Winters Precinct, Baker City PO

My greatest appreciation to my mother, Vivian Vancil Camenzind for typing this census for us. Thank you Mom! Mom's researching surnames Vancil and the James Valentine Pierce Family of Eastern Oregon.

Acker, J.A. 53 m kps hotel N.Y.
Anna M. 49 f kps hse Bavaria
Austin, Jno 15 m none Calif.
Baker, Olliver 29 m miner Ill
Berry, H.C. 35 m miner Va
Brown, C.P. 49 f kps hse KY
Cordelia 13 f none Mo
Burch, James 26 m miner NY
Conway, E.C. 23 m miner Maine
Dagget, C.W. 35 m miner Canada
Dallas, A.J. 36 m kps hotel Pa
Davis, C.T. 19 m miner Ill
Dix, W.C. 50 m miner Va
Dray, William J. 24 m miner Ill
Eagan,William 35 m miner Ireland
Finnegan, J. 34 m miner Ire
Glenn, William 28 m miner Ire
Green, W.G. 42 m Kps livery stable R.I.
Hancock, D. 42 m miner Va
Houseman, George 30 m miner N.Y.
Howard, D 61 m miner Mass
Jordan,W.J. 37 m miner Hanover
Kelly, L. 35 m miner Ire
Nail, Isaac 26 m miner Ark
Nash, J.A. 25 m miner Ill
Newton,E.A. 47 f keeps hotel Mass
Olph, William 35 m merchant Prussia
(sic)H 24 m store clerk Prussia
Owens, M. 79 m miner KY
Patite, A.J. 34 m miner Tenn
Pierpont, J. 25 m miner NY
Powell, M.H. 25 m miner NY
Richie, William 34 m kps saloon Mo
Schumaker, E. 38 m miner Prussia
Sylvester, 37 m miner Portugal
Thomas, Jno 26 m miner S.Wales
Tinsley, J. 34 m miner Ky
Wacot, Jno 40 m miner Ire
Wallace, C. 29 m miner Nova Scotia
Weshnar,C. ? 51 m miner Prussia
Wickun, J. 37 m miner Ohio
Winters, S.H. 49 m miner Pa
Wolf, William 27 m miner Holstein
Woolsley, Jno 32 m kps saloon NY
Zook, Moses 40 m miner Va


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