Umatilla County, Oregon Marriage Licenses Issued during the 1800's
as published in the East Oregonian newspaper

    Please note: due to the sometimes illegible copies, names may not be complete or spelled correctly.  Have correct information?  Please contact the Umatilla County Coordinator.

Pendleton, Oregon

MARRIAGE LICENSES --Ed. Sharps, son of our county clerk has kindly volunteered to furnish us the names of all parties who have taken out marriage licenses since the organization of the county to the time of last publication.  Below we present the same for the first year of our organization, 1864 and the year 1863.


Matthew Agee to Margaret M. Miller
John H. Finch to Irene J. Harner
Thomas A. Jackson to Louise Myers
Thos. J. Gallaher to Rebecca E. Jenkins
S.A. Johns to Olive I. Goodwin
P.L. Shumway to Nancy Mock
Ephrison H. Day to Mollie L. Hendley
Daniel S. Brown to Martha A. Beard
Jesse S. Lurchin to Lucy Reed
Predon St. Felix to Mary O. Regan
James T. McClellan to Sarah E. Gray



E. W. Sigskee to Sarah Wilson
Jackson Emles to Nancy M. Hagerman
John A. Estick to Mahala L. Notage
Marion Phipps to Mary J. Harper





Wallace Jones to Ellen Tureman
J.H. Kunzie to Helen A. Kane
Jasper Smith to Sarah A. Hrper
A.J. Sturtevant to Cassinda Knotss
James M. Leezer to Susan T. Trevett
Reuben H. Baskett to Marth J. Moore
Jesse J. McCullough to Emily Person
F.M. Mulkey to Harriett J. Rodgers
James Evans to Estelle Benson
Jefferson Howell to Martha J. Fields
G.W. Palmer to Martha J. Parks


James P. Busher to Etta J. Coffin
Wm. Castleman to Clara Vanburen
Phillip M. McBrian to N.C Campbell
Issiah East to Aeryetta Cecil
Joseph E. Gaunyhian to Lydia M. Wilson
Thos. J. Deveresse to Adda Smith
Jackson Knotts to Martha Cresady
Z.D. Labeeshe to Josephine Chaplin
Charles Seeley to Sarah White
Simeon E. PHilips to Julia Holtinghouse
Abraham S. Wlls to Elizabeth Yoakum
Chas Rose to Anna Lany
A. Lieuallen to Mildred Clark
Evans S. McComas to Harriet M. Welch
W.H. Crawford to Martha Perkins
N.S. Clark to Anna Whitman
Wm. V. Ewing to Emity Short
Elisha G. Sloan to Nancy E. Rush 



George Root to Catherine Derrick
_.N. Wintler to Sarah V. Parrish.
O.E. Thompson to Almira Atwood
C.G. Bunk to C.A. Warmuth
George W. Terry to Morning a. Hopper
John F. Wishell to Martha E. Gill
John Hays to Mary E. Crawford
Thomas B. Taylor to Anna M. Tourman


C.J. Taft to Tennesse Phillips
R. Lieuallen t Mary J. Green
N.W. Haws to Martha A. Bessley
James O'Shinn to Angellica Cornwall
Lot Livermere to Clara J. Brown
Wm. P. Gray to Elizabeth Eads
Wilson Whitworth to Mary E. Roberson
D.W. Hardman to Nancy Bolse
John R. SPencer to S.V. Adkins
John B. Wilson to Adella Teel
William Vaugs to S. Royse
D.B. WIlson to Mary E. Weaver
_. A Hart to Matilda J. Goble
Issac Knotts to Mary Shelepoe
Larkin Phips to Mary Walden
Joseph A. Koontz to Lizza Frog
Henry Garred to Lucretia Bryant
O.S. Clark to Forinda Shirts 



John Land to Mary M. Sams
O.H. Wilson to Amanda Pearson
Benj. F. Shaw to Minerva J. Lieuallen
Jesse Rothrock to A.W. Brown
R.H. Cardwell to May J. Young
Jno. B. Gilbert to Matilda O. Vincent
Thomas Alford to _. F. Stanley
D. Theodore to Hannah Euker
Charley Becker to Nancy J. Boyde
Henry H. Reel to Eliza Sutton
Wm. R. Rash to Mary E. Stone
Jerry Barnhart to Isabel Hopper
George Mace to Nancy E. Lowe
Jso. Linville to Mary E. Gordon
Hugh McArthur to Maude J. Lieuallen
George Collins to Martha McGill
J.L. Teel to P.J. McLaughlin
Chas. Cate to Sarah Hamer
Daniel B. Pierson to May Flemming
Wm. M. Taylor to Matilda Marr


