The following 1850 Oregon Territorial Census was made possible in-part by, Roxann Gess Smith of Salem, Oregon - Vivian Camenzind of Sweet Home, Oregon - and Debbie Simpson of Salem, Oregon.

A list of heads of families and of individuals of other surnames
recorded in the United States Census of 1850.

Schedule 1 - Free Inhabitants
Schedule 2 - Slaves, (not taken in the Oregon Territory)
Schedule 3 - Persons who died during the year ending June 1, 1850
Schedule 4 - Productions of Agriculture
Schedule 5 - Products of Industries

*The name that appears in parenthesis is the "county" of residency.
*A line (-) indicates a letter in the name that we couldn't decipher.
*Individual who has no family


ABBEY (see Ebbey and Ebey)
ABBOTT (see also Albot)
ABBOTT Geo , (Washington)
ABERNERTHY, A. S. (Lewis )
ABERNETHY, George (Clackamas)
ABRAM, Morris (Clackamas)
ABRAMES, T. (Washington)
ABST (see Apps)
ACCOLTI (see Acolti)
ACHARD, Charles (Marion)
ACOLTI, Michel (Marion)
ADAIR, J. (Lewis)
ADAI R, John (Clatsop)
ADAI R, John (Washington)
ADAIR, W. A. (Washington)
ADAMS, Andrew J. (Clackamas)
ADAMS, Chapin (Clark)
ADAMS, Charles Clark)
ADAMS, Ephraim (Yamhill)
ADAMS, H. (Washington)
ADAMS, Henry (Clackamas)
ADAMS, Jacob (Clackamas)
ADAMS, Jessee (Marion)
ADAMS, Michel (Clark)
ADAMS, Thomas P. (Benton)
ADAMS, W. L. (Yamhill)
ADEE (see also Athy and Eddy)
ADEE, Morse (Polk)
ADKINS (see also Aikin, Etc.)
ADKINS, Calvin (Benton)
ADKINS, John (Benton)
ADKINS, Joshua (Benton)
AGG (see also Augh)
AGG, Andrew H. (Marion)
AGMENT (see also Egman)
AGMENT, Collita (Marion)
AIKIN, Etc. (see also Adkins and Askins)
AIKIN, Henry S, (Clatsop)
AIKINS, Wm. (Yamhill)
AKIN, (Clatsop)
AKIN, Francis H. (Clackamas)
AKIN, Richard (Marion)
AKINS, John (Benton)
ALBEE, Uriah (Clackamas)
ALBERSON (see also Albertson and Alverson)
ALBERSON, Solomon (Washington)
ALBERTS, Alfred (Washington)
ALBERTSON (see also Alberson and Alverson)
ALBERTSON, Enon (Marion)
ALBOT (see also Abbott)
ALBOT, Melecie (Marion)
ALBRIGHT, John (Marion)
ALDEN, Wm. N. (Washington)
ALDER (see Elder, Etc.)
ALDERMAN , Albert L. (Yamhill)
ALDERMAN, Orlando (Marion)
ALDRIDGE (see also Holdridge)
ALDRIDGE, John (Polk)
ALDRIDGE, Willim (Polk)
ALESON (see Allison, Etc.)
ALEXANDER, Alex (Washington)
ALEXANDER. Joseph (Benton)
ALEXANDER, R. H. (Washington)
ALFIN (see also Allfin)
ALFIN, J. (Linn)
ALFIN, Thos. (Linn)
ALFIN, Wm. (Linn)
ALFREY (see also Alvery)
ALFREY, Joseph W. (Clackamas)
ALLEMAN (see Allman, Etc.)
ALLEN, Alferd (Clackamas)
ALLEN, Alferd (Clackamas)
ALLEN, Benjn. (Washlngton)
ALLEN Chas. (Benton)
ALLEN, David (Washington)
ALLEN, Geo. L. (Clackamas)
ALLEN, George T. (Clackamas)
ALLEN, Henry (Marion)
ALLEN, Hiram (Benton)
ALLEN, James M. (Polk)
ALLEN, Robert (Clackamas)
ALLEN, Robert (Marion)
ALLEN, Samuel (Marion)
ALLEN, Solomon (Yamhill)
ALLEN, Thomas (Marion)
ALLEN, Thos. (Washington)
ALLEN, Wm. R. (Washington)
ALLEY (see Ealy, Etc.)
ALLFIN (see also Alfin)
ALLFIN, Wm. (Linn)
ALLFREY see Alfrey, Etc.)
