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Exploring with Lewis & Clark

    Hat Rock is a prominent landmark on the south shore of Lake Wallula about nine miles east of the town of Umatilla, along the Columbia River.  It is this rock that Meriwether Lewis and William Clark noted in their journals, and that it looked much like the shape of a hat.  It was October 19, 1805 that the explorers set foot on what is now Umatilla County, Oregon.  The state acquired the land in 1951 and created the Hat Rock State Park.
    Clark may have been the first to set foot in Umatilla County.  He was accompanied by Sacagawea, her husband Charbonneau and two chiefs who were acting as guides for the group: Twisted Hair and Tetoharsky.


2003 - 2006 Celebrating the journey and legacies of  Lewis & Clark


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