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Umatilla County Century Farms & Century Ranches

The Century Farm & Ranch Program has its roots in the Statehood Centennial Celebration. Started on the eve of the celebration in 1958, the program was created to honor farm and ranch families with century-long connections to the land. This program recognizes Oregonís rich agricultural heritage and has registered over 920 properties over the past 40 years. All applications are added to the Oregon Historical Library (OHS) and can provide valuable information about settlement patterns, livestock and crop choices, building design, and family history. Successful applicants receive a special certificate signed by the Governor of Oregon and OHS dignitaries.

These pages are dedicated to the Umatilla County farming families who have attained "Century Farm" and "Century Ranch" status. There is a lot of history behind the farms and ranches, the families that have worked the farms and ranches for the past 100 years and how they arrived in Umatilla County. If you have a "Century Farm" or a "Century Ranch" that you would like to add to this site, please contact the Umatilla County Coordinator.

I have wanted to publish the information on the Century Farms for a long time. I am pleased to present the first of the Century Farms to start this section--the Key Family Century Farm located near Weston, Oregon. Thanks to Granella Ruth Key Thompson for furnishing the photographs and historical information.

1999 is the first year that "Century Ranches" have been recognized. It is a great pleasure to note that among the first of the ranches to be designated as a Century Ranch in 1999 is the Jack Johnson Ranch--and it is also in Weston! Britt Johnson is arranging for the information on his parents' ranch to be published here.

Thanks to Bob Gilliland, Weston, for making the arrangements for the Key Century Ranch and for helping with the Johnson Century Ranch so that I could finally start the Umatilla County Century Farms & Ranches pages.

And I appreciate immensely the assistance of Rick Read, Oregon Historical Society Field Services Coordinator, for providing background information about the program and the 1999 Century Farms and Century Ranches.

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