Geo. W. Ingle to Paulina Patterson
Z.B. Owens to Adelia Welch
John Night to Mary O. Hartness
Benj. Walden to Jane Phipps
J.F. Wentz to Mary M. Johnson
Elwin Brandin to Charlott Trainer
R.A. Lockett to Mary E. Owens
Henry Stover to Mary E. Bowman
Wm. Taylor to Rebecca Owens
John E Bean to Sophia Bishop
John L. Brown to Nancy E. Kurth
Moses Stubblefield to Mahala White
_. L. Morehouse to Charity E. Church
Geo. M. Vinson to Martha E. Alexander
Charles E. Brown to Mary A. Hardesty
Thos. Roy to Martha Headrix
Jospeh Dunkin to Margaret Hendrix
D.P. Royce to Margaret E. Royce
_eston Green to Emiline Harper
James R. Brown to Dorcus J. Stamper
Samuel W. Benjamin to Eliza Pinkerton
C.O. Fanning to Mary L. Reith
Henry Pinkerton to Mary L. Prewett
Joshua Cox to Nancy Lillibridge
P.M. Stuart to Francis C. Cson
A.W. Donally to Nancy J. Odell
Luke Rawls to Mary E. Wilson
_. T. Cox to J.F. Warmouth


T.H. Foster to Lucinda Rinehart
S.C. Hardisty to C. Neeny
M.P. White to Mollie V. Bartley
L.H. Adkinson to Flora Markham
J.R. Phillips to Malissa R. King
J.M. Church to Janet Pomeroy
Sam Wills to Nancy E. Low
James Wilks to Mary Low
F. Knowlton to Mary Willoby
S.J. Lisle to Martha J. Marr
Sam W. Benjamin to Amanda Pinkerton
T.A. Rhea to H.E. East
J.H. Jounan to Missouri Haney
Irwin O'Harra to Julia A. Clark
Henry J. Raley to Aura M. Goodwin
Dallas Reed to F.D. Kirby
H.C. Derrick to Frances M. Dickerson
D.R. Hardisty to Clarissa M. Lille
Edwin Welch to Mary S. Thompson
T.C. Fuson to Sarah Boyer
Michael Beasley to Sarah E. Looney
M. Chamberlain to Emily E. McLaughlin
Wm. G. Thompson to Lydia A. Olcott
S.C. Stone to Mary J. Stone
I.N. Vanwinkle to Inez R. Kimberly
W.H. S _ _ _k to Emiline A. Snider
Wm. A. K _ _ _y to Emma A. Teel


S.W. P_______ to Liepsey E. Downing
Walter Bowman to Mary M. Kimberly
Jas. R. Hays to Alice L. Wilson
Jas.M. Taylor to Sarah Donelson
Edward Wood to Catherine Saling
Wm. Whitman to Marth S. Pruett
A.P. S_____ to Eliza Whittemore
Robert L. Rovison to Barbra E. Ferguson
Marion Hawn to Ruth Yarbough
C.D. Hardesty to Electa C. Elliot
Jas.Kirkpatrick to Alice I. Moser
Thomas B. Wells to Julia A. Brusen
Robt. N. Stanfield to Hattie Townsend
Wm. Switzer to Helen Aherth
Lewis W. Ragle to P_____ C. Ferguson
Jno. B. Smith to Emma Fenton
F.M. Crockett to Lucretia Whittemore
Samuel K. Coe to Susanah Frazier
Jno. W. Jones to Alice J. Hagin
Thomas Seatt___ to Matilda Yarlett
Henry R. ______ to Eliza J. Johason
___ W. C_____ to Grisela Morris
Henry L. Brooks to Nancy Phipps
__ A. _____ to Sarah F. Swift
______ A. Shepard to M.J. Brassfield
M_____ _. Church to Roxy J Moorhouse
A.S. Key to _____ White
_.S. Mahoney to Molly Mitzeer
J.J. Keyser to Lucretia A. Wilson 
James Curren to Julia Reith
Timothy Russel to Annie M. Graham
W.E. McKinney to Margaret Adkins
J__ M. Roberts to Mary J__ Cecil



H.B. Boothby to Sarah Ferguson
J.R. Baker to Vermira Russell
Ezra Taylor to Lowina Vonbelleum
Phillip Schuh to Martha J. Looney
John Gwinn to Sarah I. Patterson
J. Wagner to Olive Pearson
J.H. Wilson to Mary A. Wells
H.L. Frazier to Lucy F. Moss
Andrew Russell to Pharah Buff
Chas. McMorris to Agnes M. Lansdale
John Sparks to Carline Geinger
W.B. Ames to Ellen M. WIlder
Thomas Ray to S.C. Vanwinkle
C.S. Sanders to Georgiana Dickerson
Wm. H. Fletcher to Rutha Keeney
D.A. Herren to Emily J. Wallace
Wm. A. Clark to Eliza P. Kinney
Henry Pinkerton to Mary E. Royce
S.J. Lowe to Martha M. Harvey
Albert O'Harra to Anna Brassfield
Thos H. Connick to Mary Medlock
Thos. Quad to Pauline Smith
Wm. Kilgore to Emma Fuson
Harvey Broxon to Mary J. Crow
Bernard Keenan to Tripena Wilder
T.M. Pearson to Laura Cartel
Isaac Jacks to Lizzie Post
J.C. Manning to Sarah Waugh
Jacob Demerris to Lacia Sams
Samuel P. Purdy to Eliza A. Hartman
J.A. McCoy to Julia Templeton
C.B. Reeder to Fanny A. Campbell