ALLISON (see also Elson)
ALLISON, David (Clackamas)
ALLISON, George (Clackamas)
ALLMAN (see also Elmins, Hillman, Holeman, and Holman)
ALLMAN, James (Clackamas)
ALLMAN, James (Clackamas)
ALLPHIN (see Alfin and Allfin)
ALLYNE (see Allen)
ALM (see Helm, Etc.)
ALKEY, F. (Washington)
ALMEY, F. (Washington)
ALONG, -- (Clark)
ALT., Samuel (Clark)
ALVERSON (see also Alberson and Albertson)
ALVERSON, Knute (Marion)
ALVERY (see also Alfrey)
ALVERY, Boliver (Yamhill)
ALVIN (See AIfin and AIIfin)
ALVOI, Kamus (Clark)
AMES, -- (Benton)
ANDERSON (see also Handerson, Henderson, and Hendorson)
ANDERSON: James (Marion)
ANDERBON, James (Marion)
ANDERSON John (Clackamas)
ANDERSON: John (Clatsop)
ANDERSON, N. (Clatsop)
ANDERSON, Nancy (Linn)
ANDERSON, Peter (Marion)
ANDERSON, Thomas (Washington)
ANDERSON Wm. (Clacksmas)
ANDERSON Wm. (Washington)
ANDERSON Wm. (Washington)
ANDREW, John (Marion)
ANGEL, Etc. (see also Engle and Ingalls, Etc.)
ANGEL, Samuel (Yamhill)
ANGELY, Perrin (Washington)
ANGLE, Martin (Clackamas)
ANKENY, A.P. (Washington)
ANTRIM, Benjamin (Yamhill)
APLIN, George (Marion)
APPERSON, Jas. G. (Washington)
APPLEGATE, Charles (Benton)
APPLEGATE, Jesse (Benton)
APPLEGATE, Lindsey (Benton)
APPS, Robert (Lewis)
ARCOUET, Amable (Marion)
ARCOUET, Amable (Marion)
ARE (see also Ayre, Etc. and Eyre)
ARE, Amelia (Marion)
ARMPREAST, William (Clackamas)
ARMSTRONG, Chas. (Washington)
ARMSTRONG, Pleasant (Yamhill)
ARNOT, Jas. H. (Washington)
ARPOLE (see also Harpole, Etc.)
ARPOLE, Jno. (Marion)
ARTHUR (see also Auther)
ARTHUR, Richd. (Washington)
ASKINS (see also Aikin)
ASKINS, John J. (Marion)
ASPELL, Sam'l (Washington)
ATHY (see also Adee and Eddy)
ATHY, James (Washington)
ATHY, Mary (Washington)
ATKINSON (see - illison, Robert)
ATKINSON, Geo. H. (Clackamas)
ATWELL (see Hetell)
ATWOOD, J.F. (Washington)
AUBERNY, Louis (Clackamas)
AUBERT, Catherine (Clackamas)
AUBICHON (see Obishon)
AUBREY (see also Every)
AUBREY, Thomas (Washington)
AU-STAD (see Hustad)
AUGH (see also Agg)
AUGH, Richard (Clark)
AUPSNIDER, Charles (Clark)
AUTHER (see also Arthur)
AUTHER, David (Clackamas)
AUTHER, Isaac (Clark)
AUTHER, Robert (Clackamas)
AUTHER, William (Clackamas)
AVERY (see also Every)
AVERY, Abel (Washington)
AVERY, Allen (Marion)
AVERY, J.C. (Benton)
AVERY, James (Washington)
AVERY, Thomas (Marion)
AYRE, Etc. (see also Are and Eyre)
AYRE, Thomas T. (Marion)
AYRES, David (Washington)
BABCOCK, B. (Washington)
BABOR (see also Faber)
BABOR, G.H. (Linn)
BACKENSTOS, J. B. (Clackamas)
BACKMAN, G. (Clatsop)
BACKUS, Wm. H. (Clackamas)
BADALL (see also Bedwell, Bittle, Bodell and Pottle)
BADALL, Otilla (Linn)
BAILEY (see also Baley and Baly)
BAILEY, A.J. (Clatsop)
BAILEY, Danl. D. (Yamhill)
BAILEY, George (Marion)
BAILEY, John (Benton)
BAILEY, Stephen (Washington)
BAIN (see Bame, Etc.)
