The following names have been immortralized in bronze on the, "Stage Drivers' Plaque," unveiled by Frank R. Thompson and Horace A. Williams in Shasta, California, June 08, 1931. Sponsored by the Shasta Historical Society and Erected by, Mae Helene Bacon Boggs in memory of her uncle, Williamson Lyncoya Smith. The plaque reads:

In loving memory to these pioneers who "held the ribbons"
but have turned the bend in this road.

One of the best known and beloved men in California WILLIAMSON LYNCOYA SMITH, August 06, 1830 - born on a plantation on the James River, Bedford County, Virginia. Named "Lyncoya" by President Andrew Jackson. 1832 - family moved to Pike County, Missouri. August 06, 1850 - arrived in Placerville, California. 1854 - carried first mail on horseback from Jacksonville to Canyonville, Oregon. Since then continuously connected with staging until completion of the railroad between Sacramento, California and Portland, Oregon. May 31, 1902 - Died at his home, west of Tehama Sts., Redding, California.

Andrew Jackson Bacon Joseph Henry Bacon Daniel Masten Cawley

July 14, 1825 - Born in New Hamshire. 1856 - Drove First Stage over Siskiyou Mountain. 1887 - Drove last stage over Siskiyou Mountain. October 15, 1901 Died in Yreka, California.

Marshall McCummings 1851 - Drove first stage into Shasta.

Adams, A.C. Bachman, Daniel Baird, Albert Bartle, Jack Basham, Henry Beard, George Becker, Albert Beaughan, N.T.J. Bell, James Blackburn, Jas. W. Bloomfield, Isaacs Bradley, Amos Bradley, Mike Brewster, L.L. Brincard, James Buick, John Burk, Harry Burnett, Thomas Burt, William Camden, John Carmer, Rube Chadbourne, Dave Chase, George L. Chase, James V. Clough, Joseph L. Combs, Charles Comstock, James Cooley, M. Craddock, John Creamer, Chas. N. Crowell, Albert Culverhouse, Jerry Curtis, Dave Curtis, Edward J. Curtis, Thomas Cushing, E.S. Davis, Perry O. Decker, Albert Dockery, Lewis A. Dow, Lorenzo Driver, John R. Drout, George Dunnegan, William Eddings, Norton Ellery, Elias Finch, George W. Finchley, Walter Finnicum, James D. Fiock, Charles Frost, A.G. Fitch, Geo. Garvey, Mike Gaston, Jack Gerard, Louis Giddings, A.B. Giddings, Henry Glenn, Robert M. Goodwin, Joseph F. Gordiner, C.W. Graham, Edward Hall, William Hallick, John G. Heath, Richard Henry, W.J. Hovey, Frank Howe, John C. Hughes, Charles W. Hungerford, Z.N. Jenkins, W.R. Kennedy, William Kies, James Henry Kies, John King, Andrew G. Laird, Charles Lawrence, William Lewis, Charles Lewis, E.J. Lewis, John L. Luce, James L. Lynch, James Mack, John B. Major, John N. Martin, John Mason, Joe Mathews, Milo Mathews, William H. Mayhew, William McConnell, Charles McGuffey, John McGuire, Mike McInerney, T.J. McManus, Frank C. Minthorn, Hiram P. Montgomery, Zack Morrison, Henry P. Morse, Andy Palmer, Herman C. Parker, E.G. Parks, Erskin Pratt, Newton Pratt, Warren Pryor, Alfred L. Quadlin, David Reynolds, John E. Richards, Green Robbins, Dan Robbins, Jared Roberts, George Rolfe, Charles H. Scammon, Gus Smith, A. Smith, C.V. Smith, Frank M. Smithson, James S. Spaulding, Asher D. Spaulding, Melvin J. Stone, Richard M. Strauser, Joseph M. Sullaway, John W. Swatka, Harry Talbert, William S. Tice, Fred Thompson, Frank R. Thompson, James Turner, Howard Tyndall, Thomas F. Vaughn, George W. Ward, Henry C. Weston, Harry F. Williams, Charles Williams, Horace A. Wilson, James Wolfley, John Woods, Jerry D. Wright, Joseph

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