Towns and Ghost Towns of Grant County:

John Day Canyon City Prairie City DayvilleHamiltonLong Creek Seneca Silvies, Austin, Whitney GraniteRitterMonumentDaleFoxBates [company town], Range.

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Population:+ 8,100 (1998).
Largest City:+ John Day - 1,900.
County Seat:+ Canyon City.
Avg. Temperature:+ Jan. 25.8; July 66.5.
Highest Point:+ Strawberry Mountain, 9,038 feet.
Lowest Point:+ John Day River near Kimberly, 1,820 ft.
Wilderness:+ More than 150,000 acres of wilderness area.
Principal Industries:+ Livestock, timber, agriculture, recreation and Govn. employ.
Namesake:+ U.S. Grant, Civil War general & 18th president of the United States.
Established:+ Oct. 14, 1864.
Bordering Counties: +Grant Co. borders more other counties than does any other Oregon county; 8.
Major Highways:+ Hwy. 395 goes north and south and Hwy. 26 traverses east and west.
Et cetera:+ Grant County contains the head waters of the John Day River, which has more miles of Wild and Scenic designation than any other river in the U.S. More than 60 percent of the land in the county is in public ownership and administered by the Forest Service or Bureau of Land Management.

Located in the heart of Grant County's historical mining country you'll find three uniquely different museums. Each offering it's own flavorful perspective - each housing it's own priceless artifacts and memorabilia. All are staffed by long-time residents who tend their devoted hours with an obvious passion for the continued preservation of Grant County's colorful and humble beginnings.
{1} Grant Co., Historical Museum, Canyon City: Located on Canyon Blvd., in Canyon City. The museum houses a varied assortment of relics; gold rush memorabilia, Indian artifacts, antique pianos and organs, and much more. Serving as the main keeper of the county's history, with a thoroughly indexed file of old photographs and documents. Also found here is the historic Joaquin Miller cabin and the Greenhorn jail.
{2} Kam Wah Chung & Co., John Day: Chinese herbalist, Doc Ing Hay, lived and worked in the old building that served as a general store, religious shrine and opium den. The building has served as a museum since 1967, and has been said by some - to be the only one of it's kind in the world. Kam Wah Chung & Co., is located at the city park in John Day, next to the city's swimming pool.

{3} Dewitt Museum, Prairie City: Once the western terminus depot of the Sumpter Valley Railroad, this building now houses 10 full rooms of artifacts. The museum is located on south Main St., Prairie City. A recreational vehicle park adjoins the museum.

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Neighboring Counties: Organized on Oct. 07, 1864 Grant County was created from a portion of what is now Wheeler County, Crook County, Lake County and a very large portion of Harney County.

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The Grant County Genealogical Society

Post Office Box 418
Canyon City, Oregon 97820

Contact Person: Linda Cook P.O.BOX 418
Canyon City, Oregon 97820

The Grant County Chamber of Commerce: 1-541-575-0547
The Blue Mountain Eagle Newspaper: 1-541-575-0710


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