BAIRD (see Beard and Bird)
BAKER, Charles (Lewis)
BAKER, D.S. (Washington)
BAKER, George M. (Marion)
BAKER, Isaac (Marion)
BAKER, John (Benton)
BAKER, John (Marion)
BAKER, John (Marion)
BAKER, John G. (Yamhill)
BAKER, N.J. (Clackamas)
BAKER, Orris (Clackamas)
BAKER, Samuel (Marion)
BAKER, Wm. (Washington)
BALCH, Danforth (Washington)
BALDANE (see Baldwin and Bauldwin)
BALDING, Wm. (Washington)
BALDWIN (see also Bauldwin)
BALDWIN, Henry (Clark)
BALES (see Ball, Etc.)
BALEY (see also Bailey and Baly)
BALEY, Theophilus (Yamhill)
BALL (see also Bayles, Beal, Etc., Bell, Biles, Bills, Buel and Bull)
BALL, Ebnizer (Marion)
BALL, Isaac (Polk)
BALL, Wm. (Polk)
BALLOO, Michael (Polk)
BALLOO, Sarah (Polk)
BALY (see also Bailey and Baley)
BALY, Thomas (Marion)
BAME (see also Bane, Paigne, Etc. and Payne)
BAME, Thomas (Lewis)
BAMSBY, M. (Clackamas)
BANE, (see also Bame, Etc. )
BANE, Jacob (Marion)
BANTAN (see also Benton, Bendon and Bunton)
BANTAN, Ed (Washington)
BAR, Etc. (see also Fair, Farr and Parr)
BAR, George (Lewis)
BARBEE (see also Burbee)
BARBEE, Jonathan (Lewis)
BARBER, G.W. (Washington)
BARBER, George W. (Clackamas)
BARBER, James (Marion)
BARCLAY, Wm. (Yamhill)
BARCLY, Forbes (Clackamas)
BARGE, Etc. (see also Birge and Birch)
BARGE, John A. (Clackamas)
BARGER (see also Barker)
BARGER, Christopher (Marion)
BARGER, John (Marion)
BARGER, M.C. (Marion)
BARGEVAIN, Louis (Marion)
BARIN (see Baron, Etc.)
BARJEOAIN, Felice (Marion)
BARKER (see also Baker, Etc. and Barger)
BARKER, William (Marion)
BARKLAY (see Barclay, Etc.)
BARLOW (see also Bartlow)
BARLOW, James (Clackamas)
BARLOW, John L. (Clackamas)
BARLOW, S.K. (Clackamas)
BARLOW, Samuel (Clackamas)
BARLOW, Wm. (Clackamas)
BARNABIE, Joseph (Marion)
BARNES (see also Burns)
BARNES, Capt. (Washington)
BARNES, Daniel (Yamhill)
BARNES, John M. (Yamhill)
BARNES, Mary A. (Washington)
BARNES, Nelson (Washington)
BARNHART, William H. (Washington)
BARNIER (see also Bearnaise and Biarnaise)
BARNIER, Francois (Marion)
BARNUM, M.R. (Clackamas)
BARON (see also Barron, Burrong, Faron, Farrin, Ferron, and Perrin)
BARON, Charles (Marion)
BARREL, Etc. (see also Brail and Brill)
BARREL, Cooley (Washington)
BARRELL, Colburn (Washington)
BARRIE (see Berry)
BARRON (see also Baron, Etc.)
BARRON, Joseph (Washington)
BARRONS, John W. (Polk)
BARROWS (see Burrows)
BARRY (see Berry)
BARSHELET, Gedeon (Marion)
BARST (see also Borst)
BARST, Joseph (Lewis)
BARTLETT, Etc. (see also Berthelette)
BARTLETT, Jas. P. (Washington)
BARTLETT, John (Clatsop)
BARTLETTE, Jonathan (Marion)
BARTLOW (see also Barlow)
BARTLOW, Lafyette (Clackamas)
BARTON, (see also Brattain, Burden, and Burton)
BARTON, L. (Clatsop)
BARTRAND, Cecile (Marion)
BARWOOD, Wm. (WAshington)
BASHAU (see also Bassu)
BASHAU, O.N. (Lewis)
BASIL (see also BEAZELL)
BASIL, Wm. (Linn)
BASKET, Johnson (Benton)
BASSU (see also Bashau)
BASSU, Wm. (Linn)
BASTEON (see also Buckston and Bustian)
BASTEON, Louis (Lewis)
BATCHELLER (see Bockelearn)
BATEMAN (see also Bethman)
BATEMAN, John (Linn)
BATES (see also Betts, and Butts)
BATES, J. (Clatsop)
BATES, James (Marion)
BATES, John (Lewis)
BATTLE (see Badall, Etc.)
BATTY, Etc. (see also Beattie and Beauty)
BATTY, John (Clackamas)
BATY, A.G. (Clackamas)
BAUGHMAN (see also Boughman)
BAUGHMAN, Jacob (Marion)
BAULDWIN (see also Baldwin)
BAULDWIN, William (Clackamas)
BAUM (see Bame, Etc.)
