Circa 1910s. The caption: U. B. at Holdman, refers to the United Brethren church. Those on the right side of the photo were businesses owned by Samuel Hargett. ---Photo contributed by Tom Kasinger.

Holdman, Oregon

Named for the Holdman brothers, early day settlers. The post office was established there in 1900.

The Hartle Family of Holdman
by Tom Kasinger--used by permission

Patricia, as promised here is the photo of old Holdman that I promised. It should download easily. The photo above dates to the 1910s. The caption: U. B. at Holdman, refers to the United Brethren church, where my Hartle and Kasinger relatives worshipped. I can identify some of the buildings. Those on the right side of the photo were businesses owned by Samuel Hargett. You photographed his grave at the cemetery there. (Please see the Holdman Cemetery link.)

I am not related to Virginia Gugin Roberts, but I do know her. She graciously obtained some records for me, bless her heart. The Gugin farm adjoined that of my great uncle Gill Hartle's farm 'out there'. I've been all over the backroads there, saw where my great uncle's farmed and the land my grandparents farmed there also. My grandmother was born Hartle. She was the last of her siblings [5 Hartle brothers] who left SE Missouri for Umatilla County. My grandparents, their then 7 children, including my father, took the train west, arriving in Umatilla County in early March 1905.

In 1912, they moved to Imbler, (Union County) where their children were raised, and where they lived out their lives. That is why I am in part, interested to see what you do with Union County. The Summerville Cemetery, like the Olney Cemetery in Pendleton has grown by leaps and bounds. The Summerville Cemetery dates to 1866. There is one grave there, the 1st one, which is touching. I have a photo of it.

Finally, the Hartle Road, as a name, replaced Gugin Road. So, my great uncle's name supplanted that of Virginia's family. Seems to have had something to do with Uncle Gill's spread dating back further. I discussed the renaming a little with Virginia Roberts, she said it would have been nice if the committee [what ever] had at least consulted the Gugin Family first. I can understand her point. (Webmaster Note: Virginia's concern is that so many of the "historical" names of roads and streets are being changed without notice or input. Which is sad, because many of the roads have historical meaning.)

Uncle Gill died in early November 1940, from the after effects of an auto accident. That was a few years before my birth. Last, but not least, the school my father and most of his siblings attended when they lived in the Holdman Precinct, was on land owned by Virginia Roberts' mother. It was called the Martin Box School; seemingly in the middle of nowhere. I've visited that site, too, videotaped it! All that remains is some of the foundation. I have a copy of the student body members, in 1910. It was small, with my father and 5 of his siblings in it.

Thanks to Tom Kasinger for sending the photograph of Holdman, Oregon. Tom was very kind to send the photo via e-mail for use on the Umatilla County pages and allow me to publish the information on his family.


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