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Ukiah lies south of Pilot Rock. It's claim to fame in the 1860's was the grass and hay of the Camas Prairie. Several of the ranchers in the area were cutting hay and hauling it back to Pilot Rock at what later became Ukiah and Albee. The Camas Land Company platted the town in 1890, the post office was established that same year. The name was suggested after the town of the same name in California.



UKIAH, Ore., Nov. 6 (1916) -- Ukiah's business district was in danger of being wiped out by a fire that early Sunday morning destroyed the Kirk drug store and pool hall, the Wagner & Caldwell hardware store, the stage office, occupying a residence adjoining and a barn. The blaze started in the pool hall owned by J.D. Kirk. The drug store and pool hall burned to the ground as well as the barn adjoining. Inside of an hour from the time the fire was discovered at 5 a.m. all the buildings mentioned above had been destroyed with most of their contents.

It was impossible to do much in the way of fire fighting and had it not been for the fact there was some snow on the ground it is probable the blaze would have been even more disastrous. The Lawrence store was in danger for a time. The buildings destroyed were owned by the occupants with the exception of the stage office, which was owned by Miss Sarah Mossie.

The loss from the fire will be heavy but is partly covered by insurance.

Reprinted from Ukiah News, 1915-1920, As reported by Lilly Belle Huston,
Special Correspondent to the East Oregonian.

Threshing Again On In the Ukiah Region

UKIAH, Ore., Sept. 22 (1915) -- Irl (sic) Terry and wife of Alba were in Ukiah a few days ago on business.

Threshing is again in full blast, after the rains will take only a few days of goof weather to complete it. The Metteer thresher had a breakdown and Friday Tom Reeves, Charley Metteer and Jim Constance were in town for repairs.

W.A. Barr, the Watkins man, came into Ukiah Friday for a few days selling the Watkins Remedies. Mrs. M.E. Gibbs is assisting Mrs. Peterson at the Peterson hotel. Mrs. Nora Osburn left Wednesday for Portland to join her husband. Gus Smith of Galena passed through Ukiah Thursday morning with a fine bunch of beef cattle. Bert Garrett was in Ukiah Tuesday from his homestead after supplies. Ira Arbogast was in Ukiah Wednesday night on his way to Pilot Rock with six four horse loads of fat hogs for the market.

The United Artisans will give a dance next Wednesday night in the new Chamberlain garage for the benefits of the lodge. Supper will be served in the hall. Henry Lazinka accompanied by his daughter, Mrs. Lowell Ganger, left for Pendleton Friday morning for the Round-up. Mr. Ganger will follow soon."

Mr. Cardwell and daughter of Long Creek are visiting with George Caldwell and wife. Eber Mossie who sold his drug store at Long Creek is visiting with his parents, Mr. and Mrs Henry Mossie. Art Smales has moved his family into the Welch residence so as to be near the school. The long dry spell was broken Saturday when rain began to fall and continued till Monday afternoon. Snow fell on the high peaks and the weather is now very cool.

J.W. Sturdivant and wife made a trip to Heppner the first of the week to visit with friends and attend the fair. Dr. Hayden left Ukiah last Sunday going south, seeking a new location. Mrs. Ladd and daughters left for Pendleton Wednesday morning. Tillman Kirk left for Lexington Tuesday morning.

Reprinted from Ukiah News, 1915-1920, As reported by Lilly Belle Huston,
Special Correspondent to the East Oregonian.

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