BAXTER, Elizabeth (Yamhill)
BAXTER, Wm. (Washington)
BAYER (see Bear, Etc.)
BAYEVAIN (see also Buffian)
BAYEVAIN, Louis (Marion)
BAYLES (see also Ball, Etc.)
BAYLES, Chas. (Benton)
BAYLEY (see Bailey, Etc.)
BAYLIES (see Ball, Etc.)
BAYNE (see Bame, Etc.)
BEACH (see also Beck and Beek)
BEACH, John (Washington)
BEACH, Margt. M. (Washington)
BEAL, Etc. (see also Ball, Etc.)
BEAL, George (Washington)
BEAL, Richard (Lewis)
BEAL, W.K. (Marion)
BEALL, John E. (Clark)
BEALL, Thos (Clatsop)
BEAN, James (Yamhill)
BEAN, Rylie (Yamhill)
BEAN, Stephen (Washington)
BEAN, Willy (Washington)
BEANHAMS, Eugene (Washington)
BEAR (see also Bears, Beer, Etc., and Piere)
BEAR, Owen (Linn)
BEARD (see also Bird)
BEARD, S. (Clatsop)
BEARNAISE (see also Barnier, and Biarnaise)
BEARNAISE, Etienne (Marion)
BEARS (see also Bear, Etc.)
BEARS, Fredrick (Clark)
BEATTIE (see also Batty, Etc. and Beauty)
BEATTIE, Chas. F. (Washington)
BEAUCAMP, Matilda A. (Clackamas)
BEAUCHAMP, Stephen (Yamhill)
BEAUTY (see also Batty, Etc. and Beattie)
BEAUTY, Joseph (Washington)
BEAZELL (see also Basil)
BEAZELL, William (Washington)
BEAZLE, Wm. (Washington)
BECK (see also Beach, and Beek)
BECK, Samuel J. (Clackamas)
BECKER (see Baker, Etc.)
BECKET, Charles (Marion)
BECKLEY, David W. (Clackamas)
BEDELL (see Badall, Etc.)
BEDFORD, John (Clatsop)
BEDWELL (see also Badall, Etc.)
BEDWELL, Elisha (Yamhill)
BEDWELL, Jas. W. (Washington)
BEEK (see also Beach and Beck)
BEEK, Silas J. (Washington)
BEER, Etc. (see also Bear, Etc.)
BEER, Allanson (Marion)
BEER, Robert (Clackamas)
BEERS, Robert (Yamhill)
BEIRNE (see Birnee, Etc.)
BELCHER, Nicholas (Washington)
BELENGER (see also Bellinger)
BELENGER, Jos. (Marion)
BELEQUE (see also Belleque)
BELEQUE, Esthere (Marion)
BELEQUE, Sophie (Marion)
BELHOMME, Louis (Marion)
BELKNAP, Etc. (see also Bellnap)
BELKNAP, David H. (Washington)
BELKNAP, George (Benton)
BELKNAP, Jesse (Benton)
BELKNAP, Jonas (Benton)
BELKNAP, Owen (Benton)
BELKNAP, Ransom (Benton)
BELKNAP, Silas (Benton)
BELKNAP, W. (Clatsop)
BELKNAP, Wm. (Washington)
BELKNAPP, Silas (Washington)
BELL (see also Ball, Etc.)
BELL, John A. (Clark)
BELL, John P. (Clackamas)
BELL, Stacy (Clackamas)
BELLENGER (see Belenger and Bellinger)
BELLEQUE (see also Beleque)
BELLEQUE, Sophia (Clackamas)
BELLINGER (see also Belenger)
BELLINGER, Edward (Marion)
BELLINGER, John (Marion)
BELLNAP (see also Belknap, Etc.)
BELLNAP, Corrington G. (Marion)
BELLUPO, Charles (Clark)
BELT, Alfred M. (Marion)
BENCH, James (Washington)
BENDON (see also Bantan, Etc.)
BENDON, Geo. (Polk)
BENDON, Michael (Polk)
BENETT (see also Bennet, Etc.)