Lewis M. Kilgore to Sarah Ann Shaw
Robt. G. Thompson to Leona A. Welch
Herold Steward to Mary C. Pomeroy
John H. Wilson to Arnilda Tibbetts
H.J. Gray to Emma Gilliam
Wm. M. Given to Eliza Bramer
Thomas Beason to Sarah H. Robbins
Marion Smith to Sarah E. Stanley
S. Derrick to Mary Watts
Geo. Stallcop to Sarah E. Edwards
T.M. Coffey to Mary E. Patterson
S.T. Phillips to Mary I. Deardoff
John Gonlea to Rhoda Knowlton
Thomas Howard to Rebecca Long
Eugene Rieth to Ellen Short
Wm. H. Stamper to Melinda Couch
F.E. Goble to Perlina Breeding
W.E. Junkin to Angie Gerking
Wm. Hanley to Eliza Linville
J.W. Stamper to Eliza Bush
Geo. A. Hartman to Eva Lansdale
Wm. R. M____ to Ann Tillman
Henry Wintler to Criss A. Johnson
David White to Jennie Miller
Samuel Derrick to Alice Rodman
Thomas Baker to Ella Brown
F.M. Scribner to Martha Brassfield
W.S. Mercer to Sarah Kinney
A.B. Marquam to Laura Douglas
J.M. Hager to Winnifred J Holdman
Frank Muskers to Bell Gillmore


Jame Cothell to Rosa Pilcher
Geo. W. Shippy to Ellen E. Colwell
Columbis Stevens to Jane Snyder
Perry Knott to Felicit Comartin
M. Byrson to Alice Morgan
E.L. Caskill to M.E. Osburn
Robert Stone to Sarah M. Robinson
Barney Keenan to Emma L. Wilden
W.B. Mays to Abbie S Lansdale
H.U. Myers to Francis Marguam
H. Edwards to Sarah A. Dehaven
George B. Teel to Martha Coffman
G.S. SMith to Florence Watts
H.C. Berry to Mary S. Peck
A.M. Isacc to Mary Spence
George Birdsall to Weltha Kimberly
C.S. Vanduya to Cora Smith
S. Tolbert to Jane Triplett
John A. Riggs to Mary Dckey
J.R. Colby to Mary J. McKinney
A. Crosshian to Josephine Miller
Andrew Keenry to Margaret Stamper
T.L. Moorhouse to Ella WIllis
David Coffman to Dianah Reeves
R.M. Dorothy to Ella Dehaven
W. Roup to Mary L. Miller
C.W. Conger to Samantha Scroggin
Sol Myrtle to Louisa A. Breeding
Ivan O'Harra to Unis Walden
E. Nordyke to Viola Cochran
Smith Gweinn to Emma Ingle
Frank Shannon to Alice Stillwell
Jno. D'Simon to Mary Taylor
Frank W. Jones to Eliza Miller
Clyde Pennington to Louisa Young
Geo. W. Savage to Mary Pike
N. Howards to Mark Clark
Jno. F. Porter to Mary R. Angel
John C. Wilson to Angeline Yarklett
F.C. Wegner to A.E. Johnson
W.D. Coyle to Lizzie Russell
George W. Ridenour to Maria Kirk
James Hackett to Virginia Olcott
L.H. Lee to S.A. Hallock
I.W. Goodman to Ettie Dutton


F.W. Healey to Eliz A. Koontz
James Whittemore to Helen Seddre
R.J. Evans to Martha Dedrick
W.T. C. Johnson to Rebecca Dealy
J.W. Arrasmith to Austa A. Miller
Thos. Milarkey to Eliz. Ryan
John Shaw to Mary Lieuallen
Jas. P. Rains to Mary Weber
M.B. Betteys to Sarah E. Morris
D.C. Curl to Eliz Scroggins
J.D. Bennett to Mary R. Bunch
J.N. Bunch to Marth E. Leaming
Enoch Russel to Sarah C. Hall
Arthur Grimes to Rebeca A. Reed
M.S.M. Taylor to Lou M. Strong
Wm. Loyd to Ann Boardman
E.B. Goodman to Eliz. Vincent
A.C. Betteys to Katie Gienger
Mannen Willis to Hattie A. Bowman
Jas. A. Cecil to Mary R. Simon
Wm. Ridenour to Martha Northrup
J.B. Cox to Sarah J. Beasey
Ellis Blair to Catharine Thomas
E.J. Kenney to Mary Matlock
Berd. Rinehart to Coara C.J. Crofutt
Jno. M. Huffman to Sarah J. Lamb
W. Jasper to Mary Linville
D.C. Britt to Lottie Wilson
James S. Jones to Sarah C. Keeney
A.L. Demaria to Minervah Ellis
James Despain to Mrs Maria Bird

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