east." --Ezekiel, Chapter 43, verses 1-2

Albee west of the townsite of Albee, on private land. Kees Cemetery, officially call Blue Mountain (Kees) Cemetery, Weston.
Agency Cemetery, located on the CTUIR land. McKay Creek Cemetery, about 14 miles from Pendleton.
Athena Cemetery, located on Sherman Street Meacham Cemetery  located near Meacham
Blue Mountain (Kees) Cemetery, Weston.

Milton-Freewater Cemetery

Bowlus Cemetery located east of Milton-Freewater. Milton-Freewater Old Pioneer Cemetery
Butts Cemetery near Nibley. Mountain Valley Cemetery, also known as Gurdane Cemetery.
Darr Grave, Gurdane Road off Hwy 395. Nolin Cemetery is on Cunningham Sheep Ranch on Old Highway 30.
David R. Koontz Gravesite at Echo, Oregon Old Agency Cemetery, located on CTUIR land.
Despain Gulch Cemetery, Despain Gulch Road. Olney Cemetery, located on Tutuilla Road, Pendleton.
Dockweiler Grave, located south of Nibley.
Echo Cemetery overlooks the town of Echo. Patterson Grave, along Gurdane Road.
Finnish Cemetery located off Huddeman Road. Finnish Apostolic Luthern Church 35665_12.jpg (40588 bytes)Pilot Rock Cemetery, located on East Birch Creek Road. Wooden sign on the right, road goes uphill, past house.
Ford Cemetery located east of Umapine. Red Elk Cemetery
Foster Cemetery located between Echo and Stanfield. Skyview Cemetery, located about 5 miles south of Pendleton.
German Cemetery, located near Myrick. St. Andrew's Mission Cemetery, located about 12 miles east of Pendleton.
Gilliland Cemetery located Northwest of Ukiah. Also known as the Sturdivant Cemetery. Stanfield Cemetery, located on South Edwards Road.
Greasewood Cemetery located off Reeder Road. Sturdivant Cemetery   located Northwest of Ukiah. Also known as the  Gilliland Cemetery.
Gurdane Cemetery, also known as Mountain Valley Cemetery. Thornhollow Cemetery, located near the community on private land.
Helix Cemetery Tutuilla Cemetery, located on CTUIR land.
Hermiston Ukiah Cemetery, located about one mile north on the county road to Albee.
Holdman Cemetery, Holdman Road 
(Hwy 37), opposite Hartle Road (formerly Gugin Road)
Vinson Cemetery, located along Heppner-Butter Creek Highway.
Homily Cemetery, located on CTUIR land Warner Cemetery, off West Birch Creek Road
Hyatt Cemetery, located on Weston Mountain. Weston Cemetery, located at Weston, Oregon.

um-butterfly.gif (19594 bytes)Related Cemetery Sites for Researchers

Blue Mountain Genealogical Society 
The society has published two volumes with listings for many of the cemeteries in Umatilla County.

The Tombstone Traveler's Guide
Exploring American Cemeteries and Funeral Practices
The Tombstone Transcription Project-Oregon The Political Graveyard   The web site that tells where the dead politicians are buried.
"Confederate Cemetery"  This site is not related to Oregon, however the young man who did this site, did it as a conclusion to his Boy Scout Eagle badge.  His project was to clean the cemetery. He also produced a pamphlet on the cemetery.  Take a look and let him know what you think!

AGS Logo

Association for
Gravestone Studies

The Association for Gravestone Studies
The Association for Gravestone Studies was founded in 1977 for the purpose of furthering the study and preservation of gravestones. AGS is an international organization with an interest in gravemarkers of all periods.

The National Museum of Funeral History
The National Museum of Funeral History was founded not only for the purpose of preserving historical artifacts from the 19th and 20th centuries, but more importantly to encourage public education and enlightenment of our country's proud heritage of funeral service.
Cemetery Photos Web Page  Volunteers around the world are listed who are willing to take photos of headstones, grave sites, etc. in their neighborhood.  Sign up to volunteer to take photos or submit your request for photos at this site.

    If you need a photo of a gravesite in Umatilla County, Union County, Grant County or other Eastern Oregon Counties, please contact the Umatilla County Coordinator.   I am listed on the Cemetery Photos Web Site as a volunteer.  I am willing to take photos. All we ask is a roll of film to be sent or replace the roll of film that we shoot. We don't charge for this. You are responsible for developing, etc.  I have a digital camera and use that and my 35mm camera. That way I can post photos to the website for you to view and also determine whether the regular photos will be okay before I send the roll of film to you.  Also am willing to take photos of the general area on the same roll.  Please note: I can normally do Umatilla County within a short time. Union County is not too hard to get to, but other counties mean driving some distance.   Info needed: Name of person and related information, Cemetery, location of grave site. 

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