BENETT, Wm. (Clark)
BENGEMIA, John (Clackamas)
BENNET, Etc. (see also Binet)
BENNET, Charles (Marion)
BENNET, James (Marion)
BENNETT, Squire (Washington)
BENNETT, W.H. (Washington)
BENNETT, Wm. J. (Clackamas)
BENOTTS, Cornelous (Clackamas)
BENSON, Alferd (Clark)
BENSON, Charles (Marion)
BENSON, Craig (Marion)
BENSON, John (Marion)
BENSTON, Adam (Lewis)
BENTON (see also Bantan, Bendon and Bunton)
BENTON, George (Washington)
BERCIER, J. (Lewis)
BERCIER, Louis (Lewis)
BERCIER, Marcell (Lewis)
BERCIER, Peter (Lewis)
BERGER (see Barge, Etc.)
BERNARD (see Barnhart)
BERRIEN (see Baron, Etc.)
BERRY, Alfred M. (Washington)
BERRY, John H. (Yamhill)
BERRY, Solomon (Yamhill)
BERRY, Wm. (Washington)
BERRY, William J. (Benton)
BERTHELETTE (see also Bartlett, Etc., and Barshelet)
BERTHELETTE, Gedeon (Marion)
BESHOW (see Bashau and Bassu)
BETHERDS, Geo. W. (Benton)
BETHMAN (see also Bateman)
BETHMAN, M. (Washington)
BETTS (see also Bates, Etc.)
BETTS, George (Clark)
BEVAN (see Bayevain and Buffian)
BEWLEY (see Baley and Buley, Etc.)
BIARNAISE (see also Barnier and Bearnaise)
BIARNAISE, Angelique (Marion)
BIARNAISE, Etienne (Marion)
BICKERS (see also Baker, Etc. and Vickers)
BICKERS, Henry (Marion)
BIDDLE (see Badall, Etc.)
BIGALOW, B. (Lewis)
BIGGERS (see Bickers, Etc.)
BILES (see also Ball, Etc.)
BILES, Harry (Washington)
BILLINGS, Wm. (Washington)
BILLS (see also Ball, Etc.)
BILLS, Capt. (Washington)
BILLS, John (Washington)
BILLUPS (see also Phelps and Phillips, Etc.)
BILLUPS, Charles (Clackamas)
BILY, J.F. (Washington)
BILYEU (see Balloo)
BINET (see also Bennet, Etc.)
BINET, Joseph (Marion)
BINFORD (see Bumford)
BIRCH (see also Barge and Birge)
BIRCH, Benjn. F. (Polk)
BIRCH, Samuel (Polk)
BIRD (see also Beard)
BIRD, Henry (Yamhill)
BIRD, James (Washington)
BIRD, James (Yamhill)
BIRD, John (Clark)
BIRD, John (Yamhill)
BIRD, Lorenzo (Marion)
BIRD, Robt. (Yamhill)
BIRD, Wm. A. (Washington)
BIRGE, Etc. (see also Barge, Etc. and Birch)
BIRGE, Jno. (Marion)
BIRGES, Jno. M. (Marion)
BIRMAISE (see Bearnaise, Etc.)
BIRNEE, James (Lewis)
BIRNIE, Mary A. (Clark)
BISCORNET, Paschale (Marion)
BISHOP, Z.C. (Washington)
BITTLE (see also Badall, Etc.)
BITTLE, Allen (Washington)
BLACK (see also Blake)
BLACK, Angelique (Clackamas)
BLACK, Henry (Washington)
BLACK, W.S. (Clatsop)
BLACKERBY, Joseph (Marion)
BLACKMAN, S. (Clatsop)
BLACKSTONE, Wm. (Washington)
BLAIN (see also Blane and Blann)
BLAIN, Wilson (Washington)
BLAIR, Friar F. (Benton)
BLAIR, Phillip (Polk)
BLAIR, Thomas R. (Polk)
BLAKE (see also Black)
BLAKE, Michael (Clark)
BLAKE, Oliver (Clackamas)
BLAKE, Wm. (Washington)
BLAKELY, James (Linn)
BLANCHARD (see also Blanchford)
BLANCHARD, John (Washington)
BLANCHARD, Wm. (Yamhill)
BLANCHETTE, F.N. (Clackamas)
BLANCHFORD (see also Blanchard)
BLANCHFORD, W.K. (Clatsop)
BLAND, Wm. (Washington)
BLANE (see also Blain and Blann)
BLANE, Samuel (Washington)
BLANFORD, Joseph A. (Clark)
BLANK, Chas. (Clatsop)
BLANN (see also Blain and Blane)
BLANN, John (Marion)
BLANTON, John (Marion)
BLEVINS, Alex. (Polk)
BLIGH (see Black, Etc.)
BLOCH (see Black, Etc.)
BLODGETT, E. (Clatsop)
BLOGET, Oliver (Benton)
BLOID, R. (Clatsop)
BLUM (see Blain, Etc.)
