U.S. Battleship "Oregon"
Copyright 1898, by B.L. Lingley.

The cost of a single 13-inch gun such as is here shown, is $63,000 and its mount $18,500, aggregating $81,500. The cost for firing this gun a single time with armor-piercing shell, is $560.00. The 13-inch rifle has been proved most desirable because the most destructive weapon, throwing with great velocity and wonderful penetrating power, a projectile weighing 1,100 lbs., while the 12-inch shell weighs only 850 lbs. The heaviest guns which Com. [now Admiral] Dewey had when he sunk Montejo's fleet in Manila Bay and silenced the shore batteries, were 8-inch rifles.

The keel of the battleship "Oregon" was laid in 1891. Length on load water line, 348 feet; extreme breadth, 69 feet 3 inches; displacement 10,288 tons; speed, 15 knots. Battery, four 13-inch, eight 8-inch, four 6-inch breech-loading rifles; twenty 6-pounders, six 1-pounders and four Gatlings. Officers and men, 424. Cost, $3,180,000.

This battleship is of special interest on account of her matchless trip around Cape Horn. Leaving San Francisco March 12th, 1898, she arrived at Jupiter Inlet, Florida, on May 24th, covering a distance of over 13,000 miles without a mishap, and played an important part in the destruction of Admiral Cervera's fleet.

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