BOARDWELL, DeLaren C. (Washington)
BOCKELEARN, Maria (Clark)
BODELL (see also Badall, Etc.)
BODELL, John (Washington)
BOELLING, Conrad (Clatsop)
BOFMAN, --- (possibly Ephrim) (Washington)
BOGGS, Thomas (Linn)
BOINTON (see Boyington)
BOISBERT, Louis (Marion)
BOLDUE, Francois (Marion)
BOLES, (see Bowles)
BOLONG, Andrew J. (Clark)
BOLTON (see also Boulton, Buluden, Fulton and Veldin)
BOLTON, John (Clark)
BOLTON, Richard (Polk)
BOMAN (see also Bowman)
BOMAN, Artimesia (Lewis)
BONAR (see Boner)
BONAUFAIT, Antoine (Marion)
BONCER, Stephen (Washington)
BOND, Etc. (see also Boon, Bound and Bund)
BOND, Hiram (Linn)
BONDE, Hiram (Linn)
BONELLE (see also Bouelle)
BONELLE, Pierre A. (Marion)
BONER, James B. (Benton)
BONER, Thomas (Benton)
BONHAM (see also Bowman, Etc.)
BONHAM, D. (Washington)
BONHAM, Jacob D. (Washington)
BONNER (see Boner)
BONNEY (see also Bonny)
BONNEY, Bradford (Marion)
BONNEY, Jerries (Marion)
BONNEY, Truman (Marion)
BONNIN (see also Bowman)
BONNIN, Pierre (Marion)
BONNY (see also Bonney)
BONNY, E.J. (Washington)
BONSER (see Boncer)
BONTE (see Bond, Etc.)
BOOME, L. (Washington)
BOON, John D. (Marion)
BOON, Lucy A. (Clackamas)
BOON, S. (Washington)
BOOTH, Richard (Yamhill)
BOOTHBY, R.R. (Marion)
BORDEN (see Burden)
BORING, E.I. (Washington)
BORST (see Also Barst)
BORST, J. (Lewis)
BOSARK (see also Buskirk)
BOSARK, John S. (Clackamas)
BOSARK, S. (Clackamas)
BOSWORTH, Susan (Marion)
BOTT (see Booth)
BOUCHE, James B. (clark)
BOUELLE (see also Bonelle)
BOUELLE, Pierre A. (Marion)
BOUGHMAN (see also Baughman)
BOUGHMAN, Lewis (Marion)
BOULTON (see also Bolton, Etc.)
BOULTON, John (Clark)
BOULTON, W. (Lewis)
BOUND (see also Bond, Etc., and Bund)
BOUND, Jas. B. (Polk)
BOUND, Jesse L. (Polk)
BOURJEAU, Silvain (Marion)
BOUTON, Thompson (Clackamas)
BOWEN (see Boome, Etc.)
BOWEL, Etc. (see also Power, etc.)
BOWER, Thomas (Benton)
BOWERS, Andrew (Marion)
BOWLES, Charles (Clackamas)
BOWLES, Michael (Lewis)
BOWLES, William (Lewis)
BOWMAN, Etc. (see also Boman, Bonham and Bonnin)
BOWMAN, Elizabeth (Polk)
BOWMAN, John (Polk)
BOWMAN, William (Benton)
BOWMAN, William (Polk)
BOYD, John (Washington)
BOYD, John (Yamhill)
BOYD, John H. (Washington)
BOYD, R.B. (Linn)
BOYER (see Bear, Etc.)
BOYINGTON, Charles (Marion)
BOYLE, James (Polk)
BRACOIGNE, Reine (Clackamas)
BRADBURY, C. (Clatsop)
BRADELL, Augustus (Clark)
BRADFORD, D. (Clark)
BRADFORD, D. (Washington)
BRADFORD, Jos. (Washington)
BRADFORD, Wm. S. (Clark)
BRADLEY, John (Lewis)
BRAIL (see also Barrel, Etc.)
BRAIL, George (Lewis)
BRAINARD, S.P. (Marion)
BRAM, George (Clark)
BRAMAN, Warren (Yamhill)
BRANBURY (see also Barnabie)
BRANBURY, Charles (Yamhill)
BRANSEN, B. (Polk)
BRATON, Etc. (see also Barton, Etc.)
BRATON, A. (Clackamas)
BRAY, George W. (Clackamas)
BRAZEE (see Brezee)
BRESHEARS (see also Bercier, Broshears, and Brusher, Etc.)
BREASHEARS, Joseph (Lewis)
BREWER, Wm. F. (Washington)
BREWER, Wm. P. (Clatsop)
BREYMAN (see Braman)
BREZEE, A. (Clackamas)
BRICK (see also Brock and Brook, Etc.)
BRICK, Philip (Clark)
BRIDGEFAMER, David (Washington)
BRIDGEFAMER, Martin (Washington)
BRIDGER, Mr. (Clatsop)
BRIDGER, J.S. (Clackamas)
BRIDGES, J.H. (Marion)
BRIDGES, Thomas (Marion)
BRIGGS, Albert (Marion)
BRIGGS, Elias (Benton)
BRIGGS, Isaac (Benton)
BRIGGS, Jarvis (Linn)
BRIGHT, James M. (Clark)
BRILL (see also Barrel, Etc.)
BRILL, Aaron (Washington)
BRIMELLE, Joseph (Marion)
BRISBEY, Wm. (Clackamas)
BRISBIN, William (Marion)
BRISBINE, John (Yamhill)
BRISBOIS, Catherine (Marion)
BRISBOIS, Olivier (Marion)
BRISTER, Abel K. (Benton)
BRISTER, Elijah (Benton)
BRISTO, Catherine (Clackamas)
BRISTOW (see Brister)
BROADISS, John (Washington)
BROADSHEAR, George W. (Clark)
BROADWELL (see Boardwell)
BROCHINE, Fredrick (Clark)
BROCK (see also Brick and Brook, Etc.)
BROCK, George (Washington)
BROMLEY (see Brumly)
BRONK, Harrison (Polk)
BRONSON (see Brunson)
BROOK, Etc. (see also Brock)
BROOK, Alem (Marion)
BROOK, Loyd (Clark)
BROOKS, Amos (Marion)
BROOKS, Amosy (Washington)
BROOKS, John P. (Clackamas)
BROOKS, Wm. H. (Clark)
BROSHEARS (see also Breshears, Etc.)
BROSHEARS, Catherine (Lewis)
BROSSEAU, Thomas (Marion)
BROUGHTON, Thos. (Benton)
BROWER (see Brewer)
BROWMILLER, George W. (Clark)
BROWN (see also Bram)
BROWN, A. (Clackamas)
BROWN, Adam (Polk)
BROWN, Almira (Benton)
BROWN, Baptise (Lewis)
BROWN, Charles (Clackamas)
BROWN, Eliza (Washington)
BROWN, Elizth. (Washington)
BROWN, Ephriam (Clackamas)
BROWN, G.W. (Washington)
BROWN, Gabrelle (Marion)
BROWN, Geo. (Clatsop)
BROWN, George (Polk)
BROWN, George (Lewis)
BROWN, George (Washington)
BROWN, H. (Clatsop)
BROWN, Hugh (Linn)
BROWN, J.L. (Clackamas)
BROWN, James (Linn)
BROWN, James (Marion)
BROWN, James (Marion)
BROWN, James (Washington)
BROWN, James H. (Yamhill)
BROWN, James M. (Marion)
BROWN, James S. (Clark)
BROWN, John (Benton)
BROWN, John (Clark)
BROWN, John (Clatsop)
BROWN, John (Lewis)
BROWN, John (Washington)
BROWN, John (Washington)
BROWN, John (Washington)
BROWN, John (Washington)
BROWN, John (Washington)
BROWN, John G. (Washington)
BROWN, Joseph H. (Marion)
BROWN, M.P. (Clatsop)
BROWN, Martha (Marion)
BROWN, Martin (Benton)
BROWN, Mary (Clackamas)
BROWN, Milton (Clackamas)
BROWN, Orin (Washington)
BROWN, Rich'd (Washington)
BROWN, Robert (Clackamas)
BROWN, Robert (Clackamas)
BROWN, Samuel (Marion)
BROWN, Solomon K. (Benton)
BROWN, Tabitha (Washington)
BROWN, Wm. (Polk)
BRUMLY, Jas. L. (Yamhill)
BRUNELLE, Joseph (Marion)
BRUNK (see Bronk)
BRUNSON, William (Polk)
BRUSHER, Etc. (see also Breshears, Etc.)
BRUSHER, Tonus E. (Clark)
BRUTCHER, Sebastian (Yamhill)
BRYANT, Brown (Marion)
BUCHANAN (see also Buckhannan)
BUCHANAN, Robert (Lewis)
BUCHER (see also Butcher)
BUCHER, George (Clackamas)
BUCK, J. (Clatsop)
BUCK, Wm. (Clackamas)
BUCKHANNAN 9see also Buchanan)
BUCKHANNAN, J.W. (Clackamas)
BUCKHARDT, John (Linn)
BUCKINGHAM, George (Benton)
BUCKINGHAM, H.C. (Clackamas)
BUCKINGHAM, Hiram (Washington)
BUCKINGHAM, John (Washington)
BUCKLAY, Mary Ann (Clackamas)
BUCKLEY, John (Lewis)
BUCKSTON (see also Basteon, Etc.)
BUCKSTON, Henry (Washington)
BUCKSTON, Henry (Washington)
BUCY, Marquis (Washington)
BUDABUD, George (Lewis)
BUEL (see also Ball, Etc.)
BUEL, Elias (Polk)
BUEL, Samuel (Yamhill)
BUEL, Thos. (Polk)
BUFFIAN (see also Bayevain)
BUFFIAN, Carlos (Yamhill)
BUFFIAN, Sarah (Yamhill)
BUFFIAN, Wm. G. (Yamhill)
BULEY (see also Buly)
BULEY, Isaac W. (Marion)
BULGER, Patrick (Yamhill)
BULL (see also Ball, Etc.)
BULL, John M. (Washington)
BULLFIND, William M. (Washington)
BULLOCK, Jesse (Washington)
BULUDEN (see also Bolton, Etc.)
BULUDEN, James (Clark)
BULY (see also Buley)
BULY, Laura (Clackamas)
BUMFORD, George M. (Clark)
BUND (see also Bond, Etc. and Bound)
BUND, James C. (Clackamas)
BUNLORD, Peter O. (Clark)
BUNTON, Etc. (see also Banton, Etc.)
BUNTON, William (Clackamas)
BUNYON, Wm. (Washington)
BURBAGE, Israel (Clackamas)
BURBANKS, Aaron (Polk)
BURBANKS, Asa (Polk)
BURBANKS, Thomas (Polk)
BURBANKS, Thomas (Polk)
BURBEE (see also Barbee)
BURBEE, J. (Lewis)
BURDEN (see also Barton, Etc.)
BURDEN, Job (Polk)
BURDEN, Levi (Polk)
BURGH, John Ellen (Marion)
BURGINGRAN, Philip (Clark)
BURGOINE, Wm. (Clackamas)
BURK, James (Clark)
BURKE, Edmund (Lewis)
BURKE, Michel (Clark)
BURKE, Wm. (Washington)
BURKHARDT (see Buckhardt)
BURNETT, Coleman (Marion)
BURNETT, George W. (Yamhill)
BURNETT, Glenn O. (Polk)
BURNETT, John (Yamhill)
BURNETT, Levi (Yamhill)
BURNEY, Etc. (see also Byrne)
BURNEY, Oliver (Washington)
BURNHAM, Jas. (Washington)
BURNIE, Julian (Lewis)
BURNS (see also Barnes)
BURNS, A. (Washington)
BURNS, Daniel (Washington)
BURNS, John (Clackamas)
BURNS, John (Washington)
BURNS, Laurence (Washington)
BURNS, William (Polk)
BURNS, Wm. (Washington)
BURNSIDES, Mary (Clackamas)
BURNSIDES, Sarah (Clackamas)
BURNT, Virginia (Clackamas)
BURR and BURRELL (see Bar and Barrel)
BURRONG (see also Baron, Etc.)
Burrong, Allen M. (Clark)
BURROWS, Arthur (Washington)
BURSTON, Alexander (Washington)
BURTON (see also Barton, Etc.)
BURTON, John J. (Yamhill)
BURTON, Nancy (Washington)
BURTON, Wm. (Lewis)
BUSH, George (Lewis)
BUSH, Wm. (Clark)
BUSH, Wm. O. (Washington)
BUSKIRK (see also Bosark)
BUSKIRK, John (Washington)
BUSTIAN (see also Basteon and Buckston)
BUSTIAN, A. (Washington)
BUTCHER (see also Bucher)
BUTCHER, George (Washington)
BUTLER, Frank (Yamhill)
BUTLER, Isaac (Washington)
BUTLER, J.B. (Washington)
BUTLER, J.J. (Yamhill)
BUTLER, John (Lewis)
BUTLER, Melissa (Polk)
BUTLER, Peter (Lewis)
BUTLER, Thos. (Yamhill)
BUTTERFIELD, B. (Washington)
BUTTERFIELD, David (Benton)
BUTTLER, James (Benton)
BUTTS (see also Bates)
BUTTS, A.J. (Clackamas)
BUTTS, John (Washington)
BUXTON (see Basteon, Buckston and Bustian)
BYRD (see Beard, Etc.)
BYRNE (see also Burney, Etc.)
BYRNE, John (Lewis)

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